How To Handle Anxiety When Things Seem To Be Going Too Well In Your Life

Most people dream of one day being financially secure, falling in love with their soulmate, and feeling healthy in their own skin. We dream of the day when even one of our goals makes its way to fruition and keep striving for them most of our lives. When hitting one or more goals we've been after, most of us expect to feel elated, accomplished, and relieved. After all, achieving lifetime goals isn't something everyone can say they have done. However, some people who have had a string of good luck feel the opposite of accomplished and proud. 

When things go too well, we sometimes feel a sense of doom entering our minds, causing sleepless nights and stressful days. Not only is this type of feeling surprising, but it's also quite exhausting to even have anxiety in positive situations. If you can relate to the feeling of dread after experiencing quite a bit of success, you may be one of those who experiences happiness anxiety (via A Better Life Therapy).

What is happiness anxiety?

Happiness anxiety is quite normal, so if you feel stressed about the future even when things are going well, you're not alone. Those who suffer from this condition may deliberately avoid experiences that invoke positive emotions or happiness. Forbes explains it's the mind's defense mechanism trying to avoid future disappointments or pain. Happiness anxiety, or cherophobia, is similar to more commonly discussed anxious feelings because those suffering from it are living far into the future preparing for the worst-case scenarios (via Healthline).

Moreover, the feeling of excitement is actually a form of anxiety, even though it's mostly positive. HuffPost explains that even if you experience something exhilarating and are conditioned to constantly be in a state of stress most of the time, it's difficult for your brain and body to ever enjoy what derives from success. This makes coming down from a positive event a stress trigger, leaving our minds spinning thinking about the future and what it could hold.

How do you overcome it?

During bouts of anxiousness when things are just too good, there are many ways to work through these feelings. The Zoe Report suggests acknowledging any negative thoughts. While working to put a rest to the what-ifs that keep you anxiety-ridden isn't easy, noticing the negative thoughts starting to enter your brain is a good beginning. If you acknowledge them, it becomes easier to refocus.

To that end, Forbes recommends taking time to breathe and reframing your thoughts to something positive. Being fearless with positive thoughts is a great step toward living in the moment and appreciating a situation for what it is. Talkspace goes on to suggest finding a trustworthy person with whom to discuss your fears. Chances are they've had similar experiences with this type of anxiety, and you can work together to move toward appreciation.

Our brains are so busy, and for many of us, they work overtime no matter what's happening in our lives. If you're experiencing an aversion to happiness around hitting goals or succeeding in endeavors, you're far from alone. The best course of action is to breathe, find a community, and try to appreciate the present for the beauty it holds.