What Does A Lunar Eclipse Really Mean In Astrology?

Astrology is all about the stars. It's about how the sun, moon, and more impact us on a daily basis. Some people don't put stock in astrology, but once you believe in it, it's hard not to notice how it can help predict things or how it explains aspects of ourselves. Astrology can give us insight into our relationships and often guides us — and can be correct quite often. So when big celestial events happen, such as lunar eclipses, it's not a shocker that it can impact us emotionally.

Astrology.com pointed out that the moon is the ruler of emotions. It can have a ton of impact on those feelings, along with "mood swings, instinct, how we feel about things, and how our feelings affect others." In addition, the moon is "goddess-like" and can represent motherhood and fertility. So, when the moon is a part of a lunar eclipse, how does astrology say it will affect us?

What is a lunar eclipse?

Firstly, what is a lunar eclipse, and what causes it? As Space reports, the moon experiences a lunar eclipse when Earth blocks it from receiving sunlight, casting a shadow on its surface. During this event, the moon can look orange or red, but the intensity of the color depends on the amount of water, dust, and other particles in Earth's atmosphere, NASA scientists say, per Space. This intense-looking happening is often called a "blood moon." As NASA mentions, the next total lunar eclipse will happen on March 14, 2025.

Per NASA, there are different types of lunar eclipses too. First, we have the total lunar eclipse, which is described above and causes an orange tint. A partial lunar eclipse is when only a portion of Earth's umbra or shadow is traversed by the moon. There's also a penumbral eclipse, but this one is hard to see since it's passing through an even smaller shadow of the planet. According to Today, four planets outside the sun and moon are "in aspect" during a lunar eclipse; these include Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Uranus. In plain English, this means that we may feel compelled to leave behind circumstances and connections that are limiting us.

How do lunar eclipses impact us, according to astrology?

Now that you know what a lunar eclipse is, what should you look out for, astrology-wise? As Today points out, lunar eclipses are all about relationships. According to Cafe Astrology, a lunar eclipse is something called a potent lunation and, specifically, a potent full moon. These events often cause us to experience a "crisis" of lack, or a time when we are suddenly aware of a strong need or want, Cafe Astrology writes.

Of course, it's natural for the ramifications of a crisis to break up a relationship. Still, it can also draw two people together by making them realize how much they need one another. As with anything that has to do with astrology, relationships that are impacted don't just have to be romantic ones. In fact, they can make you conscious of what you're lacking, in general, in your life, your work, or anything else. Like all such phenomenons, Tarot says lunar eclipses are "potent events that can spur major personal growth."

Cafe Astrology notes that things might come out during this time to help you realize this self-growth, such as unhealthy aspects of your life. Realizations and emotions will also feel profound, and plans may materialize. Again, the moon has a big pull on our emotions, so it all just makes sense.