Here's How To Style Your Coolest Band Tees

Perhaps the most graphic staple in your wardrobe is a cool band tee. Where many other staples are neutral and boring, the beauty of a graphic tee is that it is extravagant but still has the ability to match almost any item in your wardrobe. According to Real Thread, graphic tees have been around since the1950s when t-shirt printing became more accessible. By the 1970s, graphic tees were exploding in popularity as they were being used as a form of self-expression. Bands were even using them to promote themselves, leading to the birth of the modern-day vintage band tee.

Band tees have truly never gone out of style, being a constant in our wardrobes. Celebrities such as Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and Kate Moss have been seen rocking the style over the years, but this is not a celeb-exclusive look. Graphic band tees have become more accessible over the past few years, as we no longer have to have a true vintage band tee in order to get the look. Plenty of stores now sell distressed and vintage-looking band tees at a low price so anyone can get the look. If you have a vintage-style band tee and are wondering how to style it, you are not alone. We have curated eight unique ways to style your coolest band tees this season.

Make it classy with a midi skirt

Create a casual yet classy look when you pair your graphic band tee with a midi skirt. Midi skirts are versatile enough to be styled in multiple ways across all seasons, similar to the band tee. These two are a match made in fashion heaven! Instagram fashion influencer @bestdressedblonde shows us how it is done when she styles a tied-up Def Leppard tee with a pleated midi and retro white sneakers. This simple outfit is the perfect mix of lounge and chic.

Biker shorts are always a great choice

Originating in the '80s, biker shorts joined the fashion frontline in the '90s when even Princess Diana hopped on the trend. The look gradually faded back out of the fashion scene only to bounce back in 2019 when they were included in the S/S Chanel runway show that the brand posted to YouTube. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have been seen rocking the biker short look with none other than the oversized band tee. This look is both trendy and comfy.

Keep it casual with sweatpants

Sweatpants have become a wardrobe staple since the work-from-home era began, but who says sweatpants can't be chic? Be comfy and trendy at the same time when you pair a vintage band tee with your favorite sweats. In her How To Style Sweatpants video, YouTube fashion guru Ms. Crisssy shows that one of her favorite ways to style band tees is casual with sweatpants and sneakers. In one of her looks, she even adds a blazer to the look for more dimension and contrast.

Layer it over a turtleneck

Band tees are never out of season, with ways to wear them no matter the weather. During the colder months, layer your band tee over a turtleneck to fight the chill. It gives dimension to your outfit while still being simple. It also is a great way to get the popular grunge "e-girl" look that has exploded on TikTok over the past few years. This look is a fan-favorite on Instagram, with content creators like Morgan DeStefano showcasing how she styles her band tee over a colorful turtleneck paired with denim.

Go full grunge with leather pants

Leather pants are a great addition to your wardrobe bottoms. They are casual enough for a day date but sexy enough for a night out. Lucky for us, they are also a great addition to a grunge band tee look. Kendall Jenner is just one of many celebrities who have shown us how flattering this look is, as she paired her band tee with black leather pants, booties, a faux fur jacket, and a baseball cap back in 2017.

Classic jeans and a tee look

Jeans and a t-shirt have been the go-to uniform for years. Now, you can spice it up by replacing a boring tee with a cool band tee. Denim has also come a long way, as there are now plenty of washes and fits to wear, each giving the outfit a new feel. Instagram fashion influencer @madelines_ootd shows us how she gets the classic jeans and a band tee look by styling her Johnny Cash tee with distressed mom jeans, a beanie, and a longline flannel cardigan.

Contrast with a blazer

Band tees at work are possible. While it may not work in any position, when styled correctly, a band tee can be office-appropriate attire. Adding a blazer over your band tee is a great way to dress up a traditionally casual clothing item. Midsize Fashion blogger Leigh shares an Instagram photo showing her favorite way to dress up a band tee. She layers with a black blazer and chic red crossbody bag while keeping it casual with denim, sneakers, and a beanie.

Wear it with funky patterned bottoms

Funky bottoms are a great way to add personality to a traditional band tee outfit. Unique patterned pants have exploded in popularity in recent years, with #funkypants hosting over 17k Instagram posts full of wavy prints, checkered patterns, and patchwork galore. Patterned bottoms come in the form of skirts, too, as self-proclaimed funky fits lover Jenna V shares her favorite patchwork skirt paired with a band tee on Instagram. This goes to show that you can brighten up even the dingiest and grungiest of old band tees to create an outfit that is uniquely you.