Everything You Need To Know About Dating A Pisces

Pisces, the dreamy, ethereal creatives of the zodiac -– who has a bit of a reputation for having their head in the clouds. They see the world through rose-tinted glasses and believe the external realm can (and should) mirror their idealism. These romantics tend to be talented artists, poets, and writers who can't help but see the potential for a more beautiful world everywhere they look.


The archetype most often associated with this mutable water sign is 'the mystic,' and spirituality is definitely where they feel most at home (via Essential Zodiac). Those with Pisces placements are dreamy and deeply intuitive. If you are close with a Pisces, you know they'll always rely on a gut feeling rather than logic. Co-Star lists "orb of light" as one of the careers Pisces is best suited for, and that pretty much says it all.

So, what do you need to know about dating one of these emotional, nearly psychic souls? Let's take a deeper dive.

Pisces need depth and spiritual intimacy

Those born between February 18 and March 20 (or those with a Pisces Venus or Mars) are not likely to seek out flings or date casually. Love is sacred to Pisces, and they won't give just anyone access to their hearts (via Elite Daily). They're after a serious relationship with heightened emotional and spiritual intimacy. Pisces show their love through romantic gestures and an open heart. Loyalty is high on the checklist for these water signs, but they also need the freedom to flow with their inner emotional landscape, which sometimes means moodiness they can't really explain to their partner. Pisces absorb everything around them and can sometimes lose their sense of self when they're depressed or feeling vulnerable.


"Pisces needs a lot of reassurance, romance, and attention, and will give the same in return," said astrologer Suzie Kerr Wright in an interview with Bustle. "There are great moments of peace, connection and beauty with a Pisces," she said. "But if you're looking for those moments to last, they're probably not the sign for you."

Pisces are most compatible with a sensitive partner

The Pisces lover is not one you poke fun at too much or suggest they lighten up if they take offense to a joke. A partner who can predict their sensitivity to a situation and accommodate their depth of feeling will be most compatible with a Pisces. Blunt, harsh, or erratic energies will likely not meld well with the softness of this water sign. And remember, the area in which Pisces tend to fall short is communication. They will expect you to read them like a book and know why they are feeling blue. Failure to do so is problematic in their eyes (via Vice). They believe their true soulmate would just know. So, put your energy into making yourself a safe haven for them, a place they can open up, and you won't have to wonder why they're being distant or moody.


If you're planning a big date to woo your Pisces crush, try thinking small instead -– or at least intimate. Dinner at a trendy, crowded restaurant is probably not your best bet. An evening where the two of you can talk in a private, romantic setting is definitely the way to go. Think of a picnic in nature, a cozy coffee shop, or a long walk.