How To Recharge Your Social Battery When It's Running Low

For many people, the holidays are filled with opportunities to meet up with friends and family. From holiday get-togethers to New Year's Eve celebrations, we connect with people we love and, for the most part, enjoy getting out of our homes and into social situations more so than any other time of the year. In addition, many of us are required to travel to see the people we love, putting us in crowded airports and full houses that are not our own. While connecting with our loved ones near and far can be an enjoyable experience, it still taxes our social energy. If you are feeling overstimulated, anxious, tired, or stressed, you may be experiencing social fatigue (via Choosing Therapy). If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Many people express feeling over-stretched socially this time of the year. 

If you feel a little depleted and rundown, and you're having trouble mustering up enough energy to complete the tasks and routines that normally make you happy, you may have to take a minute to recharge your social battery. The good news is there are easy ways to get back to feeling like your normal social self.

Signs you need a recharge

If you are wondering if you may be suffering from social fatigue, there are many signs that will give you an indication it's time to take a step back. PsychCentral explains that having a depleted social battery feels like you've hit a wall. You may lack the energy to get up and start your day, and even if you do, you may walk through your day in an irritable way. This is because you have exhausted yourself socially, and you may need to recharge. A social battery is a metaphorical way to think of your social energy. Everyone has a different energy bank. Those who are extroverted may actually get energy from being around other people, while those who are more introverted actually need time alone in order to be able to enjoy social gatherings.

Because of this depletion, Psychology Today says that those who hit a wall find that their anxiety or stress has brought them to a place where they either freeze, leave the situation completely or get into arguments with those around them. It can feel frustrating to suffer from a low social battery, especially if you truly do want to keep the schedule you've set for yourself or need to interact with others for your career. If you have felt this social fatigue, consider taking some time to recharge before being around others.

How to recharge your battery

If you are feeling like your social energy is depleted, the first thing you can do is acknowledge that it's okay to take a step back and take some time to recharge. Consider stepping back and taking time for yourself before you've gone too far. When you start to dread your social functions or start to feel like you are losing your energy, it's time to rethink how to get your energy back. In addition, think about taking a break from technology, social functions, and work functions and opt for a night in. You can optimize this time by taking time to breathe, doing something creative, and moving in a way that brings you joy. Taking care of your body allows you the mental space to take care of your mind. 

Finally, when you feel recharged and are considering adding more events to your calendar, be thoughtful about each one. Ask yourself what you can realistically handle, and then think about what you may be looking forward to the most for each event. If you cannot think of anything positive for a specific event, maybe that is one that you do not attend. Knowing your limits will help you take care of yourself before you feel completely drained.

In order to be your best self, consider taking some time to care for your own mental health. After all, you want to be present when you are with your family and friends, and by checking in with yourself in the right way, you can feel the balance of self-care you need to enjoy your loved ones.