Your Guide To Cold-Weather Concert Dressing

For those planning on attending a concert when the weather is colder than usual, figuring out what to wear can seem like a serious challenge. On the one hand, there's the option of risking freezing but looking fashionable while doing it. On the other hand, there's the option of bundling up in more layers than normal and sacrificing fashion for comfort (really, who can resist the level of warmth provided by a blanket coat?).


While this scenario can feel like being caught between a rock concert and a hard place, it doesn't have to be quite as much of a dilemma as it might appear to be at first. Having said that, it might take a little bit of organization to strike the right balance. As the College Fashionista explains, planning your outfits in advance, whether you're attending a rock concert or not, will help you to feel more confident. Here are some of the top tips for winter concert dressing.

Consider the location

First and foremost, the question that concert-goers should ask is, "How cold is it going to be?" As Buy and Slay points out, dressing for an indoor concert when the weather is colder is going to be a different situation than dressing for an outdoor concert. Similarly, there are considerations that concertgoers should make about the venue itself, such as if an indoor venue will be heated or not.


There are also a vast range of temperatures that might be considered "cold" based on the usual climate. For example, a person's idea of "cold" in Alaska is going to be very different from a person's idea of "cold" in Florida, so some of these tips may need to be adapted based on what is physically comfortable (and safe) for a forecast temperature range and weather conditions. On that note, Boida Outerwear writes that temperature ratings for outerwear garments aren't as straightforward as they might seem, as they can be affected by everything from a person's metabolism to the wind speed. When in doubt, audiences should trust their instincts.

For a concert that goes ahead as planned in wintery conditions, take some inspiration from photos posted on Instagram by the attendees at Switzerland's Polaris Festival. In the super-cold climate, DJ Natalie R rocked a snowsuit that was simultaneously chic and warm.


Consider layering up

Whatever the weather might hold, take the genre or the artist into consideration. Some of the rock concert outfits featured by Fuel, for instance, include ripped jeans that might be uncomfortable to wear to a concert if the weather is too cold outside. If possible, plan ahead of time to layer pieces or choose thicker fabrics that hold in the heat.


One piece from The Strategist suggests using tights intended for figure skating as a layering option. There is the caveat that many of these tights are manufactured in colors that are intended to match the skin tones of those with lighter skin, however, which may make it difficult for many people to find a flesh-toned match. Opaque black tights are also an option from some brands.

Instagram user Joanne Salem effortlessly pulls off the look by pairing her ripped jeans with fishnet tights.

Opt for removable layers where possible

When in doubt about the venue or other factors — including the potential for changing weather conditions — play it safe (and smart) with layers that can be put on or removed with ease if a concert gets too hot or too cold. Whether that's through multiple layers or just one will depend on the location and the climate, but any outer layers that can be removed and packed away in a bag (or even tied around the waist or shoulders) are a great way to look stylish while also accounting for other circumstances.


The Pioneer Woman has a guide for layering for the fall and winter, and one tip mentions adding some color, which is a great way to combine some of the top fashion trends for the holiday season. Similarly, What Every Woman Needs has a guide on layering geared toward women aged 50 and older, and suggests knowing your body and adding accessories strategically.

Instagram user Karla Fernanda wore a blazer with a feathery trim on its sleeves to a concert, and those seeking a similar look could easily remove the extra layer in favor of the sparkly shirt underneath it. She also added some color to her look with the green tones of her blazer and trouser set.

Sheer clothing may still be appropriate for some climates

Who What Wear suggests sheer tops as one potential option for concertgoers in the fall months, which may still be appropriate depending on the concert in question, particularly if that concert is in a heated indoor venue or a location with warmer weather in general. StyleCraze has a helpful guide on how to wear sheer tops, pointing to the looks of some celebrities who have worn them. One of the best tips from this guide involves choosing the appropriate garments for one's desired coverage underneath.


Choosing a bodysuit rather than a top, Instagram user Kat showed an outfit featuring a sheer long-sleeve bodysuit paired with a denim maxi skirt that buttons down the front and a pair of Dr. Martens boots.

Rock what's comfortable

Last but not least, remember that style is totally subjective. If the weather is uncomfortably cold or the mood just isn't right, there's absolutely nothing that says that concerts have to be the equivalent of a fashion week runway. Concert attendees are there to enjoy the music, after all.


As LeafTV points out, it isn't a bad idea to wear comfortable shoes to a concert regardless of what the weather might have in store. Especially if it's a concert that is going to involve a lot of standing or movement, avoiding injuries is a must. In fact, Grazia reports that the classic UGG brand boots and similar styles are "in" again, which is definitely a cozy option for colder weather.

Looking for an idea of how to style them? Take a look at Instagram user Imogen's stylish yet cozy outfit.