6 Outdated Winter Boot Trends To Ditch This Season

There are lots of fashion trends to keep in mind this winter, and if you're someone who wants to stay on-trend from head to toe, you'll want to make sure that your boots aren't making your outfits look dated. Before you rush to do a total closet clean-out, though, take a look at what you already own. After all, there's a good chance that what's "out" one year will be back "in" the next year.


In some good news for those who just can't bear to part with their footwear after one season, many of the trends that Who What Wear included on its list of must-buys for 2021 aren't also on Who What Wear's list of what to ditch for winter 2022-2023. In other words, the advice to hang onto last year's buys is both potentially fashionable and more sustainable than tossing out boots you've barely worn, which is a win for you, your wallet, and the planet.

It's all in the toes

If you're wondering whether the boots in your closet are still in fashion this winter, you'll want to take a look at one key detail, and that's the shape of the toes. Several fashion writers have mentioned ditching rounded-toe boots for this year, including blog Brunette From Wall Street, which asserts that rounded toes are no longer in fashion in general.


Instead, fashion experts suggest opting for boots with pointed or square toes for a more chic look this season.

Sock boots are questionable

Per Who What Wear's piece on outdated boots, sock boots are another boot trend to say your goodbyes to this year. But at the same time, you might want to put your sock boots on pause only temporarily.

PureWow makes the argument that sock boots aren't totally dated for 2022-2023 — provided that they're sporting a pointed or square toe, as previously mentioned — and Who What Wear contradicts itself in a separate piece, hailing the sock boot as being back in fashion.


Ultimately, this one might come down to what your personal preferences are.

Ankle boots at all are outdated

Although the seemingly controversial sock boot is generally a higher boot, it seems that shorter boots are on their way out overall. Per Who What Wear, ankle boots (and not just those with rounded toes) aren't as fashionable as they once were.


Here, PureWow specifically mentions "Western" or cowboy-looking ankle boots as being out-of-date, which isn't unlike our advice from this fall to leave the cowboy boots behind. Instead of the cowboy look, opting for the preppier side of equestrian-themed footwear seems to be the new trend, with Who What Wear suggesting riding boots as one option.

Chunky boots are less popular

Here's another one where reviews are mixed. New York City-based stylist Seppe Tirabassi told Harper's Bazaar that "Chunky boots are definitely a winter wardrobe essential," but Brunette From Wall Street describes "chunky" boots as being less popular than they once were. So what's a '90s fan to do?


It might depend on the kind of sole you're talking about. Who What Wear already predicted that lug-soled boots would no longer be on-trend for Fall 2022. That same piece, however, noted the popularity of more edgy, punk-looking styles, so your favorite pair of Dr. Martens boots might still have their day in the sun.

Say goodbye for now to slouchy boots

Brunette From Wall Street has nixed slouchy boots outright, and Who What Wear already did so for Fall 2022, so it seems pretty likely that this style isn't going to have a huge revival all of the sudden for wintertime wear.


At the same time, however, slouchy boots were mentioned as coming back into style this year by sources including Who What Wear itself and Editorialist. In short, expect the popularity of the slouched boot to wax and wane over time.

Thicker heels are on the decline

Last but not least, it looks like thicker heels — however practical for winter weather — are on the decline this year. Skinny, pointed heels are one of the top shoe trends for 2023, so expect the rest to fade a bit more into the background.


Many of the picks showcased by Who What Wear's editors for this winter confirm this, featuring stiletto-type heels on even the tallest boots, though a few chunkier heels remain. Brunette From Wall Street stops short of saying that stilettos are the only type of heel to wear this winter if you want to be fashionable, but style icons such as Victoria Beckham are already favoring the stiletto (via Footwear News).