Channel Your Inner Trendsetter With The Nail Colors Poised To Rule 2023

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When it comes to nail polish colors, every year we notice new trends — whether it's thanks to the colors designers pick for fashion runways, shades celebs rock on the red carpets, or nail polishes that blow up on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Experts in the industry are usually able to predict which nail polish colors will be big in the upcoming seasons, and luckily for us, they don't gatekeep that information.


While we already talked about the nail shapes that will be perfectly on trend in 2023, we also decided to research which colors will be big in the upcoming year. Of course, if you want any nail polish to last longer and look better, using a base coat is essential. "If you want happy, healthy nails, and even the possibility of longer nails, it's important to begin every manicure with a high-quality, nourishing base coat," the president of Young Nails Inc, Greg Salo, tells Glamour. "Not only does it protect your nails from stains; it also fills ridges and strengthens nails." In case you don't already have one, a base coat that performs incredibly at a budget-friendly price is Sally Hansen's Double Duty Base.


Now let's get to the colors. From neutrals to bright and sparkly shades, 2023 has a wide variety of nail polish trends, and we have no doubt that there is something for everyone!

Pink glitter

A color that is trendy every year for spring and summer is pink. For 2023, the trend will be slightly more in your face with shimmer and glitter. "There's a big influence of Hello Kitty, Sailor Moon, and other very feminine, nostalgic anime characters," celebrity nail artist Holly Falcone tells Who What Wear. "A shimmery pink ballet slipper-colored shade pays a nod to the minimal, girly, balletcore [look] that's trending, but is more of a punched up Sailor Moon version of it." Of course, pink isn't a color everyone loves, but if you gravitate toward pink shades when it comes to clothing or makeup, this trendy nail color is perfect for you!


With numerous shimmery and glittery pink shades on the market, it's relatively easy to hop on this trend. If you're still unsure which one you should get, we recommend opting for OPI's Quest for Quartz – a shimmery, baby pink nail polish that is just the perfect amount of classy and eye-catching!

Vampy red

According to nail artists, red is a color that one can't go wrong with — it has been a classic for decades, and for a good reason. "Red is always a great way to start the new year," Chanel nail artist Betina R. Goldstein tells Bustle. "It is said to bring good luck and fortune in many cultures."


For 2023, consider going a bit moodier with your red by choosing a sultry darker shade with purple undertones. "A deep, vampy red is always in for a sultry winter," Falcone tells Who What Wear. "It can be worn by itself or used for a moody French manicure. It's also a fun base color to add dark crystals to for a little extra oomph."

Those who keep up with Pantone's annual announcement of the color of the year already know that for 2023, the globally recognized leading source of color expertise chose Viva Magenta, a color that "vibrates with vim and vigor" (via Pantone). A great deep purply red nail polish is Essie's Bahama Mama. If you're feeling extra dramatic, opt to wear it with stiletto nails.


Metallic mauve

According to Canva, Mauve "is a pale, bluish-purple that sits between violet and pink in the color wheel," making it the perfect color for those who prefer muted tones. "Mauve is always a trending color, as it veers neutral, but it's not so basic. Next year, there will be a lot of space cowboy-like themes, and this steel-toned metallic mauve gives that futuristic, gritty, yet somewhat neutral look," nail artist Falcone tells Who What Wear, referring to ORLY's nail polish in Dynamism


To put a spin on classic mauve nails, experts are predicting that mauve metallic or chrome nails will be big in the upcoming season. "It won't be a surprise to see chrome or metallic nails all over," manicurist and LeChat nails educator Hemi Park tells PopSugar. If you already have the perfect mauve nail polish, get a shimmery metallic top coat, and you're ready for 2023!

All shades of blue

If you're looking for a color that will be trendy next year — no matter what shade — it seems like that will be blue. "I see blues in 2023 — from pastels to hot blues — which may have been influenced by the return of the washed-out denim fashion," Jin Soon Choi, celebrity nail artist, tells The Zoe Report.


Considering that all shades of blue will be on-trend, there is no doubt that everyone will be able to find one they like — whether they are more into muted classics or neon eye-catchers. "I like a royal blue with a slight warm undertone to it, so the look isn't so chilly," nail artist Holly Falcone tells Vogue. An excellent option for those who don't have blue nail polishes in their collection is the Nails Inc. Gel Effect Nail Polish in the shade Baker Street, which is a rich cobalt blue.

Moss green

A color that isn't too common when it comes to nail polishes is moss green. However, experts predict that it will be a huge bit in 2023. According to celebrity manicurist Elle Gerstein, you should try "grounded colors in moss green" (via Ipsy), a color that is both: bold and neutral. If you opt to wear an eye-catching and colorful outfit, your nails won't clash with it, yet if you opt for a neutral look, the moss-green nails will be a fun statement.


A great moss-colored one is Zoya's Nail Polish in Arbor, which the brand describes as a rich olive-green hue. "Love this color; I've been looking for an olive green for a long time that wasn't gel based," a satisfied buyer raves on Amazon. Because the color is the perfect balance of bold and neutral, it can be rocked during any season, and it looks incredible on long as well as short nails.

Pearlescent nail polish

If there's one nail trend we will remember 2022 by, it's definitely Hailey Bieber's "glazed donut nails." The model was first spotted with the nails at the 2022 Met Gala, and quickly after, her off-white iridescent nails became a major trend on social media. "We were originally just doing translucent white, but after I put on the color, I asked Hailey to try the chrome effect because it would match her dress. That's how we discovered [the] 'glazed donut' nail," LA-based nail artist Zola Ganzorigt tells Page Six, adding that the nail look is "really simple but catches everyone's eye."


For 2023, experts predict that pearlescent nail polish — which allows you to achieve the Hailey Bieber look quickly — will continue to be a trend. "Get dreamy nails with shimmer-stacked shades that shift with every twist and turn of light," Thea Green, founder of Nails.Inc, tells PopSugar. "Pearlescent polish is all about the shade-shifting magic, so your nails will always look different depending on the light and the angle." There are plenty of pearlescent nail polishes on the market, but our recommendation is OPI's Kyoto Pearl.

Earthy beige

Neutral nail polishes are always trendy, and that won't change in 2023. "Neutral colors will always be the leading nail trend because they never go out of style — but this winter, they're going to be really big," Aprés Nail's research & development manager Eunice Park tells Nylon.


The right nude nail polish is also excellent for a summer pedicure, as it makes your legs appear longer. "A nude toe is so versatile," celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik tells Who What Wear. "It helps to elongate the foot and leg, looks great in any season and works perfectly with your favorite shades on your fingers, whether it's a summer neon or deep winter gem. You'll always look chic."

However, picking a suitable nude nail polish to match your skin color can be challenging. Luckily, experts have shared how to get it right. "A way to pick the right nail color is to look at your skin's undertone. Are you cool (pink base) or warm (yellow base) or olive (green base)? Any color that is the opposite of your natural undertone on a color wheel will exaggerate your natural tone. For example, violet is the opposite (complementary color) of yellow. If you go for a violet nail polish, your yellow undertone will look even more yellow," manicurist Deborah Lippmann tells Allure. OPI has a great collection of neutral nail polish that matches various skin tones.


Minty green

In the early 2010s, mint nails were all the rage. In the early 2020s, the trend is having a comeback. According to Essence, mint green is one of the pastel colors that will be big this spring. The Essie nail polish in the shade Mint Candy Apple has been popular for years and has become a springtime classic.


However, if you want to give the pastel nail trend a try but you'd like to spice things up a bit, opt for ILNP's Dew Drop, which is, according to the brand, "a beautiful pastel mint speckled nail polish." The nail polish has five stars from over 180 reviews, and one buyer wrote, "I love this mint green color, [it] makes me think of spring." Whether you chose the classic mint look or one with speckles or glitter, you can't go wrong with this nail polish color for spring and summer 2023!

Dark holographic

A nail polish that encapsulates the color of witchcore — a popular aesthetic that has taken over social media thanks to Hollywood projects like "American Horror Story: Coven," "The Craft," and "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" (via Mane Addicts) — is KBShimmer's Stark Raven Mad Nail Polish. "There is something sexy about a black polish with a little shimmer, especially for a holographic look. Stark Raven Mad is a deep dark charcoal with hints of silver sparkle," celebrity nail artist Holly Falcone tells Who What Wear. While holographic nails have been trending for a couple of years, this upcoming season, expect to see a lot of dark holographic nails.


If you already have dark nail polish (think of colors like black, navy, or deep purple), you can get a holographic top coat to achieve the same look. One of our favorites is INM's Northern Lights Silver Hologram Top Coat which will give any dark nail polish that magical and witchy vibe.


Clear is definitely a nail polish color not many would expect to trend. However, with the "clean girl look" and the "no-makeup makeup" that have been trending for a while now, it was only a matter of time before natural nails would become popular. And yes, this means embracing your nails' natural color and only enhancing it with a coat of clear nail polish. As far as length and shape go, for this look, you should stick to what your nails look like naturally.


"Many people, including those with weak nails or anyone wanting to take [a] break from extensions, are becoming comfortable with [and celebrating] bare nails, similar to the bare-faced movement," Tina Wang, the owner of Brooklyn's Lunula Salon, tells Bustle. "Glazed and pearly sheens are also a nice update to the super clear coat." A popular choice of clear nail polish is Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails Nail Polish in the shade Crystal Clear.

Metalic green

In fashion and beauty, jewel tones are always on trend, but jewel tones combined with a metallic finish are a fun way to upgrade the classic trend in 2023. "Rich jewel tones with depth and loads of shimmer are perfect for the winter season," OPI's North America Education Manager Lia Smith tells Byrdie. While this nail polish trend is perfect for the holiday season, it can still be rocked throughout the year — especially for more glamorous events.


An excellent choice for hopping on this trend is OPI's Infinite Shine 2 in the shade Decked to the Pines – a stunning moldavite-colored jewel tone with plenty of reflecting glitter. "We saw a lot of shimmery, metallic fabric on the recent runways that looks opulent yet grounded," Falcone tells Who What Wear. "Green [particularly] is very much a shade we'll continue seeing a lot of in 2023, but with a metallic finish." If you are not a fan of the pastel trend, the shimmery jewels might be your cup of tea.


Like mint nails, lilac ones are also a go-to choice for spring. "Lilac means different things to different people," New York City-based manicurist Anna Miles tells Allure. "I see it as [having] an even balance of red and blue." If you're wondering whether lilac is a color you can rock, the experts have weighed in. "Lilac is incredibly easy to wear on a multitude of skin tones," manicurist and nail artist Julie Kandalec tells Who What Wear.


Lilac is often confused with lavender, but the two shades are different. While both are pale purple, per Heart Eyes Mag, lavender has blue undertones, while lilac has more pinkish undertones.

Our choice of lilac nail polish is Essie's Lilacism which has plenty of great reviews. "I bought Lilacism because of all the great reviews I read about it, and I have to say, my expectations have not been let down! This is a perfect springtime color and the only purple I've bought that I really like," a satisfied buyer writes.

Milky white

Those who prefer nails that aren't bright or colorful will be glad to hear that milky nails are back. "Sheer milky whites pop more than a basic sheer [neutral]," ORLY educator An Cao tells Bustle. "It looks great on short, natural-shaped nails for a clean look." Celebrity manicurist Betina Goldstein tells Byrdie that milky nails are "a softer version of a stark white manicure, but adds a bit more color than a sheer nude. It makes your nails look clean and polished."


While many might think that milky nails are the same as Hailey Bieber's "glazed donut nails," there is a difference — milky nails don't have the chrome/glitter effect. "The milky nails look falls in between an opaque and a sheer white hue, with a creamy, translucent finish," founder of GLOSSLAB Rachel Apfel Glass, tells Real Simple. "This color is the perfect neutral that isn't as bright as a [...] sharp white, giving a very naturally chic look that is perfect for any season." To achieve this look, she recommends GLOSSLAB's semi-sheer nail polish in OG Cotton, which the brand describes as "the not-quite-white white."


As Netflix's "Wednesday" took over the world by storm in November 2022, goth fashion became ultra-trendy. This, of course, means all black, everything — including nails. "Short nails are coming back in style, and they look incredible with a shiny, deeply pigmented black polish," Falcone tells Who What Wear. "It's a clean look with a slightly rebellious edge. Because black absorbs light, make sure you top it with a really glossy top coat so the black looks creamy and shiny rather than dull. Think Sandy Liang's runway nails from her S/S 2023 show."


The best part about black nail polish is that it instantly makes you look edgy and bold. "Classic black nails will be totally in. Ask for a plain black manicure to go with their all-black wardrobes," Rachel Apfel Glass tells InStyle. Celebrity nail artist Elle Gerstein recommends LeChat's Nails Dare to Wear Nail Lacquer in Black Velvet. "I like it because it's solid and ultra-glossy," she says. "You can even get away with doing just one coat" (via InStyle). If you want to add more glamour to the nails, consider adding a sparkly top coat to a couple of nails.