The Best Ways To Style Your Tights This Winter

Don't let the cold weather stop you from showing off some leg. Tights are a staple of a winter wardrobe. Not only do they offer you a layer on bare legs when braving the cold, but they can also be an accessory that gives your outfit a unique detail. The key to getting an outfit with tights right is balancing the visual weight of every outfit element, according to PB.

You want to balance how much bare skin you're showing with the tights' thickness. Nude-colored tights match your skin and can give an appearance of a bare leg, giving a visually light effect. In contrast, opaque tights are a solid black or color and can appear visually heavy. Keeping these tips in mind is a great start when creating winter outfits to wear with tights. With these basics, you can create a variety of outfits to keep you stylish and warm all winter long.

A cozy sweater dress

Sweater dresses are a winter wardrobe staple. Cozy and comfortable, they're easy to throw on and create an instantly cute outfit. Sweater dresses come in a variety of lengths, such as mini and midi. Paisley and Sparrow suggest pairing tights with combat boots to give a soft sweater dress a little edge. Patterned tights and fishnets can be a great way to add contrasting texture to the outfit. Dress the look up with pumps or heeled boots for a night-out look.

A miniskirt and jacket

No one wants to give up a miniskirt until the weather gets warm again. Instead, swap your light summer and spring miniskirts for heavier materials like leather, wool, or suede. Underneath, layer a pair of sheer or nude tights to show off your legs. Knee-high and over-the-knee boots are always a great addition to a winter look. The right boots can dress up or dress down an outfit. Add another layer and a bit of length with a duster jacket, suggests Stylight. This style is a chic addition that will keep you warm no matter where you venture off to.

Layered under shorts

Don't pack away your shorts when the weather starts to get colder. While it may seem like a strange combination at first, shorts and tights can look straight off the runway when styled correctly. Because the combination isn't typical and there are plenty of options for both details, you can get creative and express your personality, says My Chic Obsession. For a wintery look, you may consider heavier materials like wool, tweed, or leather. For a classic look, a solid pair of tights work, but patterned tights can add a stylish decorative element.

A structured blazer dress

Create a look that goes straight from the office to dinner with friends or date night with a structured dress. Think blazer dress, which can work for both formal and casual occasions. Double-breasted blazer dresses are ideal for more formal dress codes, according to Style Rave, wear this for a work to cocktail hour outfit. But you can also make them more playful with floral patterns and bright colors. Add tights and colorful heels or boots for a vibrant look that will turn heads.

All white

Having to stop wearing white after Labor Day is an antiquated rule that no one follows anymore. Winter whites can be a stylish and dreamy option that stands out from the rest of the crowd. What makes winter whites different is that they usually have warmer undertones, according to The Globe and Mail. Consider creams and off-whites rather than stark, crisp whites. Pair frosted white tights with a white leather skirt or white knit dress for a chic winter look.

Winter florals

Another detail you don't have to give up is florals. While they may be a staple of spring, winter florals are a great way to brighten up the cold days. The trick is to keep the background color dark even if the florals are bright colors, says Poor Little It Girl. For a casual weekend outfit, try a flowy minidress and sheer tights paired with knee-high boots. For dressier outfits, try a midi skirt paired with a blouse, tights, and heels or ankle boots.

Chunky sweater and denim skirt

Every closet should have a go-to piece of denim because it goes with everything and can be dressed up or down. For those casual days when you want to look put together but in an effortless way, choose a denim skirt and a chunky knit sweater. It's instantly cozy and classic. Underneath, wear a pair of tights and matching heels to make your legs appear longer, says The Perennial Style, which can be a sexy casual look. But if you're looking for something more modest, boots are a great way to get some leg coverage.

Under ripped jeans

You might not be someone who loves wearing dresses, or maybe it's too bitterly cold to forgo that extra layer. In that case, you can pair your favorite ripped jeans with tights. This gives you a chance to let a pop of pattern show through the holes in the knees and thighs or add some color with opaque-colored tights. Rachel shows off a pair of jean hems rolled up to show off the pattern of floral tights.

Layered with socks

Don't stop at only tights when layering your outfits this winter. Adding a pair of socks not only has the benefit of keeping your toes extra warm but it creates another layer of texture and fashion detailing. When you wear fishnet tights, socks can be a great way to balance the amount of skin you're showing, says Glowsly. Choose socks with frills or lace for a little extra texture. This is also a small place to add a pop of color to a neutral outfit. Plus, this combination can look chic with both heels and loafers.