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  • Sissi is an author, blogger, writer, and personal stylist specialized in fashion and luxury lifestyle. With a background in marketing, showbusiness, and journalism — and four published books — she worked in fashion on the side as a blogger, events planner, booker, and stylist since college and later followed her passion for style and elegance by studying personal styling in Lisbon and London, where she worked with high profile clients and the finest brands.
  • The experience of socializing and working alongside celebrities, military officers, fashion gurus, aristocracy, authors, and other fascinating movers and shakers from an early age shaped her frame of mind and inspired her to create her first society and fashion blog, Imperatriz Sissi, aka Imperatrix, and to collaborate with online publications such as Activa Magazine and BeeStyle.
  • Sissi has been writing professionally for 17 years as a journalist, columnist, author, blogger, and copy and content writer. She published her first book as she graduated from university, following a path as a TV anchor and scriptwriter and, later on, communication executive for several organizations and full-time journalist/reporter for the local press. All the while, she freelanced in the music, television, and, most of all, fashion industries, moonlighting as a fashion events planner, model booker, costume assistant, and stylist.


Working as a news reporter and copywriter, she felt the need for a creative outlet aside from her books, so she started her own blog to focus on her love of fashion, history, old-school elegance, dress codes, and polite society anecdotes. This blog led to collaborations with important brands such as Escada and Primark and to establishing her work as a fashion writer, image consultant, and stylist. Specializing in luxury branding and styling for diverse body shapes, Sissi had the chance to perform as a private and in-store personal shopper and stylist with a vast array of the biggest brands, from Chanel to Burberry, and with a wide range of clients, from models and royalty to stay at home mothers, businesswomen, and doctors. When creating written content, Sissi is inspired by the idea of helping each individual find their unique kind of elegance within their body type, budget, and personal style and by the sheer thrill of bringing old-time sophistication and a touch of glamour into everyday life.


Sissi has bachelor's degrees in marketing/PR communication and media from Coimbra Politechnical Institute, as well as specialized training in luxury brand management, international communication, personal styling, personal shopping, and image consultancy.

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