Grow Your Lashes To New Heights With These Tips

If you're not naturally gifted with long, luxurious eyelashes, you may be searching for some lengthening solutions. Of course, there are plenty of ways to create a longer look, which include using a curler, applying multiple layers of mascara, adhering falsies, or getting eyelash extensions. While these are great short-term solutions, they don't address the root problem, namely that your natural lashes aren't very long. Genetics, medical conditions, and age all affect eyelash length, but these aren't the only pieces of the puzzle. According to Aedit, makeup, medications, and diet can also affect your eyelashes, and luckily, these things can be altered. 


Lengthening your lashes naturally may boost your confidence and allow you to use less makeup or save money on expensive treatments. Additionally, the extra length may also help keep harmful irritants away from your eyes, as eyelashes are responsible for protecting your peepers from things like dirt, debris, and pollen. 

No matter your reason for wanting longer lashes, we've got you covered. Below are six tips that will help your eyelashes reach new heights.

Avoid damaging products

Along with genetics, one of the main reasons you may have shorter lashes is that you're not properly taking care of them. For instance, if you use waterproof mascara on a daily basis, it may be time to switch. This is because, as Highbrow Beauty explains, waterproof mascara formula can quickly cause your eyelashes to feel dehydrated. Further, it may make your lashes brittle, which can cause breakage. And, because waterproof mascara is meant to stay on all day (or even longer), it's difficult to rinse off. If you often find yourself scrubbing your eyes when removing your makeup, your mascara may be the cause of all your lash woes.


Another product that could be causing damage is fake lashes, specifically the adhesive glue. Howerton EyeClinic says that falsies should be removed gently after applying makeup remover to help the glue break down. Further, curling too close to your lash line or using mascara that's older than four months may also cause damage.

Invest in an eyelash serum

While this tip may require a pretty penny, it may be well worth it: use an eyelash serum. Choosing the best one for you may require you to test different types for a few months at a time. Popular brands you could try include Rodan + Fields, RevitaLash Cosmetics, and Grande Cosmetics. Also, keep in mind that these will last for about a few months before you'll need to repurchase. To apply them, use the soft end of the applicator or a cotton swab to paint the product along the top of your lash line once a day.


These products work to soften and strengthen your lashes while promoting continued growth, according to Forbes. However, to see any results, it's imperative that you're consistent and patient, as changes may not be visible until you've used the product every day for at least a couple of months.

Brush them regularly

Another step you could easily add to your skincare routine either in the morning or at night is brushing your eyelashes. To do this, you'll need to purchase a small brush, sometimes referred to as a comb, spoolie, or wand. Eyelashes can either be combed from the top or underneath, and all you'll do is place the brush at the root and roll it upwards. This should only take about half a minute, but make sure you're extremely gentle to avoid ripping out any of your precious eyelash hairs. 


According to Lash Lovers, this tip is beneficial because it removes stubborn makeup, dead skin cells, allergens, and other things that may be stuck to your lashes. Additionally, when looking at the short-term results, immediately after you brush they should appear more lifted, per The Lash Lounge. Combing them before applying mascara can also help you avoid clumping and create a more separated appearance.

Use a gentle makeup remover

No matter what eye makeup you regularly wear or skin type you have, it's important that you to choose a gentle makeup remover. The best cleansers may be those that are specifically formulated for the eyes, such as CeraVe's version, which you can find on Amazon. Or, you could simply use micellar water, like Garnier's found at Walmart, which is a great option for those with sensitive skin. 


Once you've chosen your remover, it's also crucial that you use the right method — if you're scrubbing your eyes, you're doing something wrong. The best tactic is to apply the remover to a cotton pad, press it against your closed eyes until the makeup dissolves, and then wipe in a downward motion with a very soft hand. StyleCraze adds that a cotton swab could come in handy to remove small bits of makeup from your lashes or other areas around your eyes.

Include olive oil in your skincare routine

Some believe that olive oil is a miracle worker, as it could provide your lashes with two benefits at the same time — while it's an incredible makeup remover, it also works to soften and lengthen lashes. In fact, plenty of household oils you may have sitting in your pantry could replace your makeup remover, including castor oil, almond oil, and coconut oil, per LashLuxury. If using these oils as a makeup remover, apply them the same way you would use any other product. However, if you're using this product purely for lengthening purposes, place a small amount on a small cotton swab or clean spoolie and spread it throughout your lashes.


BrightLand points out that many believe olive oil lengthens lashes because it contains loads of fatty acids, which some say promote hair growth. Additionally, in the short term, coating your lashes in oils makes them appear darker, shinier, and more prominent, which may also cause them to look longer.  

Change your diet

Biotin is important because it helps our bodies process omega fatty acids, which are essential to growing strong hair, per UKLash. Therefore, if your hair, whether on the top of your head or above your eyes, is looking a bit thin, perhaps you need to add more biotin to your diet. 


This can either be taken in a pill, tablet, or gummy form. Further, supplements that contain both biotin and fatty acids may be the most beneficial choice. For those above 19 years old, the National Institutes of Health recommends taking 30 micrograms of biotin a day. Or, you could simply eat more foods such as egg, salmon, beef liver, sunflower seeds, sweet potato, milk, and oatmeal. Biotin is also a common ingredient in hair products like shampoos and conditioners as some believe that applying it directly to hair can cause less breakage, though this hasn't been proven in any studies.