What To Know About Upside Down Hair Washing

Washing your hair upside down might sound a bit confusing at first, and that's totally understandable. If you haven't been keeping up with the latest trends to make the rounds on TikTok, like reverse hair washing, creators are swearing by upside down hair washing as the next great hair hack, as reported by Shape. Contrary to its name, the technique doesn't require any handstands in the shower, which would be a huge safety risk. Instead, the point is to apply shampoo and conditioner with one's head tilted downward so that the hair falls forward, rather than with one's head tilted backward.


Naturally, the advice has had the beauty world buzzing, and many have been wondering if this trick is really worth all the hype that it has been generating on social media. For those who have tried it and hair experts alike, upside down hair washing does seem to have some benefits. But is it a good choice for everyone?

Washing your hair upside down has some benefits

Washing your hair upside down is more than just trendy; it may also be great for your hair. Speaking to Vogue about the technique, hair stylist Helen Reavey commented, "It's a really good tip, especially for people who want volume or have curls." Reavey went on to explain, "When you wash your hair upside down, you're giving the root a little lift and allowing the product to spread much easier, resulting in a better cleanse."


Added volume appears to be the main benefit cited by those who have tried washing their hair upside down for a change, according to Shape. At the same time, however, hair stylist Lisa Abbey mentioned to the website that those with certain hair textures are likely to see more benefit, saying, "Especially for fine or silky hair, this technique helps add volume by lifting the roots as you shampoo and condition, to 'build in' body."

Are there any drawbacks?

Regardless of your hair type, there don't appear to be many drawbacks to the upside down approach for most people. "Although I wouldn't say there is a downside to this method, washing your hair upside down can definitely be a bit uncomfortable or inconvenient, depending on your shower," Helen Reavey told Shape. 


The website Hair Instructions provides some other pros and cons of washing your hair upside down, including that it may be an easier route for those who are unable to shower regularly. On the other hand, it may not be the best option for those with medical conditions that could be made worse by moving the head and neck in the position required to use this technique. If you happen to fall into the latter category, it would be best to play it safe and consult your doctor before trying it out for yourself.