The Chicest Ways To Style Your Camel Coat This Winter

A camel coat is definitely a piece that can elevate your winter looks. Although it often gets excluded from the capsule wardrobe lists of essentials, the neutral outerwear is a bonafide cold weather staple.

A well-made, quality camel coat is a timeless, versatile garment that looks brilliant on women of all ages and will last you for years to come. It matches an endless list of outfits since the warm, light color is able to brighten up any skin tone on a chilly, grey winter day. It is also an understated, classic piece that gives you a refined, nonchalant aura.

When one thinks of a long camel coat, MaxMara's Icon Coat is the immediate reference. With its kimono sleeves, double breasted fastening, removable belt, and oversized design, it allows you to throw it over whatever you are wearing. This luxurious cashmere and wool marvel became the standard for the perfect overcoat. It will get you sorted for life, and if you are thinking of investing in only one neutral outer piece, that would be the perfect purchase.

However, should you prefer a more fitted design, MaxMara and countless other brands carry similar caramel beauties that highlight your silhouette. Popular examples are the tailored, slim, knee-length, single breasted version, or the belted wrap design. And we can also mention camel coats that belong to their own category, but impart the same elegant effect, such as duffle or teddy coats in a lush neutral shade.

Whatever your preference, we have gathered some of the chicest ways to style your camel coat this winter — you will want to live in your outerwear.

Wear it with a black turtleneck and tailored trousers

This is a no-brainer combination that is effortlessly elegant. Just make sure that you choose impeccably fitted pants to give this look the needed upscale factor. Wear your camel coat over a pair of black tailored, classic high-rise pencil pants, and a cashmere turtleneck. Add your boots of choice, or if you are going somewhere fancy a pair of timeless black stiletto pumps will do. Pick a medium-size structured bag, or an oversized clutch, and optional gold jewelry and you're good to go. The soft, warm shade of the coat brings luminosity to the sleek black outfit, making a timeless ensemble.

Try it with a pair of sexy boots and breeches

A long classic camel coat is the perfect garment to elevate breeches or thick leggings. Add some sleek thigh-high boots, a longline top, and throw your coat over it like it's nobody's business. Finish with a quality, slightly structured satchel or camera bag, and you will have a perfectly balanced outfit. The finery of the coat upgrades the simplicity of the slacks, while the casual factor of leggings lends the outerwear a modern, fresh take.

Wear it over your evening dress

Choosing the right coat to wear over an evening dress is not the easiest task, since there are not so many options out there. Shrugs, boleros, capes, or long dark overcoats are the usual choices when it comes to occasion wear. However, a long classic belted camel overcoat is a fantastic choice if the event is fancy, but not terribly formal. The light color will give the ensemble a touch of easy coolness and make it a tad more modern — it is also ideal if you want to stop by for a drink with friends at a more relaxed place afterwards.

Pair it with golden outfits

Camel and gold are a dream. If you love gilded garments or accessories but prefer something subtler than the classic black and gold contrast, try wearing this precious metal on camel to play with harmony instead. The gleaming fabric highlights the warmth of the caramel brown, while the neutral coat subdues the brightness of the metallic hue, making it softer to wear it during daytime. With this idea in mind, there are plenty of possible combinations — from metallic knitted sweaters, to bright golden leather skirts, to party dresses, or silk blouses. A camel coat will also look like a million bucks with shimmering golden sandals, belts, and bags.

Create contrast with statement, trendy accessories

To wear your trendiest, most daring accessories while keeping a stern, elegant and cool vibe, a camel coat is your best friend. Simply wear something streamlined underneath, and cloak yourself in caramel while rocking your statement pieces. The accessories will do all of the talking and give the coat a youthful touch, whereas the outerwear will keep your outfit in line and assure that high-end touch.

Tone down a girly look

To break from a super feminine look that came out too pretty, too prim, or too frilly, a camel coat is the perfect choice with its classic lines. It has all the yang energy you need to give you that bit of edge while not making such a harsh contrast as — for instance — a biker jacket. It is also a more appropriate choice when styling the look for a professional or somewhat formal event, since the coat gets its avant-garde factor from the cold minimalist lines. You will appear just as well-behaved because you are wearing a classic coat, but with a fashionable twist.

Pair it with iconic leather pieces

Timeless camel coats make the perfect canvas to play with your favorite real or vegan leather treasures. The smooth, opaque texture of the outerwear creates a beautiful contrast with the lustre of the leather, especially if you go for black. There couldn't be a better frame to showcase not only flattering garments like shorts, pants, or pencil skirts, but also your prized leather goods. If you have invested in high quality footwear and accessories — especially if we are talking about dashing designer pieces such as Givenchy Shark Lock boots, or the Hermès Jumping Boot, and Chanel or Hermès bags — a camel coat is your finest ally to let them shine.

The best companion for red

Red is always a tricky color to match, and nude or neutral shades are one of the best options to compliment crimson hues. A camel coat will allow you to get away with striking or embellished red outfits, while brightening up your face. Although long, classic models are the safest — and more versatile — option to achieve this, a similar effect can be accomplished with caramel overcoats in other styles. You can wear neutral outerwear over a red tracksuit, or a scarlet evening dress and look equally chic for different occasions. A teddy camel design looks amazing with party jumpsuits, or red jeans, while a duffle version will look timelessly elegant over preppy red sweaters, or a short mesh polo dress.

An elegant way to incorporate pink

With trends like Dopamine Dressing and Y2K nostalgia being all the rage after the pandemic, bright, uplifting colors are in — pink, in particular, is having a moment.

Shades like bubblegum or shocking pink are everywhere, including suits, dresses, blazers, or bestselling bags such as Bottega Veneta's Mini Jodie. If you love this trend and want to give it a go, a camel coat is the perfect outerwear. Being neutral, it creates a soft background that will look harmonious even over the most flamboyant pinks or bigger pieces such as dresses or sets. And if you are shy when it comes to bold colors but can't resist trying a pink garment or accessory, a classic caramel overcoat with its stern, no-fuss lines is the ideal way to subdue it, making that pop of color look chic and unassuming.

Bring on your trendiest jeans

One can never go wrong with an outfit comprising of two or more neutral staples. Therefore, camel coats and jeans are an obvious combination to wear on repeat. But to make it more interesting, you can go beyond your sleek everyday high-waisted slims, or skinny, and boot-cut denims. Mom jeans, distressed denim, flare, or bell bottoms, trendy washes, or any avant-garde, alternative, temporary, or extravagant fads will add a touch of edge to your look. If wrapped in a minimalistic camel coat, you can get away with pretty much anything.

Gradient beiges and pearls

When it comes to wearing a classic camel coat, you can play with contrast by putting it against youthful, trendy, and edgy pieces. Or you can do the opposite and make the most of its elegant, aristocratic core inspiration by matching it with outfits and accessories that follow a similar clean, timeless, and sophisticated aesthetic. A way to achieve that chic look is by wearing your neutral outwear over tailored outfits and knits in shades of beige. Complement with refined and traditional accessories, such as pearls, woven leather, and chain belts.

Get a fluffy teddy version

A fluffy teddy coat is a must-have staple in any fashionable winter wardrobe. Over the last two decades, it became normal to wear one over anything — from party dresses to lounge sets. Long gone are the days when these fuzzy wonders were reserved for special occasions or worn over classic ensembles only. 

Teddy coats are light, warm, cozy, and a breeze to wear. Now imagine adding the versatility and comfort of this style to the multi-use qualities of a camel coat, and you've got yourself the perfect style storm. Fancy a multi-colored boho look? Your caramel teddy overcoat will bring you the ideal neutrality you need while still following that 1960s vibe. Are you rocking an all-black, sleek model off-duty outfit? Just throw on a camel teddy and you'll bring it to the next level. Through it over everyday jeans, a Breton striped top, and sneakers and your faithful neutral teddy is there to keep things interesting. If you want to invest in only one coat of this type, camel is your best bet, and you will probably wear it forever with no regrets.

Boho and camel are a match made in heaven

Camel coats are the best match for bohemian or hippie-chic style outfits. Whether that is a regular style for you, or you just happened to come across the loveliest vintage gold embroidered hippie dress and are unsure on what to put over it, a camel coat is the key to rock that look without looking like you are in costume. 

First, caramel shades were widespread during the late 1960s and 1970s, decades that inspire most current boho looks, so the references all come together. Camel looks amazing with embroidery, patchwork, leather, fringes, flower, or psychedelic prints, denim, western, and multicultural motifs. 

Second, the neutral color and design act like a blank canvas, so the coat will not clash against embellished bell-bottoms, mini suede skirts, killer boots, biker laced leather pants, or colorful sky-high wedged shoes. Simply get your coat and let your imagination go wild with the rest of your outfit.

Get your hands on a duffle version

Duffle coats are a must-have if you love a bit — or a lot — of preppy in your closet, or if you simply want a casual coat that never looks sloppy. For some magical reason — maybe due to the duffle coat's military background, from where it drew its impeccable lines — it's nearly impossible not to look put together when wearing a duffle coat. Even if you are in track pants or old jeans with bed hair, just throw on a duffle coat and a stylish bag and you'll instantly go from a lazy mess to looking like an heiress on a quiet day. Should you wish to have your winter wardrobe maximized, this is one of the best investments you'll ever make.

Wear a camel coat with athleisure and a chain bag

A popular but foolproof combination for everyday or travel, this cozy formula will keep you stylish and warm when you are in a rush, need comfort, or just don't know what to wear. Any athleisure outfit — track pants, joggers, delicate lounge sets, simple slip dress — will look instantly polished if you wrap yourself in a teddy or classic camel coat and add a timeless, chic chain bag to elevate the casual vibe of the ensemble.

Two pieces that camel coats love

One of the advantages of the classic camel overcoat is that if you belt it tight, it is shapely enough to wear over thin fabrics. However, with kimono or raglan sleeves and space to expand, you can wear a neutral coat just as well over thin jackets, blazers, or even fitted leather bikers! Another popular way to layer a camel coat for cold winter days is by putting it over a sports jacket. For added effect, you can bring on another favorite piece to wear with caramel outerwear — thigh-high boots. Whether in black or a complementary shade of light brown, the loose style of the coat will tone down the sexiness of the boots, making them look absolutely elegant.

Get a shorter, slim version and add jeans

A fitted, shorter version of the camel coat is a safe investment if you want more than one outer garment in this color. The best designs hit a bit below your thighs — giving you legs for days — or around the knee area, which makes them super versatile to wear with pretty dresses, a variety of pants, and especially your trusty jeans. With the light brown shade acting as a background, you can play with a multitude of colors and materials. Try denim on denim, or jeans with a white t-shirt, or crisp oxford shirt. Uncomplicated, but flawless.

Wear it over black ensembles

Any all-black outfit will get instantly elevated with a statement camel coat. Not only will the two colors make each other pop, but the nobility of black and the finery of camel just scream sophistication on their own. To take it up a notch, you can play with different textures, including leather, luxurious knits, and silk. To take it to the next level, try adding high-end looking accessories, such as chain bags, gold jewelry, and cashmere shawls.

Try it over winter white

Despite fashion urban myths, winter white couldn't be more chic — unless you live in a place where mud is an ongoing problem. Camel and white work well together to make a truly luminous combination that gives the face a youthful, rested look. To really maximize the refined effect, you can wear your classic camel overcoat with an all-white outfit. Key pieces to try include winter-white chunky knits, cashmere turtlenecks, oxford shirts, white jeans, pencil pants, flared trousers, and classic white dresses — whether tailored like a sheath dress, or softer styles such as an envelope, tank, slip, or knitted dress.

Camel coats give crop tops a classy touch

The Y2K nostalgia is bringing Britney Spears-style cropped tops back and if you want to wear them right now, you can take a page from the 1990s book and rock it this winter with a big coat — a style move that was risky back in the day, but was definitely fun to try. However, as classic elegance and crop tops don't usually go together, a polished camel coat is a safe option to lessen the impact of the shirt, giving the overall look a more upscale twist.