Everything You Need To Know About Dating A Leo

Ruled by both fire and sun, Leos are warm, passionate, and creative people with a flair for the dramatic. This is a sign whose natural confidence and boundless charisma both garner plenty of admiration from other people. Leos are also extraordinarily attractive, which means they never have to look too hard for a date.


Relationships are sacred to them and they bring plenty of humor, amusement, and devotion to the table (via Bumble). Astrologer Ryan Marquardt told BestLife, "Leo is incredibly attuned to their own wants and needs. At its worst, this can come off in a narcissistic way, playing into the stereotype Leos have for always needing to be the center of attention." 

Love, romance, and dating are all glorious human experiences that Leo adores. They are affectionate and emotional people who wear their hearts on their sleeves. If you are curious to know more about your Leo lover, the following guide explores their style of romance, how they like to flirt, and how they act in long-term relationships.

Leos are romantic, playful, and expressive

A Leo always thrives when it comes to dating and romance. They love being in love and will tell the whole world about their new relationship as soon as they can. Although they may be slow to feel truly vulnerable with a new person, their natural openness and outward confidence helps break the ice. Leo expresses their adoration by showering their partner with affection, admiration, and support (via Tarot). They also have wonderful communication and socialization skills that help them connect with people.


Romancing their partners is one of Leo's favorite pastimes. They have a gift for setting the mood and will spend an exorbitant amount of money on creating a memorable romantic experience for their date. This sign is also not afraid to express themselves with a healthy public display of affection. Honor and dignity are important to a Leo but they don't have any trouble showing off their playful side for their partner or crush. The sound of their lover's laughter after they tell a dirty joke or make a funny observation sends an addictive rush of butterflies through their stomach.

Leos are proud and self-centered

Like the regal lion, Leos are proud, sometimes self-centered people which can make navigating conflict in a relationship tricky. They like to think that the world revolves around them. Leos aren't intentionally selfish but they tend to put themselves first in their romantic relationships, refusing to hear the word "no" or compromise (via My Pandit). Not only do they require constant praise and compliments to feel seen, but they also crave their partner's undivided attention to make them feel desired. If they feel ignored or second place, they often get jealous, annoyed, and temperamental. 


They also have egos more fragile than hummingbird eggs. Our Mindful Life explains that nothing is more important to a Leo than their pride. When it is damaged by even the tiniest slight, this passionate sign will either lash out or throw a temper tantrum. And they will do so loudly, regardless of whether they are in a public place or not. They will never admit they were wrong in an argument, choosing to justify their behavior rather than simply apologize.

When dating a Leo, it is important to shower them with compliments and regularly reward them for their contributions to the relationship. Providing Leo with plenty of admiration and celebration will help keep their inner light burning.

Leo women in love

Leo women are bold, passionate, and powerful individuals with an infectious enthusiasm for life. Their natural beauty and vivacious personality draw love interests to them like moths to a flame, making a lasting impact on everyone they meet. 


They use their grace and fierce determination to hunt down the object of her interest, whether for a hookup or a lasting relationship, per Astrology. These ladies are drawn to strong, sophisticated people who make things happen. Once in their grasp, their natural sensuality takes over.

Leo women can be high-maintenance partners at times, and they have a penchant for extravagant, luxurious purchases. True to form, they are also dramatic and refuse to be treated like anything less than a queen. They will not tolerate disrespect or being told what to do and aren't afraid to shy away from confrontation when they feel they have been wronged. To keep a Leo woman happy, she requires attention, pampering, and adventurous dates to keep her engaged. They adore being lavished with thoughtful gifts and appreciate grand romantic gestures that prove how much their partner loves them.


Leo men in love

Like their female counterparts, Leo men are self-assured individuals that believe they deserve the best that life has to offer (via NumerologySign). They are enthusiastic, optimistic, and self-confident lovers that appreciate the excitement of dating and new relationships. Flirting comes naturally to them, and the warmth they exude is infectious. They have old-fashioned, gallant sensibilities when it comes to attracting a partner, and will put their chivalrous natures to work. Expect them to open car doors, pull out chairs at dinner, and always pick up the bill. At first, a Leo man's innate sensuality, intense emotions, and domineering personality can be a little overwhelming. However, they are fiercely loyal and devoted partners who offer incredible intimacy, adventure, and excitement.


When searching for a partner, Leo men want to be impressed. They won't be satisfied with submissive people who lack passion or drive. Looks are important when attracting a Leo man, but they are more concerned with their partner's ability to take care of themselves. Furthermore, a person who values loyalty, trust, and mutual respect is sure to find happiness in a relationship with a Leo man.

Leo men have a few faults to be aware of. But, like most proud lions, they can turn green with envy if they aren't the center of their partner's world. Their tempers run hot and their fragile pride is easily wounded. Partners of Leo men should compliment them frequently, plan exciting dates, and include them when making big life decisions.


Do Leos fall in love easily?

Falling in love is no trouble at all for open-hearted, romance-loving Leo. Especially if the person they fall in love with showers them with personalized attention. "For a Leo to fall in love, they must connect with someone whose heart matches the same vibration as their own. A Leo will know they are in love when they can't stop their heart from beating fast, and they lose all their vanity in their relationship [with] their partner," astrologer Brad Williams told Bustle. "Since Leos tend to follow their heart, they can fall in love fairly quickly."


Leos tend to chase the excitement that comes from meeting new people and entering new relationships. According to The Love Queen, Leos long for epic fairytale romances with a partner who completes them. If they feel the passion has died or the relationship has lost its initial sparkle, they will begin the search for something new. Because of this, Leos have a reputation for being heartbreakers. They would never intentionally set out to break someone's heart, but they aren't willing to lose out on true love to preserve someone else's feelings.

How Leos like to flirt

Leos are major flirts. They crave the playful interactions flirtatious banter opens up between two people. According to Astrostyle, this sexually confident and physically attractive sign is creative in the romance department. When they feel like being subtle with their flirtations, they may send over-the-top flower arrangements or gift their paramour a fancy bottle of champagne. But more often than not, Leo will flirt in strong, dramatic ways more suitable to their larger-than-life personalities. They are not shy with their advances and will pull out all the stops to ensure the object of their desire feels weak in the knees.


Leo also possesses a raunchy sense of humor and loves to make their partner blush. Their flirty jokes may be crude, but their charisma, and dazzling smiles are totally disarming. Direct eye contact and a flurry of genuine compliments usually accompany these jokes.

Sometimes Leo's flirtatious nature can get them into trouble with their long-term partners. This sign must learn when flirting is appropriate to avoid conflicts with their significant other.

How Leos act in long-term relationships

It can take a while for Leo to feel fully comfortable with the idea of a long-term, committed relationship. They aren't interested in playing games and they are not worried about missing out. They simply fear leaping into the vulnerability that type of romance requires. However, once they are in a relationship, Leo goes all in (via PrepScholar). They are proud of their partners and will talk about them to anyone who will listen. Furthermore, they are supportive of their love interest's ambitions and continually inject kindness and excitement into their relationships.


This sign may crave adoration and affection for themselves, but they give plenty of it in return. They are always hyping up their partner and ensuring they feel beautiful and important. Compatible Astrology explains that Leo partners are honest, hardworking people who just want their better halves to be happy. Because of this, Leos make great spouses.

Are Leos difficult to date?

Despite their affinity for romance and their flirtatious, charismatic natures, Leos have a bit of a reputation for being difficult to date. Their fixed natures make them stubborn and headstrong, especially when they feel they aren't getting the attention they deserve. When conflicts arise they hold on to their idea of who was right and wrong regardless of the facts.


Leo has a loathsome inner critic that contributes to feelings of deep insecurity. According to Co-Star, this sign hates feeling truly vulnerable and will act out if their feelings get hurt. Although their dramatic nature can bring plenty of joy and adventure to the relationship, it can also cause minor arguments to get blown out of proportion. An unhappy Leo will sulk, sigh, and theatrically complain about their perceived misfortunes, while simultaneously overanalyzing each feeling and emotion coursing through their body. These extreme highs and lows can be difficult to navigate. Thought Catolog explains that Leos need to be supported and encouraged often, as well as pampered and reassured that you love and accept them.


Leos are turned off by negativity, dishonesty, and bossiness

Acts of dishonesty and cheating will never fly in a Leo relationship. The mix of betrayal and emotional abandonment forges a deep wound that keeps them from forgiving and forgetting. Astrologer Jo O'Neill told The Astrology Podcast, "There is a kind of earnestness that can come along with Leo and a generosity of heart as well ... I think Leo placements can be very, very loyal, and in their earnestness can expect that from others. Because why wouldn't you when you are openhearted [and] when there is that trust? ... That trust being broken is huge."


To Leo, pessimism in a partner is not only unattractive but also damaging to the positive, happy-go-lucky romance they strive for. They cannot see a way forward with someone who doesn't see the world and their partnership as a hopeful, magical event worthy of a Netflix series.

An overbearing partner is also a major turn-off for Leo (via Power of Positivity). They are fiercely independent people who want to hold all the cards. They do not possess a submissive side and will quickly resent anyone who tries to force them into that role. A Leo cannot be manipulated or controlled, even by a potential soulmate.

Leo and Aries make an excellent match

One of Leo's greatest strengths is that they can forge a happy, successful relationship with anyone if they try. However, according to Astrotalk, Leo is matched best with their fellow fire sign Aries. Both signs are bold, passionate, intuitive, and adventurous with masculine energies that prioritize action and leadership over passivity. They have a hunger for memorable experiences and will strive to keep the spark alive in their relationship with creative dates and unique vacations. They also have similar tastes in movies and music, have the same values, and firmly believe in the forever kind of love.


In a romantic relationship, Leo and Aries are both open about their feelings and work hard to be good communicators. According to Brit + Co, these fire signs are able to assist each other in areas they struggle with and have no trouble working through their problems. Each sign plays off the other's strengths and weaknesses, taking and giving in order to ensure each person is happy and fulfilled.

Where these two signs struggle is with their insistence on leading. They both prefer to be the person in control and may have a hard time letting their partner plan a date or make an important decision without their input. It is important for both signs to recognize they cannot always be the ones in charge, and to learn to compromise to make this pairing work long-term.


Leo and Gemini will share a lifetime of adventure and fun

Leo and Gemini also make a wonderful pairing. Committed, faithful, and emotionally expressive Leo provides some much-needed stability for the flighty and playful air sign. Gemini also encourages Leo to focus their attention outward on others and worry less about their relationship insecurities. According to Ponly, Gemini knows how to stroke their Leo partner's ego and make them feel adored. In turn, Leo's generosity and warmth help comfort the sometimes erratic Gemini. These compatible signs also share a love of intellectualism and engaging conversation. They can make each other laugh for hours with their witty jokes, clever banter, and flirtatious comebacks.


Due to their extreme aversion to boredom and routine, a Leo-Gemini relationship is always focused on excitement (via eAstroHelp). They are both outgoing and friendly signs who enjoy social occasions and meeting new people. Together they are known amongst their friends for throwing the best gatherings. Dates for this couple will range from salsa dancing and karaoke nights to extravagant, spontaneous weekend getaways.

Both Leo and Gemini tend to think of themselves first and their partner second, especially in a new relationship. Geminis take much longer to fall in love than their sunny-spirited counterparts, and both have a propensity for abrupt moodiness. To make this partnership last, patience, understanding, and humility are all necessary for each sign to embrace.


Leo and Virgo have a spark but may struggle to sustain their relationship

Leo and Virgo are neighboring signs on the zodiac calendar, which typically means they are compatible. Upon meeting, these two signs will have an undeniable attraction. Both are physically lovely to look at but Leo is particularly wooed by Virgo's natural beauty and brains, per PairedLife. Leo's innate charm, positive attitude, and infectious sense of humor loosen up tightly-wound Virgo.


Leo and Virgo each have a number of qualities that keep their relationship on track. Virgo's down-to-earth nature keeps emotional Leos grounded. Leos also need the close personal attention and kindness Virgos bestow upon them. Virgos are excellent at managing the home and ensuring their partner is healthy, while Leos ensure Virgos occasionally step outside of their comfort zone to experience all that life has to offer.

Despite the ways in which this pairing could work well together, there are many obstacles to overcome if a lasting relationship is the goal. Leo is naturally more selfish than sensitive Virgo and infinitely more extroverted. Their need to be the center of the universe might make them miss the shifting moods and unspoken needs of their Virgo partner. Virgos love to jump in and problem solve for their loved ones, which Leo views as controlling. When this happens, Leos often get frustrated and hurt Virgo's feelings. If this dynamic isn't addressed early on, the pair will struggle to sustain a happy relationship.


Scorpio and Capricorn are the least compatible signs for Leos

Scorpio and Capricorn are the signs Leo is least compatible with. Leo-Scorpio relationships often share passionate physical intimacy, but little else. Furthermore, astrologist Ryan Marquardt told Bustle that the darkness in Scorpio cannot always be understood by sunny Leo. "For different reasons, both Leo and Scorpio like to be the dominating partner in a relationship," he said. "With Leo's need for attention, and Scorpio's inability to play into it, the relationship can experience and ever-widening rift." Both parties crave respect and adoration, but their strong personalities can cause a detrimental shift in the balance.


According to Brides, Capricorn's organization skills chafe against Leo's fiery chaos. Their constant search for fun and excitement means exploring and spontaneity, two things that Capricorn has no desire to experience. Capricorns like work and stability while Leos crave freedom and prefer a life of luxury. When they can figure out their differences and learn to compromise, Leo and Capricorn relationships are incredibly loving and caring, per Astrology. That being said, Leos love a challenge. With effort, good communication, and a loosening of the relationship reins, Leo can make any relationship they care about work long-term.