Timeless Riding Boots Are Always In Style. Here's How To Rock Them

If you're a fan of stylish footwear, then there's a very good chance that you have a soft spot for boots. That surely includes over-the-knee boots and ankle boots, not to mention riding boots. A taller boot that reaches just under the knee and boasts a shapely curve around the calf, they also have a modest heel that makes them comfortable and practical. They can also be a key part of your outfit during various seasons and worn for different occasions depending on how your style them. Indeed, while they're something that was originally meant to be worn by equestrians, you don't have to be on a horse in order to wear these boots.

Frankly, riding boots are so stylish that you might have spotted Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, wearing them in the past. In fact, they're an option that she has been wearing loyally for years, according to Us Weekly. While the royal and fashion icon tends to wear her riding boots with perfectly fitted pants and casual — yet, of course, stunning — blazers, that's certainly not the only way that you can wear this particular boot.

In fact, there are quite a few ways to rock riding boots, including the following fashionable options that you'll surely want to try.

Let the boots' color lead

Make your riding boots a key aspect of your outfit by using their color to help you choose what to wear with them. You can do this by pairing the boots with a skirt that's the same color and, if possible, the same kind of material. Complete the ensemble with a top — perhaps a sweater — in a similar shade as well as tights that don't stray far when it comes to color. Not only will each piece complement the others, but the overall look will be both flattering and pleasing to the eye.

Casual riding boots and vest

When the weather is on the warmer side, you can still wear your riding boots, however, you might not be interested in opting for a sweater this time around. In this case, you can choose a few seasonably appropriate pieces such as a short skirt and a long-sleeved dress shirt. Roll your sleeves up and keep your shirt untucked if you want to keep things casual and throw on a vest to finish off the look. Keep your vest, skirt, and boots the same color for a cohesive look that isn't overdone.

Pair riding boots and denim

Riding boots can be styled in endless ways that range from sleek and polished to laidback and even edgy. The same can seemingly be said of denim. While it's best to stick with slimmer jeans if you want to be able to wear your boots over them, they don't have to be skintight either. They can also be pretty much any color as long as they work with the shade of your boots. Dress up the look with a chic contrasting coat and a bag that matches your fine footwear.

Dresses and riding boots work

The next time you wear a dress, you don't necessarily need to grab a pair of high-heeled shoes or sandals. Instead, you might want to try your riding boots. A fabulous choice if it's cold outside, you can also add tights and a coat to the outfit. Depending on the effect that you're going for, you can either pair your boots with a dress that is the same shade or go with one that complements the color. The same can be done with texture by matching or contrasting slick, smooth, or fuzzy fabrics and materials.

Bare legs with riding boots

There's no doubt that you can wear tights, pantyhose, or fishnets with your riding boots as well as various kinds of pants if that suits your overall outfit. On the other hand, opting not to wear anything at all under your boots is also a savvy style alternative that you should try. You'll find that leaving your legs bare creates a dynamic contrast against the tall boots. At the same time, we would definitely recommend wearing socks under your riding boots even if they can't be seen in order to prevent potentially painful blisters.

Long coat with riding boots

On the other hand and perhaps unsurprisingly considering that boots are often considered to be ideal for cold weather, riding boots also look amazing when worn with a long coat. Although the style, design, color, and details of the coat can be whatever suits your taste, you'll likely want to choose one that just reaches above the knee. This will enhance the lovely lengthy nature of the boots. On top of that, it will leave enough space between the bottom of your coat and the top of your boats to create a needed visual separation.

Pristine ensemble and riding boots

Princess Kate Middleton of Wales may grab her riding boots when she's aiming for a relatively casual look, however, you can choose to wear this particular footwear with a pristine ensemble that would suit a professional setting or a posh brunch date with friends. Think along the lines of a Middleton-worthy blazer and a crisp white shirt that's both tucked in and buttoned up. A tidy skirt would be ideal as would sharp pants if you'd rather. Of course, you may also want to pick out riding boots that boast extra embellishments and are polished to perfection.