6 Activewear Trends That Will Have You Sweating In Style In 2023

Activewear has become a fashion staple in recent years, and 2023 is proving to be no different. Long runs through the park, yin yoga classes, errands, and coffee dates: activewear has been fully embraced and is beloved for its versatility. While we may have seen mostly darker hues and simple designs in the past, activewear has evolved to become more of a statement and an avenue of expression. Even the post-workout look has a certain vibe and style we haven't seen much focus on in the past.

If you're feeling uninspired with your current go-to leggings and sports bra (and with New Year's resolutions freshly beaming!), treating yourself to a new set of trendy activewear for a little fitness incentive may be a great idea. From retro designs to flares to eco-conscious fabrics, there's no shortage of selection out there when it comes to vamping up your workout attire. Here are the hottest activewear trends for 2023.

Workout onesies

It doesn't get much simpler than this, and we're here for it. Jumpsuits, rompers, full-length bodysuits, and leotards are in for your ease and convenience. These retro-inspired one-pieces are flexible, comfy, and great for just about any workout. Their stretch allows for great movement and motion; plus, you'll likely feel a bit like you're living out your ballerina dreams. Pro-tip: if you have a long torso and find most one-pieces to be tight and constricting, check online for tall sizes and you should find just what you need to comfortably don a onesie.

Eco-friendly fabrics

With consumers becoming more eco-conscious in their everyday lives, it's only natural they want to know where their activewear is being sourced. A lot of activewear has historically been composed of synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon, which are both sourced from petroleum. Yikes. So, it seems only natural that alternatives are coming into the picture, and environmentally-friendly fabrics for leggings are on the rise: Seawool, Bamboo Charcoal, Nuyarn, SeaCell, and Repreve. Be sure to check labels the next time you're activewear shopping and keep an eye on materials like bamboo charcoal, Seawool, and Nuyarn, among others.

Give it a twirl

Active dresses were all the craze last summer and the trend is still going strong. These comfy, stretchy pieces often have built-in shorts and are perfect for a pilates class, hiking, or tennis, and they'll be bringing some extra feminine energy to the gym in 2023. If anything says athleisure loud and proud, it's an activewear dress. This really is one of those pieces that seamlessly transitions from the treadmill to the café. Dresses also tend to be extra flattering to the silhouette, so expect a confidence boost when you wear this one out and about.

The '90s are back

Loud patterns, bright colors, mix-and-match free-reign: the '90s really had it all when it came to activewear and we're naturally seeing some recourse in the arena as we are with many '90s trends. Tanks over tees, high-waisted spandex shorts, chunky socks, and headbands: you're likely to see at least some remnants of the '90s making their way back into the gym in 2023. If you're a '90s kid and, for better or worse, you're feeling the waves of nostalgia roll over you, rest assured you aren't alone.

Flare for style

If you're a millennial, the term "flared leggings" probably made your jaw drop. Anyone growing up in the aughts knows they're actually called yoga pants, but regardless, they are back and they are once again reigning supreme. Another workout piece that easily transitions from the gym to lunch with friends, flared leggings are likely to be one of the top go-to garbs in 2023. Thanks to their flattering shape, stretchy material, and versatility, whether or not you wore flared leggings the first time around, you probably want to get in on the trend ASAP.

From workout to hangout

Showing up in your workout gear or even in a change of post-workout comfort wear may have been a faux pas previously, but in 2023 we're embracing our active lifestyle and adjusting accordingly. A cozy matching sweat set, yoga pants and a hoodie, your favorite active onesie: it all flies. Lunch, park hangs, and coffee dates no longer require a complete change. Throw on a puffer jacket to pull the look together or opt to change into an oversized crew sweatshirt and leggings to maintain your fresh, balanced state of being post-workout.