The 'U-Shape' Haircut Could Be Your Next Favorite Hair Style

When choosing your next haircut, it can be overwhelming to choose from the countless options available. From long layers to short layers, there's a lot from where to pick. The newest beauty haircut trends have made this decision even more difficult. New haircuts, like the v-cut or the u-shape, are starting to turn heads for the freshness it brings to the hair trends. These new haircuts are a new way to view your haircut decisions. Rather than picking any specific hairstyle, these cuts present solutions to your unique hair needs. In fact, defines a v-cut as having a shorter length of hair towards the front and along the sides but longer in the back. However, experts recommend this type to those with a specific hair type to get the look they want.


Another style, the u-shaped haircut, is a different solution for those with various hair goals. While some might not see the appeal in a u-shaped haircut, this hairstyle is making its way through salons as the new favorite. Before you take a picture of your favorite celebrities' latest hairstyle, try working out whether a u-shaped haircut would be the best option for your hair type.

What is a u-shaped haircut?

The u-shaped haircut is not a complex hairstyle to obtain. L'Oréal Paris explains that a u-shaped haircut is not that different from a v-shaped cut. While a u-shaped also involves having the back be longer than the sides, the form it takes is much more subtle than a v-shaped one. The overall length of your hair will be somewhat equal but with small differences between the middle and sides. It also lets you get many more layers than a v-shaped haircut. In the end, the shape will form a U shape with a more subtle shape than other cuts.


"This cut has overtaken the v-shaped haircut in popularity because of the softness in the completed look," Hannah Jean, a balayage and brunette specialist, tells Mane Addicts. Jean adds that this haircut is perfect to add movement, texture, and lightness to your hair with one simple cut. While this haircut is nothing new in the hair industry, the benefits that many are seeing from it are starting to get others' attention.

Benefits of a u-shape haircut

Getting a u-shaped haircut could be beneficial for those looking to add some volume and movement to their hair. Additionally, Hera Hair Beauty adds that a u-shaped haircut could seem more natural as it mimics how hair grows. It also requires less maintenance than other cuts. Therefore, it is ideal for those that don't need, nor want, frequent trips back to the salon. However, people who will notice the most difference are those with fine or thin hair. Having fine or thin hair is characterized by a lack of movement and volume, but the u-shape haircut is a simple way to add bounce back into the mane. Because the sides of this cut are slightly shorter than the middle, the sides don't lay down as they typically would.


"The U-shape haircut removes weight and bulk and gives lift towards the front [to look] less boxy on thick hair, but it can also work with finer hair to give body," explains Raven Hurtado, a Chicago-based stylist, via Byrdie. Regardless if you want to add volume or remove it, the u-shaped haircut is a universal haircut that can be fine-tuned for your specific needs.