How To Style A Tired Old Turtleneck For A Brand-New Look

Turtlenecks are super helpful for keeping warm on chilly fall and cold winter days. The practical, modest design makes them appropriate for many settings, too, so most people have at least one in their cool-weather wardrobe. Plus, they usually have a flattering fit, as long as you choose one that fits your body well. But as convenient and comfortable as turtlenecks are, they can be a bit boring, as the super high neckline and long sleeves can give off a rigid, uptight vibe.


Of course, you can't go wrong with investing in a good black turtleneck and wearing it without any additional accessories or embellishments for work or a family dinner. Meanwhile, there's nothing wrong with wearing just a plain neutral turtleneck if you're going for the light academia aestheticĀ for a cutesy, intentionally nerdy look. But for exciting events, dates, or adventures with friends, you might want to make your turtleneck look more dramatic, and we have some styling tips to help make a turtleneck more fun.

Dress it up with a statement necklace

A bold necklace will instantly elevate a turtleneck, adding contrast and dimension to the famously high neckline. "A statement necklace can be made of fine materials or a costume. It's the impact of the piece versus the material it's made from. A statement necklace is the highlight piece of an outfit, the focal point and often the anchor of the look versus a finishing touch," Karen Giberson, the president/CEO of Accessories Council, told HuffPost. So, a dramatic necklace will add style and character to a basic turtleneck.


A fashion-forward TikTok user shared a video explaining how to style a black turtleneck, dressing the garment up with chic trousers, a vibrant blazer and purse, and an ultra-bold necklace. The elaborate necklace made the ensemble stand out, and everyone who wears turtlenecks should invest in at least one statement necklace. A necklace that can take your plain turtlenecks to the next level is the Karine Sultan Alice Statement Necklace, available for around $100 at Nordstrom. Featuring a lobster clasp closure and a shiny, unique design, this unusual imported necklace has 4.7 out of five stars and will make an effortless statement.

Wear it under overalls for '90s fun

Thanks to the '90s fashion resurgence, many people want to embrace overalls as a hot fashion trend. One way to lean into this retro aesthetic is to wear overalls over your turtleneck for a casual look that exudes cool-girl energy. According to MasterClass, the turtleneck and overalls combination is ideal for chilly weather and looks good with boots, and a cardigan will work with the ensemble, providing even more comfort. Overalls are about as '90s-influenced as it gets for people of all genders, and these pieces are super comfortable (via The Trend Spotter), so anyone who wants to dress down their turtlenecks while channeling '90s-inspired vibes should invest in a pair of overalls.


One pair of ultra-'90s overalls that looks excellent with turtlenecks is the O.G. Straight Jean Overalls for Women, selling for $45 at Old Navy at the time of writing. Made of mainly cotton, a little bit of recycled cotton, and a tiny touch of spandex, these imported overalls feature pockets and shoulder straps that you can adjust. Plus, these overalls have between four and five stars.

Add a fur or faux fur vest or jacket for instant glamour

Fur or faux fur vests and jackets can transform even the most basic, boring outfits into show-stopping ensembles, thanks to their glamorous effects. These dramatic pieces pair nicely with plain turtlenecks because the simple turtleneck top provides a convenient canvas for the luxurious-looking furry outerwear while wearing a bolder top with such an intense piece might be too overwhelming. You can find many examples of people wearing turtlenecks with fur and faux fur vests and jackets on Instagram. For instance, wearing a black fur vest is the perfect way to elevate a timeless black-and-white outfit, and a brown faux fur vest adds a chic spin on a white turtleneck with jeans. Meanwhile, a daring red faux fur jacket is a striking focal point for a black monochromatic turtleneck outfit.


If you want to invest in a super stylish faux fur vest, you should check out the Michael Michael Kors Faux Fur Vest, selling for under $245 at Michael Kors at the time of writing. This long black faux fur vest is made of modacrylic and polyester. Or, use the light beige Single-breasted Faux-fur Jacket, available for about $65 at H&M, to keep warm while looking runway-ready. This polyester garment has 4.7 stars.

So, are you ready to take your turtlenecks from basic to super stylish?