How To Determine What Size Watch You Should Wear

Whether you've relied on your phone to tell time for years or you've only ever purchased watches that are intended to be "one size fits most," you might not know what size watch you should be wearing. Fortunately, figuring out your watch size isn't as complicated as figuring out your ring size can be, and there is a bit more flexibility with watch sizing given that most watches are adjustable.


Going through the process should only take a few minutes at most, so you can determine what size you should be wearing and go back to finding the watch of your dreams. Importantly, TrueFacet points out that there are more factors to consider in relation to men's and women's watches than just their labels. Here, we've covered both of these watch styles and the differences between them, so you can get the right look for you based on your personal preferences.

Get out your tape measure

First things first, get out a tape measure to determine the distance around your wrist. Since watch sizing typically uses millimeters, you'll want to make sure that you're using the metric side of your measure and determining the circumference of your wrist in either centimeters or millimeters to give yourself an easier point of reference. Additionally, Luxe Watches writes that you should measure with your palm facing upward and your fingers spread apart so that you can gauge your wrist measurement at its widest.


Once you have your wrist measurement, you'll need to compare this to what is known as the case size of the watch, which is the diameter of the watch's timepiece. If your wrist is on the smaller side, for example, you might prefer to wear a watch with a smaller case size. Per TrueFacet, women's standard watch case sizes range from 26 to 29 millimeters; for men, they range from 37 to 39 millimeters (TrueFacet notes that this is not the case for sports watches, however, which tend to have a larger case size).

Know what watch options are out there

Function and fashion are also vital considerations. You might be looking for a high-end luxury timepiece worth a small fortune, a high-tech smartwatch, or a fashion watch that is just meant to add something extra to your look. Ryan White, Senior Creative Director at Fossil, told Byrdie about the brand's size range, explaining, "At Fossil, our women's range of watch sizes goes from 28mm to 38mm. However, we have oversized 'boyfriend' watches and also offer smaller men's sizes at 40mm that today we would consider more unisex."


This is similar to a point discussed by Quill & Pad, in that "women's" watches may be marketed with women in mind, but they aren't exclusively purchased and worn by women. TrueFacet points out that the different parts of a watch that might affect how it looks when worn, which includes details such as the width or material of the watch's strap. Therefore, it's important to consider each watch individually to know if it's the one for you — and try it on for yourself before purchasing it, if possible.