The Sweater Type To Try For A Subtle Upgrade To Your Traditional Winter Outfits

No matter where you live, we can bet that some sort of sweater is almost certainly part of your winter wardrobe. Of course, there are a lot of varieties of sweaters out there, and you probably have your personal preferences. If you're looking to remain totally on trend this season, though, there's one type of sweater in which you'll definitely want to be seen.

While we've already covered sweaters with a little hint of skin, this trend might be even more accessible to the masses. Why? It's all in the shape of the sleeves. Bell-sleeved sweaters are a must-have at the moment, particularly if those sleeves are veering into the "oversized" direction. (Oversized clothes are pretty much always in style, no matter how often they seem to cycle in and out.) Now, let's take a look at how people have been styling this trend on Instagram to give you some fashion inspiration without the hassle.

Wear a neutral-colored sweater

Whether you aren't too sure about how this trend will look on you or you want to ensure you have a garment that can be worn again and again without going out of style, choosing a bell-sleeved sweater in a neutral color is a great option. We love the gray sweater with ribbing toward the bottom of its sleeves pictured above.

Go for a sweater with layered bell sleeves

Bell sleeves that appear to be layered are a fun way of adding a whimsical touch to your outfit without looking overdone. Pictured above is a gray bell-sleeved sweater with layered ruffles on its sleeves. The ruffles give it a more feminine feel, but it remains a piece that would be easy to dress up or down depending on the occasion.

Show some skin by wearing an off-the-shoulder sweater

If you do want to show some skin, you can find an off-the-shoulder sweater with bell sleeves. Pictured above is a purple sweater that has been made to be worn so that both shoulders are exposed, but you could accomplish a similar look by buying an oversized bell-sleeved sweater that hangs off of one shoulder.

Add some coverage with a turtleneck

On the other hand, if you would prefer that you stay more covered up in your bell-sleeved sweater, there are plenty of options. That includes turtleneck sweaters that happen to feature bell sleeves, and they look fabulous. We love this turtleneck with bell sleeves and its black and white stripes for its versatility.

Choose a sweater with crocheted sleeves

Another popular look for bell-sleeved sweaters is for the sweater to have crocheted sleeves. Although you might not be able to find this style of sleeves on every sweater out there, crocheted sleeves can add a creative edge to your sweater (and your outfit). Here, we see a cropped sweater with colorful bell sleeves that would make an excellent conversation starter.

Channel Y2K vibes with a pastel sweater

If you're a fan of many of the cute Y2K looks that have been popularized lately, your bell-sleeved sweater can ride that wave too. While we've shared a picture of a purple knitted sweater with bell sleeves to illustrate this style, you can opt for the color, style, and details that you like best.

Choose a handmade sweater (or one that looks like it)

Another fabulous option for jumping on this trend is to buy a sweater with bell sleeves that someone has made by hand. It's a great way to support a small business, which is why we've shared this sweater with bell sleeves and a feathery trim that was handmade by one Instagram user. Can't shop small for some reason? Use this look as inspiration for the different details you might see in a bell-sleeved sweater.

Wear a cardigan with bell sleeves

Don't want a sweater that you have to pull over your head? There are bell-sleeved cardigans out there to solve your dilemma, and an added bonus is that many of them happen to be vintage pieces from the 1970s. This vintage bell-sleeved cardigan has an eye-catching striped pattern, but there's a world of options out there.

Pick out a fun pattern

Although we've already showcased some patterned bell-sleeved sweaters as we've mentioned some of the many ways to wear this look, we would be remiss if we didn't give patterned sweaters with bell sleeves the love they deserve. Beyond stripes, there are many different patterned bell-sleeve sweaters on the market, and we love this one from Wrangler.