The Zodiac Signs That Are Likely To Be More Sensitive Than The Rest

The archetypes of the zodiac can tell us a lot about who we came here to be, as well as what our more veiled, internal landscape looks like. If you're into astrology, you've likely heard that the whole birth chart needs to be considered when trying to determine why someone might be a little more stubborn, competitive, or sensitive than the rest. If you love to be the center of attention, you likely have some prominent Leo placements, or if you're intrinsically nurturing and maternal, chances are you have a planet or two in the sign of Cancer. When it comes to sensitivity, there are a few placements that can account for higher levels of tenderness and deep emotion. "The first house, also known as your ascendant, represents the self, so if a sensitive sign rules this part of your chart, you are prone to embody the sensitivity of the signs," TikTok astrologer Astrodim told Bustle.


It probably comes as no surprise that signs of the water element tend to be highly sensitive and intuitive people who are prone to worry and sensory overstimulation and need time to recharge alone or in nature. Let's take a look at which zodiac signs top the list for most sensitive.

Super-sensitive Pisces

Pisces is often characterized as the mystic with finely attuned psychic abilities and empathy for others. As water signs, Pisces are naturally sensitive and spend much of their time in the deep waters of the psyche. They are also the last sign of the zodiac, which means they absorb some of the traits of the preceding 11 signs and have a certain wisdom about them, like the grandparents of the zodiac might (via StyleCaster).


If you're close to a Pisces, you can likely anticipate when the waterworks will begin to flow. Sad movies, a hurt animal, unkind words, violence -– these are all just too much for sensitive Pisces to process. They prefer to live in their own dreamy imagination, sheltered from any harsh realities. "Pisces has their sensitivity turned all the way up, all the time. Pisces is tapped into the collective unconscious, which means they feel for everyone, and the emotions can be so strong that they don't understand where it's coming from," astrologer Ryan Marquardt told Bustle. "Pisces is like a mood ring because they're a mutable water sign, so their emotional wellbeing is in a constant state of flux."


Emotional Cancer

Cancers are moon-ruled water signs, and therefore their capacity for sensitivity is pretty much doubled. Maternal, gentle, soft –- these crabs are known as the mothers of the zodiac, and with their tendency to worry and absorb the emotions of everyone in the room, it's easy to see why. If a friend (or even a stranger) is in pain, it becomes almost physically painful for the Cancer native (via Your Tango).


Cancer is known to be a bit more emotionally reactive than the rest of the water signs and is no stranger to a good cry. "Cancer's evolutionary purpose is to feel as much as it possibly can, so most Cancers live a life that feels like an emotional rollercoaster. Hypersensitive Cancers grab onto one specific emotion at a time and wade it in like a pool," astrologer Ryan Marquardt told Bustle. If you have a Cancer moon or Cancer ascendent in your birth chart, you likely feel this energy ten-fold.

Empathetic Scorpio

Mysterious Scorpio may not let on that they are feeling the weight of the world beneath their intimidating exterior, but as an emotional water sign, they really are experiencing it all. The chaotic external world is a lot for Scorpio to process, and they may have a tendency to self-isolate in order to cope. And if you've ever felt like a Scorpio was reading your mind, your instincts were pretty spot-on (via Your Tango). Scorpio has a talent for understanding exactly what someone is feeling just through observation.


"Sensitivities appear controlled on the surface to everyone else, but what's going on underneath is a totally different story. Scorpio needs to be aware of [their] emotional triggers because unconscious fears and unprocessed feelings can be provoked at any given moment," astrologer Ryan Marquardt told Bustle. On the other hand, Scorpios are also highly focused and devoted beings, so if you catch yourself in the affections of a Scorpio, you'll likely reap the benefits of their sensitivity.

Worrying Libra

This one may have caught you off guard, as Libras aren't generally known for their sensitivity but for their lightheartedness and harmonious qualities. Libra is symbolized by the scales, and equality is of the utmost importance to these signs. So, if they see someone facing an injustice or being wronged, they feel it very fully, which requires a special type of sensitivity. They have big, weeping hearts for the less fortunate and tend to dedicate their time and energy to helping those in need (via StyleCaster).


Libras are also known for being extremely indecisive. This indecision arises from a place of fear. Worrying about making the wrong choice is typically an experience of those who are highly sensitive. Fiery Aries and Sagittarius, for example, would likely find joy in making an impulsive decision and seeing where the adventure leads them. But Libra needs a lot of time to thoughtfully weigh their options (via Your Tango). And while a wrong decision wouldn't sit too heavy on some, it can bring loads of anxiety to sensitive Libra.

Self-critical Virgo

Another one that probably doesn't pop into mind when considering the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, but earthy Virgo has a propensity for organization, and any deviation from their plan can really put them off kilter. Virgo likes their environment to be just so, a trait of many highly sensitive people (via Your Tango). They also tend to be critical of themselves and others, which stems from a tender and emotional place.


"As a mutable earth sign, Virgos experience a range of emotions, and those emotions tend to give them physical sensations. Virgos need to intellectualize their emotions and make logical sense out of what they feel, otherwise, the unprocessed feelings can store in their body and have a negative impact," astrologer Ryan Marquardt told Bustle. Virgos may also perceive fault where there is none, and they can't help but be torn by hurt feelings, warranted or not. Talking about their emotions and seeing the logic of the sensations they feel could be quite beneficial for Virgo.