The Best Hair Color To Match Your Zodiac Sign This Winter

If the end of fall makes you want to change your hair color, you could consider matching it to your personality. Expensive brunette, caramel ombré, or vibrant red — there are so many options. Your astrological sign says a lot about you and can reveal the perfect hair color you need to try this winter. If it's possible to match your holiday makeup look to your zodiac sign, it's even easier to achieve the perfect hair hue according to your personality traits.

This season natural warm highlights, icy tones, and delicious colors are in the spotlight. These shades are easy to embrace and don't require a monthly visit to the hair salon to fix and maintain. Trendsetters like Cara Delevingne, Zendaya, Gigi Hadid, and Hailey Bieber know how to turn heads with winter tresses suited to their individual styles. To take care of your locks and leave the boredom at bay, adapt your haircare routine and consult your stylist. A hair expert will be able to guide you according to your chosen color.

This hair-color horoscope will add some freshness to your look while giving a modern touch to your mane. With temperatures continuing to drop, here is the best hair color to match your zodiac sign this winter.

Aries: Vibrant red

Your energy, ambitions, and passion can be demonstrated perfectly through a bright red hair color. You are a fire sign, and you want to show it. Nothing can stop you, not even the chilly weather outside, as you will warm up with a fiery hue on your lengths. This shade will match perfectly with your energetic personality while making a statement this winter. "If you can make red look natural, you can carry it in any season with any wear," hair colorist Johnathan Gale tells Interview Magazine.

The biggest celebrities have already embraced this bright shade, and have managed to make it their trademark. Lily Collins, Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Shakira, and Demi Lovato have all gone red at some point in their lives (via Hola). It is the go-to color to get through until spring.

To keep your bold hair vibrant, it's best to follow the advice of a colorist on how to care for your tresses before and after dyeing it. New York hairstylist Eva Scrivo explains to Good Housekeeping why it is a good idea to wait a few days before washing your hair after getting it colored: "It takes up to three days for the cuticle layer to fully close, which traps the color molecule, allowing for longer-lasting hair color."

Taurus: Espresso brown

There are a lot of brown hues in the hair coloring world, but some are trendier than others to become a hit once winter sets. That's especially true for espresso brown. The natural finish of this rich color will make a Taurus delighted. Have you ever been told that you're stubborn, tenacious, but genuine? That's because you know what you want on a day-to-day basis, and in terms of color ... that is espresso brown.

You're impatient, enjoy stability, and are resistant to change. That means espresso brown is the perfect hair color to embrace this season. This shade — derived from the drink that many can't do without in the morning — is the ideal way to show the strength that you have. It will allow you to stay in the comfort that you love so much. The darkest shade of brown is intense, while its chocolate highlights can bring deliciousness to your hairstyle (via Coloured Hair Care). Completely suited for all skin tones, this hue can be highlighted perfectly with gold jewelry, per Function of Beauty. In the same way Meghan Markle and Bella Hadid have made it their signature, espresso brown can quickly get you addicted.

Gemini: Caramel ombré

The Gemini woman is intelligent, approachable, and curious. She also has a dual personality that makes her unique, says Ryan Hart, writer and researcher. Therefore, she needs a hair color that she identifies with — there's nothing better than the three shades of caramel ombré. If you're thinking of adopting a new look without changing drastically this winter, you might consider this option. 

Ombré refers to a gradient of colors that give your hair a natural, sun-kissed glow. Dark roots, light ends, with a shade in between, that's what make this hair color so different. This technique is becoming more and more trendy thanks to the way it makes your hair appear as beautiful and natural as possible. Celebrities like Cara Delevingne favour the warmth of caramel ombré that instantly brightens the complexion and the hair. The advantage of this hair color option is that it doesn't require much maintenance, since it ages nicely over time. "It needs to be well done or else you see a line where the color starts. It's best on long hair or longer hair," Miami-based salon owner Carole Hakoun tells Blush and Beyond.

Cancer: Oyster gray

For winter, cold colors are in, and they are fully suited for Cancer women. In order to reveal your emotional and sensitive personality, you could choose to go gray. But not just any shade, we are talking about oyster gray! You'll love exposing your icy tresses on the streets this winter. "This striking shade is pearlescent and combines platinum blonde with a gradation of soft silver tones that look almost holographic," stylist Frédéric Fekkai explains to Real Simple. Unquestionably, its dazzling reflections will unveil themselves with each head movement.

Blondes will have no trouble achieving oyster gray, but brunettes will have to be patient. According to Deavita, first you'll have to switch to a platinum blonde before obtaining this gray color. Perfect for all lengths and haircuts, this hue is ideal for your imaginative, highly sensitive, and emotional nature. Born under the water sign, Ariana Grande has long worn oyster gray on her iconic hair. There are instructions on how to keep this color looking its best, however. "I use an anti-yellow shampoo at least once a week to maintain the color," student Noemi Cara tells All Things Hair about caring for her gray locks.

Leo: Pop of color

When winter sets in, we often want color, and a touch of it is all you need to spice up your day. Being a Leo, banality is not for you. The bold, powerful, and ultra creative character that you are pushes you to do fun things in your daily life. If you prefer to be different, this winter is a great opportunity to change your hair, and this time go for a pop of color. Red, green, blue, pink, yellow ... you can add a touch of it on your roots like Billie Eilish did with neon green. Or, you can dye two front strands to frame your face like Dua Lipa did earlier this year, or even color just your bangs. There are many ways you can add a touch of bold to your look that will make any of your outfits more impactful, explains L'Oréal Paris.

It is recommended that you not wash the ends of hair that have just been dyed. Instead, apply shampoo to the roots and massage it into the hair. The ends are sufficiently washed when the shampoo is rinsed out. Also, rinse the hair with cold water to close the cuticle and fix the color into the hair (via The Hair Boutique). 

Virgo: Jet black

Mystical, intense, and completely mesmerizing — black hair is the ultimate symbol of chic and elegance. You probably have a friend who has already embraced jet black as their hair color, right? They will convince you that this color is a basic to try at least once in a lifetime.

Winter often rhymes with gloominess, and melancholy. In fact it's quite the opposite when it comes to this hair color. Its intensity is increased tenfold when the sun shines through your strands, Difference Between. The Virgo woman is intelligent, ambitious, fearless, a perfectionist, sensitive, and detail oriented. Nothing will get past her (via Ryan Hart). It makes her the perfect person to color her hair black, being ultra trendy this winter. 

Singer Dua Lipa doesn't hesitate to show off her raven locks on her Instagram. Onyx hair dyeing is very easy to do at home if your hair is already dark. However, if you have blond hair, it's better to achieve black with a specialist since you'll need to gradually move towards a darker shade. Plus, it helps you get used to the drastic shade change. Finally, don't forget to darken your eyebrows as well.

Libra: Icy blonde

The ideal color to embrace in the cold of winter is of course an icy blonde. According to Ryan Hart, as a Libra you're a romantic, a dreamer, always jovial, and have a real sense of humor. Excellent at weighing the pros and cons, your idealistic traits will always make you look on the bright side of everything and see the best in whatever you do. Try something brimming with brightness that will reflect your own cheerful personality — icy blonde. Often associated with Marylin Monroe, the universal ambassador of platinum hair, it is always in the spotlight and regularly adopted by many stars. This is the case of Libra Kim Kardashian, who tells Interview Magazine, "I do think blondes have more fun. I just feel different."

Probably one of the most fashionable hair hues, icy blonde has spread quickly on all heads. If you're taking on this wintry trend, you'll definitely need to take care of your tresses. For that, purple shampoos will be your best allies, with Garnier explaining that using them "twice a week will [...] help neutralize any unwanted yellowness that might start to appear."

Scorpio: Auburn

If you're looking to enjoy glamorous winter, you might want to consider going auburn. This warm and trendy hair color has lasted through the years, as it allows those who wear it to show off a glowing complexion regardless of skin tone.

Your water sign shows that you are loyal, intense, emotional, and sensitive. What better way to demonstrate your strong nature than to transform your hair with an auburn hue that will awaken your scorpion within? This color owes its reputation to the beauty of the mixture between chestnut and red, but specifically because it's one of the easiest red colors to wear, per Wella. Indeed, Scorpio model Kendall Jenner embraced this fiery hair color this year. And Jenner isn't alone, with actress Zendaya also having taken glamorous, intense auburn tresses to the next level. This winter definitely won't be dreary if you take on this trend.

Sagittarius: Rosé pink

Born under the sign of the sun, you love adventure and are always looking for new things to experience in life. So why not try a pastel color? This winter, pink will prevail among light and bold hair colors. If you thought rosé hair was out, nothing can stop its rise. This cotton candy color is catchy. Made of a mix between pink, gold, and blonde, rosé pink is like the sweet drink that accompanies the most delicious food, per Hair. The good news is that even brunettes can adopt it, through bleaching your hair to a perfect pastel pink.

Sagittarius Rita Ora rocked this color back in 2014 for an Adidas campaign, explains Fashionista. Like her, you may be open to new ideas and dare to try something new. So, why not spend this festive time of year with a very glam color to warm up? You'll want to take care of your new color as much as possible. "When doing a fantasy color, it's really important to [...] only use non-damaging hot tools so that the color isn't affected when styling," hairstylist Justine Marjan explains to Allure.

Capricorn: Mulled wine

After the mulled wine nail trend took hold last winter, it is making a comeback in hair color. This shade is a mix of red, purple, and some cinnamon highlights. A burgundy-like hue will brighten your days while making any outfit stand out. Your fun side that loves to express itself will be fulfilled by the warm color of winter's favourite hot drink. If you like to wrap yourself in blankets with a mulled wine in hand, this color will be a must-have. Very discreet, it adds spice to your life without taking a big risk. Indeed you are rather cautious and that plays in your favor because it's the perfect hair color for this winter. You are a determined person and it shows, the mulled wine color says it loud and clear.

It's pretty simple to pull off this very feminine and irresistible color. If you have a dark base you'll need to lighten your hair color by one or two shades to bring out the purple and red pigments of the mulled wine. But, if you have blonde hair you'll need to go brunette before embarking on this adventure. When your mulled wine loses its shine, you can have your hair professionally glossed again to restore it (via L'Oréal Paris).

Aquarius: Deep green

In this magical forest of color are many hidden symbols. Did you know that among all the shades and colors, green is the rarest? It's your thing this winter! It's time to transform your hairstyle, and listen to yourself by switching to something more original. As an Aquarius you are a complex person — you don't like to fit into boxes — you enjoy innovation, and you are right. 

Deep green may seem out there, but it's pretty easy to wear every day and is also suitable for all skin tones. Plus, if you already have light hair you won't have to bleach it, per Lewigs. No longer exclusively associated with punk style, green also has its place in feminine looks. Your air sign indicates that you're a free spirt, self-sufficient, and inventive (per Ryan Hart). If the idea of being conventional scares you, emerald is the color to try this winter, its highlights will not let you go unnoticed on the street. If you're not ready for an all-over deep green hairstyle, you can get a unique twist by creating a balayage on your lengths. Let your creativity run wild and get through the winter with originality.

Pisces: Expensive brunette

A major trend this year, the expensive brunette hair color won't soon be forgotten (via Hair). Your romantic, emotional, and creative Pisces spirit can be harmonious with a delicious brown hair color that will make your locks look luxurious. Rich color with golden highlights, expensive brunette adds that unique touch to your hair.

This winter, keep it simple! Your water sign and your peaceful traits are looking for something subtle but sophisticated, per Ryan Hart. This ultra luxe hair color is easy to reproduce, especially if you already have brown hair. Stars like Hailey Bieber and Karlie Kloss have made expensive brunette a trend for some time now. With help from the sun, your new highlights can sometimes fade — even in the colder months. So, hairstylists recommend applying a bit of sunscreen to your tresses to maintain the ultimate glowing hair this season (via All Things Hair).