The Complete Guide To 2023's New Moons And How They'll Affect You

Sometimes, on the most crystal clear of nights, the moon shines brightly enough to inspire us to momentarily set our phones down and stare up at its ethereal lunar gaze. Without saying anything, it is able to speak volumes through its boundless energy and the way it makes us feel. In fact, for millions of years, the people of our planet have gazed up at our lunar mother and used her as a source of connectedness with the universe. Unlike the moon's sibling, the sun, the moon's visible phases have allowed us to follow and document its cycles as a form of real-life reflection and representation.


If the phases of the moon were people, the full moon would be the A-list celebrity of the group — everyone notices and discusses it, and even though we can't always see it, we can feel its effects on everything around us. However, according to the Almanac, each of the moon's phases has its own symbolic meanings dating back to the dawn of time. A new moon can be described as the contrary to a full moon; what makes a full moon shine so brightly is the illumination it receives from the sun in that position, while a new moon receives no reflection from the sun, making it dark and invisible in the night sky. Each new moon starts the beginning of a new lunar cycle, so, for example, the New Snow Moon in January will grow and phase into February's Full Snow Moon.


How the zodiac ties into a new moon

Spirituality & Health explains that "the darkness of a new moon" is the best time for reflecting and starting anew. It offers us the chance to ask ourselves important questions and figure out how to move forward. This is a moment for learning to love the darkness within us and pulling out essential elements hiding within that we may not otherwise have taken notice of.


Since each of the 12 new moons of the year correlates with whichever zodiac sign we're in, this means that each of the signs' energies can trickle over into the effects of the new moon. So in order to get the most out of 2023's new moons, we're here to guide you through each month and its new moon, which sign it's in, and how you can make the most of it.

January: New Snow Moon

We're so sorry to report to our dear Capricorn friends that the first new moon of 2023 will pass right over Cap season and land in Aquarius. 2023 will kick off with its first new moon in Aquarius on January 21. Interestingly enough, this is also the day that Aquarius season begins, so of course, we will be in complete Aquarius energy. Tarot shares that Aquarians are out-of-the-box thinkers and intelligent in zany ways that most of us can't even come close to understanding. This air sign is down for all things humanitarian-related, so you can catch them extending all their philanthropic efforts at all times.


CafeAstrology notes that finding ways to harness Aquarius energy is the perfect jumpstart to your new moon beginnings in Aquarius. For instance, Aquarius loves to help others, so joining up with a local volunteer service or community can help to teach yourself and others the art of giving back. Speaking of art, Aquarius will be the first in line to see the beauty and artistic expression in even the most mundane. In the full spirit of our air sign friends, try inventing a new art piece out of household objects; do your best to try and see fruits, grocery bags, empty tissue boxes, etc., in a whole new light and create something beautiful out of them.

February: New Worm Moon

The second new moon of 2023 will take place on February 20. This new moon is called the New Worm Moon since this is the beginning phase of the Full Worm Moon. According to Time and Date, the Full Worm Moon is named after the earthworms that are beginning to emerge as temperatures are starting to rise again in the early spring. The Full Worm Moon will take place in March, but we can begin preparing for it with the onset of the new moon on February 20. Though this new moon has many different names in many different cultures, it is generally accepted as a time of rebirth and new life.


The 2023 New Worm Moon will take place in Pisces (via CafeAstrology). Pisces' daydreaming energy can be described as warm, empathetic, and creative. Pisces are naturally emotionally aware creatures, so taking on the thoughts and feelings of others is something that comes second nature to them. To really hone in on Pisces' vibes during this new year, try tapping into your imagination. Fantasize about far-off worlds while taking a heavenly bubble bath (hello water sign energy), or perhaps make a dream board of all the things you aspire to in your life.

March: New Pink Moon

April's full moon is called the Pink Moon. The start of this cycle, or the new moon, will begin on March 23, 2023. Almanac explains that the Pink Moon gets its name from a North American flower called the "creeping phlox or moss phlox." When this pink phlox starts to grow or "creep" along the hills and valleys in the early awakenings of springtime, blankets of lovely pink blooms cover the land. While we wish the Pink Moon was really pink, this is actually just thought to be a time signaling the onset of spring.


The New Pink Moon will be in Aries in 2023. The Provincetown Independent notes that a new moon in Aries is "an invitation" because of this fire sign's headstrong energy. Aries are notoriously known for being competitive, driven, and even a bit hot-headed, but that's what pushes these guys to the ultimate limit to be their absolute best. What we can learn from Aries is that being true to who we are is always the best option and fighting for what we want is essential. To dive headfirst into Aries energy this New Pink Moon, try going out of your way to take action more than you usually do. Voice your opinions, be fearless, and don't let anyone stand in the way of your dreams and desires.

April: New Flower Moon

Well, surprise, Aries! The April new moon is in your sign, along with the March new moon. Due to the timing of cycles, it's not uncommon for a new moon to be in one sign twice during a given year. Depending on the positioning of the sun on April 20, the first day of 2023's New Flower Moon, can also be in Taurus some years. But according to Astro Seek, 2023's April new moon will, in fact, be in Aries.


The Flower Moon was named by Native Americans, but was also called a "Budding Moon, Egg Laying Moon, and Planting Moon," per Time and Date. Though the Pink Moon is when pink buds are beginning to emerge on the ground through the ice, the Flower Moon is when more and more plants and flowers are popping up, and the weather is slowly breaking. Since 2023's New Flower Moon will remain in Aries, we can still focus our energy on fire sign vibrations. April weather may beckon you to the outside world, so tune into Aries by taking part in some outdoor games like tennis or jogging with a friend. Of course, don't forget to sprinkle in a bit of Aries' competitiveness.

May: New Strawberry Moon

May's new moon will occur on May 19, 2023 (via MoonGiant). This will mark the new phase called the Strawberry Moon, and as you may have guessed, this was named after the strawberries that will be ready for picking when June's Full Strawberry Moon makes its way in. June is notably a time of great bounty as the fruits of the earth begin to offer their abundance. Therefore, the new moon marking the beginning of this period should be a time to focus on a new season making its way to the forefront.


May's new moon will be in Taurus in 2023, per CafeAstrology. The sign of the bull is one of great stubbornness, pleasure, and an appreciation for nature. Taurus enjoys the finer things in life and has no problem choosing quality over quantity. While it may seem like lying on the couch eating chocolate-covered caviar in a $300 robe would be the best way to draw in Taurus' energy for this new moon, there are, fortunately, less pricey options available. To reap the most benefit from the new moon in Taurus, try savoring life's more humble pleasures. Take notice of the foods you're eating and pay attention to the delicate notes of flavor within. Or, take a hike in nature and breathe in the scents of the earth while absorbing all of the sounds and sights around you.


June: New Buck Moon

June's new moon will begin on June 18, 2023 (via Nine Planets). This means that we are beginning the moon phase of the year, known as the Buck Moon. Each year, a buck will lose its antlers and, in turn, grow a larger pair over time. The Full Buck Moon in July is the time of year that these antlers are in full growth, hence the name Buck Moon. As we prepare for the Full Buck Moon with the New Buck Moon on June 18, we can correlate this passage of nature to our own lives. Much like a buck sheds its antlers and comes back bigger and better, our focus during this time should mirror something similar (with metaphorical antlers, of course).


June's new moon will be in Gemini this upcoming year. According to Tarot, Gemini are a sign that's constantly on the move. They can be a little flaky on following through with plans, but that's only because they're always in search of the next best thing. So, in full Gemini swing, try letting loose a bit in June with your plans. Leave the outcome of things up to the universe and just roll with the punches.

July: New Sturgeon Moon

July will begin with the Full Buck Moon on July 3rd and move into the New Sturgeon Moon on July 17. Unless you're up to date on all of the most popular fish, you may not know that a sturgeon is actually a type of fish — a fish that so happens to be North America's largest, per United States Geological Survey. Historically, it is said that sturgeons were caught the most during the part of summer when the Sturgeon Moon takes place, so it's only natural that we find ourselves with a moon cycle named after this time.


July 17 falls in the sign of Cancer, so of course, this is the sign that the new moon will take place in. During a new moon in Cancer, you may find yourself lurking in your shell at home a bit more than you usually do, but this isn't a bad thing. In fact, it could be a much-needed time for self-reflection. This is a time to fortify and strengthen your home life and relationships and even work on ways to become more empathetic and caring than you normally are.

August: New Blue Moon

Ever heard the phrase "once in a blue moon?" Believe it or not, the Blue Moon is a real moon cycle, and no, it's, sadly, not actually blue. August 16, 2023, will be the beginning of the next Blue Moon cycle, but according to Time and Date, a Blue Moon doesn't happen every year (hence the saying we already mentioned). In August's case, a Blue Moon means that it's the second full moon in one month.


This new moon will grace itself in the sign of Leo. Leo is the full-of-life star of the show — the one who breathes dramatic energy and flair into all things. Yoga Journal shares that a new moon in Leo is a representation of revealing your heart's hidden desires to the world. This means speaking your truth and making sure that you are personally fulfilled without worrying about those around you. While this may sound selfish, it's important to remember that it's impossible to pour from an empty cup, so really use this Leo energy to your advantage.

September: New Harvest Moon

If anyone dares tell you that September is too early for pumpkin spice everything, simply remind them that the New Harvest Moon begins on September 15, 2023. Almanac discloses that what makes a Harvest Moon special is the fact that it doesn't occur during a specific month but rather when the autumnal equinox takes place — technically making pumpkin spice a totally acceptable flavor at the beginning of September. Traditionally, due to the brightness of the moon during this time, it was an ideal moment for farmers to harvest their crops with help from the light.


September 2023's new moon will be in Virgo. Virgo is meticulous, practical, organized, and analytical, so all of these earth sign tendencies will be in the atmosphere during this month. This means that this is the perfect time to take all of that Virgo energy and use it to figure out what to do with not new seeds for new beginnings but with all you've harvested during the year.

October: New Hunter's Moon

October 14, 2023, will mark the date of the October new moon. This kicks off the start of the Hunter's Moon, which will be full on October 28. ABC 7 News explains that the Hunter's Moon got its name from the Native American tribes that hunted meat during this time in order to get ready for the long and cold winter that was to come. Because the Full Hunter's Moon will take place after the Full Harvest Moon, this means that it's the moon cycle closest to the autumnal equinox.


October 2023's new moon will take place in Libra. "Libra is a cardinal, action-oriented air sign," Vanessa Codorniu, The Biz Bruja and founder of the School of the Healing Artes, writes for BeLatina. "It is symbolized by the scales and ruled by the planet Venus and transporter of love, beauty, and values during Libra season. Now, it nudges us to ask if our needs for beauty, art, and justice are being met, inviting us to explore these parts of ourselves," Codorniu explains in regard to the new moon in Libra. She shares that this is a great time for a makeover, artistic expression, or encapsulating yourself with everything you find beautiful.

November: New Beaver Moon

November's new moon, which is called the New Beaver Moon, will start on November 13, 2023. According to the Farmers' Almanac, when the fall temperatures begin to drop, animals begin preparing their dens for hibernation. Particularly, beavers are seen in plenty along the river banks as they gather up wood for their wintry homes before everything freezes over. Historically, Native Americans used this time to set up traps for the beavers in order to collect furs for the cold.


November's new moon will take place in Scorpio. Scorpios are the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac, but they have a good reason for their ways. Scorpio has no problem going beyond societal norms to uncover hidden mysteries and truths of topics most would find uncomfortable (via CafeAstrology). This new moon is the perfect opportunity for us to learn to look past the surface and dig a little deeper. Study people and their motives in depth to strengthen your own senses of "intimacy, forgiveness, and meaning," or work on facing your fears for true inner healing.

December: New Cold Moon

The final new moon of 2023, the New Cold Moon, will occur on December 12. This moon will phase into the Full Cold Moon, which can be easily recognized as when things are starting to get pretty frigid outside. Spirituality & Health notes that the Cold Moon is often seen as a time to symbolically go beneath the frozen surface and learn to embrace life even when it's at a silent standstill. Much like the animals in hibernation in their dens, the Cold Moon invites us to step back and bask in momentary peace.


December 12's Cold Moon belongs to Sagittarius. This fierce fire sign is known as the adventurer of the zodiac because they constantly are on the move and in search of life's deeper philosophical meanings. Celestine Vision explains that Sagittarius' energy is an ideal invitation for us to leave behind any vapid or "lack-based" ways of processing information and instead, work on focusing on the bigger picture of things. During the new moon and the two weeks after are perfect times for "studying, philosophizing, having deep conversations, and meditating on questions," which will leave you refreshed and at peace in order to close out the year.