The Unexpected Drawbacks Of Wearing Uggs

Someone call 2007 and let them know Uggs are back. The popular Australian shoe brand has made a serious comeback this year, and everyone is taking notice. What was once labeled as "basic," has gotten a major upgrade, and Uggs are quickly reclaiming their role as a staple in women's fashion (minus the black leggings and North Face puffer jacket). Celebrities, like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber, have been spotted rocking the newest styles and drawing attention to the shoe, therefore, Ugg can't keep them in stock for too long, according to Who What Wear


What's not to love about Uggs? They're comfortable, versatile, and you can just slip them on when you're rushing out the door. Unfortunately, there are some unexpected drawbacks to wearing the common boots. So before you go out and purchase a pair or put yours on for the day ahead, consider all the facts first.

The lack of support can cause injury

Uggs, while cute and comfy, offer little to no arch support, which is critical to maintaining your feet, ankles, hips, and knees in the correct alignment, says Lucky Feet Shoes. While they may be good for grabbing a coffee or running errands, Uggs are not ideal when you have to be on your feet all day. In fact, don't even consider wearing them to go hiking. When you lack arch support, you risk rolling your ankle, throwing your stride out of whack, and other injuries related to your feet, back, and hips, Foot Solutions warns.


Let's say you wear your Uggs on an all-day, everyday basis. Best-case scenario, you have sore feet and ankles. However, worst-case scenario, you develop posterior tibial tendinitis, a condition caused by inflammation in the tendons, Timonium Foot and Ankle Center explains. In extreme cases, patients can develop a flatfoot deformity, all because they wore the shoe too frequently, never giving their feet the support they need.

You could develop certain skin infections

Believe it or not, wearing Uggs can even lead to skin infections, like athlete's foot and dermatitis, says Foot Solutions. When you wear them without socks, the plushy fur lining causes your feet to sweat, which can result in fungal growth. Infections, like athlete's foot, form in warm and damp conditions, where the fungus really thrives, according to Mayo Clinic. While they are super soft, Uggs don't make great house slippers, especially if you don't plan on wearing socks with them.


Keep in mind, you can also ruin the interior of your Uggs walking around with sweaty feet. Uggs aren't waterproof, which is why they get all soggy and smelly when it rains — the same thing happens with sweat. So, to prevent yourself from developing a skin infection and having to pay another $150 for a pair of shoes, doctors recommend always wearing socks and spritzing your furry shoes with an antifungal spray every month. In the end, your feet and Uggs will thank you.