What You Need To Know About Your December 2022 Horoscope

With the end of the year drawing near and things winding down to a close, you might be wondering if there's anything else this weird and truly transformational year could possibly throw at you. Believe it or not–some of the craziest cosmic events of 2022 are still on the horizon. And as astrologer Kyle Thomas explains, there will be a collective boost in the energy this month that will usher in an emotional and deeply healing time where you'll feel more connected to yourself and others. "Sagittarius season will be the boost of positivity we all need as we approach the end of the year, we will feel our burdens start to lighten. We want to explore and laugh more, this is where better energy arrives and shows us the way forward, being open to receiving abundance," explains astrologer Cosmic Energy.

Now that we're on the other side of eclipse season, you can expect fresh and new ideas to light a new spark in your life; and, with them, some unexpected surprises, financial blessings, and life-changing opportunities. "If there's anything that you should have learned from this eclipse season, it's that you should never underestimate your ability to completely transform your life. You don't have to wait until the new year to become a better version of yourself, you can start now," explains astrologer Aaya Badue. Keep reading to find out what the stars have in store for you — from your career to your friendships to your love life and beyond.

Neptune moving direct gives new life to old dreams

The month kicks off with some great news from the cosmos, as Neptune in Pisces ends its five-month retrograde and stations direct on December 3, 2022 (via Astrology). When Neptune, the planet of ideals, intuition, spirituality, and illusions, enters its annual retrograde cycle–it can feel like a cosmic wake-up call that causes the collective to face reality. "We may notice where we have been lying to ourselves or looking at a situation with rose-colored glasses," astrologer Madi Murphy, co-founder of the CosmicRx tells Refinery29. "This will allow us to manifest hopes and desires that align with our new crystal clear reality."

In astrology, Neptune retrograde is a time to revisit, refine, and retune your approach to balancing your aspirations with reality. During the last several months, it's likely that you've been making some major changes to your daily life to clear the way for a new beginning. And with Neptune stationing directly –- you're being invited to escape back into a celestial dreamscape. You've spent the last five months reviewing your current situation and going inward to reflect on what you want out of life. And after allowing yourself to get rerooted in reality, Neptune direct will provide the cosmic clarity on how to move forward. And if you've been thinking of getting back in touch with an old spiritual practice that helps you feel grounded and aligned -– this would be a great time to start, per Shape.

The final full moon of the year might get emotional

In astrology, full moons mark the ending of cycles and the releasing of big emotions; and the final full moon of the year is going to be an explosive one. On December 7, 2022, the full moon will form an exact conjunction to Mars retrograde at 16° of Gemini, causing tension and conflict to arise in your personal relationships and home life (via Astro–Seek). You might find the stress and chaos of the holidays and the end of the year too much to handle -– so be sure to express your emotions openly with your partner, or you just might explode in anger.

Luckily, the full moon in Gemini will also be forming a harmonious trine aspect to Saturn in Aquarius -– giving you the patience and focus to handle difficult conversations or relationship conflicts. "It's time to think of the year that has passed and reflect on the things you have achieved, what obstacles you've overcome, and all the lessons you have learned — but not to lose sight of the future," Rhianne, astrologer at Ask the Answer, tells POPSUGAR. "The darkest, coldest time has nearly passed, and from here the future gets brighter and warmer. Things may have been difficult, but you've made it through, and now it's time to celebrate." During this final full moon of 2022, experts agree you should be careful with your words, lead with compassion when conflict arises, and give yourself some credit for how much you've accomplished this year. You earned it!

Jupiter's move into Aries will reignite your passion

On December 20, 2022, Jupiter will move into the pioneering and passionate sign of Aries, where it will stay until May 16, 2023. With Jupiter -– the planet of luck and expansion -– back in Aries, you can expect a major boost of energy, revitalized determination, and life-changing opportunities to create the life of your dreams. "With Jupiter back in Aries -– you see fortune, luck, and expansion when you're bold, expressive, and trusting your gut instinct. Move quickly," explains spiritual entrepreneur Tolou Tarot. Jupiter in Aries gives you the opportunity to let go of your limiting beliefs and take a chance on yourself. As Jupiter moves directly in Aries, expect to feel the urge to take direct action toward achieving your heart's desire.

With Jupiter in Aries, it's not about moving slowly, it's about following your passions at full speed (via Tarot). And while this transit can be an exciting and fast–paced time full of change, it's also important to remember that too much of a good thing can be bad. As astrologer Chani Nicholas explains, the benefic energy of Jupiter can act like a magnifier, causing over-inflated egos, overconfident ambition, and even reckless risk-taking. The lightning-fast speed at which Jupiter in Aries can have your mind spinning can lead to a classic case of biting off more than you can chew and, as a result –– burnout. So, be sure to sprinkle in plenty of self-care days and vacation time.

Mercury retrograde stirs things up one last time

And finally, it wouldn't be a chaotic astrological year without one final Mercury retrograde to keep you on your toes. Mercury retrograde is the most common astrological retrograde cycle, occurring about three or four times a year and lasting around three weeks at a time. On December 29, 2022, Mercury stations retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, where it will stay until January 18, 2023, per Astrology Zone. If you're hoping for 2023 to be the year you finally have your glow-up, this Mercury retrograde will give you the perspective and direction you need to make a meaningful change in your life.

While it's not ideal to begin the new year with such an important planet in retrograde, it does offer the chance to take one last revision and review of your plans for 2023. "When Mercury is on its backwards journey, it offers the chance to get things done with greater care and mindfulness to negate any room for error. Retrograde periods are the time to reflect and re-evaluate the situation. It's about taking the time to look around and analyze what needs to be done, while being careful with ego trips and temper tantrums," astrologer Sheetal Shaparia tells Vogue. Remember, delays are a natural part of growth and change. So embrace this Mercury retrograde with an open mind and think about how you can improve yourself in a more consistent, meaningful way.