Your Guide To Dressing For A Country Concert

Now more than ever, people are appreciating the beauty of live music. Singing the same song as hundreds of strangers around you while you watch the musician you love on stage — nothing beats it. Though, we could easily say the outfits for a concert are a close second. Concerts are a great place to express yourself through your outfit while celebrating an artist you love. We saw this all over Instagram when Harry Styles toured throughout 2022, as fans celebrated Harry's love for suits, boas, and sparkles.

No matter the concert, comfort is key, as you want to be able to enjoy yourself without worrying about your outfit. Though, what you wear to remain comfortable and fit the concert aesthetic depends on the artist you are going to see and the genre of music they create. For example, you probably won't wear a feather boa and sparkles to see Thomas Rhett. Country music concerts are a fan favorite, with outfits to match the down-home feel of the music. If you are wondering what you should wear to your next country concert, we have your back! We have curated seven style tips for country concerts that are sure to keep you comfortable and fashionable while you take in the music.

It's all in the details

When dressing for a country concert, the details are most important. Whether it be fringe on the back of your jacket or embellishments on your pockets, they can make or break your outfit. Country music concerts tend to lean on the casual side, so it is essential to make a statement without overdoing it. Western fashion in itself is very detail based, so it is easy to find basic western pieces with unique detailing that make a fashion-forward statement. Instagram fashion blogger Kelsie Bynum shows us how a fringe detailed jacket makes a basic country concert outfit pop.

Cowboy boots are always in season

Lucky for us, you don't have to be a cowboy to wear cowboy boots. Cowboy boots are essential for country music concerts, plus they are a trendy fashion staple. "There's something about the subtly elevating heel height and flattering shape that is sophisticated yet fun, and feels like a perfect wear-all-day transition shoe between sneaker and summer heel," says the fashion features editor of British Vogue Laura Hawkins. We all can agree that this is the go-to shoe for country concerts due to its comfort and fashion-forward nature.

Denim shorts are comfortable and versatile

Denim shorts are the casual and comfortable bottoms needed for a country concert. They allow the wearer to move freely without worrying about being overexposed or uncomfortable. These bottoms are versatile both in what they can be paired with and how they look in themselves. Unique pockets, distressing, and patterns are common in today's denim shorts, which allow for a more fashion-forward look. Fashion blogger @emjacquelyn shared her ideal country music concert outfit on Instagram, where she paired denim shorts with a western belt, halter neck top, and white cowboy boots.

Sundresses for the more feminine country music lover

If you are looking for a more feminine country concert look, a sundress is a perfect way to stay girly and still be on theme. Sundresses are flowy and loose, so they provide a more casual look that pairs perfectly with cowboy boots. If you are attending a concert when it is colder outside, a denim jacket is a perfect way to stay warm while sticking to the theme. Lauren Wilson and Adabelle Buntrok show us how the feminine country concert outfit is done as they wear flowy dresses with cowboy hats and boots in a July Instagram post.

The no-pants look

Newer to the country music concert fashion scene is the "no-pants" look. Many country fans are wearing oversized tees with a belted waist to their favorite musician's shows. Underneath, they often wear extra-short denim shorts. This look is comfortable, without a doubt, and can be dressed up or down. Instagram influencer Ang Tilson shares how she styled the "no-pants" look at a Kenny Chesney concert. She chose to belt her oversized Johnny Cash tee with a flannel button down and accessorized with white cowboy boots, a straw cowboy hat, and a plethora of bracelets.

Cowboy hats are essential

Cowboy hats are a necessary part of any country concert outfit. Mainly used for protecting the heads of cattlemen and keeping the sun from their eyes, these hats are also a fashion-forward concert accessory. Cowboy hats have grown in popularity dramatically over the past few years, as we have seen celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Kim Kardashian rock the look while on tropical vacations. Selena Gomez is just one celebrity who knows cowboy hats are essential for a country music concert, as she posted a photo to Instagram of herself wearing a light-up version at Kacey Musgrave's concert back in 2019.

Distressed everything

Distressing throughout an outfit is a common theme at country music concerts. Distressed outfits look like they have been outside and put through hard work, which is what many country songs speak of, so it is only fitting for distressed, casual clothing to be worn at a country concert. Denim at country concerts often is distressed with rips or cutoffs. Instagram blogger Shannen Morra posted her country concert outfit featuring distressed denim cutoffs, a black tube top, and cowboy boots.