How To Style Your Favorite Winter Scarf For Indoor And Outdoor Looks

As winter approaches, many of us find ourselves reaching for our warmer clothing. Winter coats, sweaters, and boots are essential if you live in a climate that experiences the harsh temperatures winter can bring. One staple that can amplify your wardrobe this winter is a scarf. Scarves are the perfect accessory to include in your wardrobe because they come in a variety of colors, textures, and lengths (via Kosha Journal). Scarves are a versatile option to keep you warm and fashion-forward this winter.

Because there are so many ways to wear a scarf this winter, you may be wondering about the best ways to tie them. The options are endless, and playing with how a scarf drapes changes your whole outfit just by how it sits, which can be tons of fun. There are so many styles you are going to want to experiment with to take your outfit to the next level for indoor and outdoor scarf wear.

The basic loop look

The basic loop look is a great place to start with for styling a scarf. In order to get this look, simply begin with your scarf draped unevenly across your shoulders and loop the longer end once around your neck (via One Good Thing). This look can be used casually on the weekends or for a day at the office. By wearing your scarf in this way, you'll not only keep your neck warm during these colder months, but you'll be able to display the beauty of your scarf for all to see.

Over-the-shoulder toss

An easy way to style a scarf is the over-the-shoulder look. This look is best with a medium-length scarf. He Spoke Style recommends to start with it around your neck and let one end hang near your waist line. You then take the other end and drape it over your shoulder behind you. Leave it loose around your neckline. This versatile style can be used for formal occasions or informal events. It can also work indoors and outdoors respectively. 

Belted scarf

The belted scarf look works best if you use a blanket scarf or a longer scarf. For this look, take your blanket scarf around your neck and let the ends fall evenly toward your waist. Grab your favorite belt and place it over the ends of your scarf, cinching them around your waist. This will create a cozy, layered look that can help you amplify an outfit for work or under a coat for a winter evening out (via Life With Mar).

Neckerchief-styled scarf

The neckerchief scarf look is simple and classic. This style works best with a smaller scarf made of a thinner material. To achieve this look, you have many options. For a fuller appearance, simply take your scarf and fold it in a triangle, tying the ends behind your neck and leaving the point of the triangle in front. For a sleeker look, fold the scarf into a triangle and roll it until you get the width you desire, says Elizabetta. This look works best with a V-neck or a button-down shirt so that it can be the perfect accessory to the rest of your outfit.

Infinity scarf dupe

Do you love infinity scarves, but you haven't invested in one yet? There is an easy way to make your favorite long scarf into a faux infinity scarf. First, take the opposite corners of each end and tie them together to create a circle. Put the scarf over your head and wrap it around your neck twice, making sure the tie is in the back. This option plays on the oversized, warm look that will be a perfect addition to any of your winter outfits.

The headscarf look

Perhaps the easiest and most practical way to style your scarf this winter is to use it as a head scarf. To achieve this look, completely unfold your scarf and lay it over your head. Take one of the ends and toss it over your shoulder. This look is mostly used to keep warm outdoors, but can be a beautiful accent to your indoor outfits with a lighter scarf. If you'd like to wrap it around your head for more of trimmed look, fold the scarf into a triangle, placing the folded edge on your forehead. Take the ends of the scarf and tie them in a bow at the back of your neck (via Headcovers Unlimited). Either option is perfect for a polished way to wear your scarf.

Use it as a shawl

Winter nights get very cold in many parts of the world, so consider using your winter scarf as a shawl. Real Simple recommends to take your long, thick scarf and throw it over your shoulders like a blanket or a cardigan. Paired with a t-shirt or long-sleeve crew neck, a shawl scarf is a beautiful layered accent to any outfit. Complete the look with knee-high boots or booties, and you'll stay warm and stylish for your winter activities.

Figure eight look

If you want to get a creative look going with your scarf, consider the figure-eight style. Although it looks complex, it is a simple knot to master. Medium-length scarves work best for this option. Take your scarf and fold it in half. Put it around your neck and feed one of the free ends through the loop end. Twist the loop to make a second hole and feed the other end through the new hole. You can make this loose or snug depending on your preference.

It is the season for hot chocolate, ice skating, and winter outfits. There is nothing more versatile than a scarf for your indoor and outdoor festivities (via Outfit Trends). This winter, get creative with how you style your scarves and stay warm while having fun.