What To Wear To Be The Chicest On The Ski Slopes

If you're planning on hitting the ski slopes at some point before winter comes to an end, apart from being safe and avoiding injury, you'll also want to make sure that you're skiing in style. To do that, naturally, you're going to want to pick out the right outfit. (Look, nobody ever said that participating in winter sports has to stop you from being fashionable. You will want to make sure that you're wearing the right gear, though!)

Whether you're going skiing on a date for your first skiing experience or you're a seasoned skier who makes sure to hit the slopes on the regular, be sure to check out the looks that we've rounded up from Instagram to provide you with some snowy fashion inspiration. These outfits might not be straight from the runway, because they have to be a bit more utilitarian than that, but consider this piece your guide to fashion — skiing edition.

Go for a classic ski look

If you're going skiing, your focus might be on the sport more than the "see and be seen" element that leads many to flock to ski resorts in the wintertime. Worry less about the colors or patterns on what you're wearing and trust that it will look good, like this purple and white look that might not be conventionally fashionable but definitely gets the job done

Pick something with a preppy side

Ready to ski and ready to prove that your attention to detail doesn't stop when it comes to what you're wearing on the slopes? Check out this snowsuit with a preppy black-and-white houndstooth pattern. We can't blame you if you decide that you want to take more photos instead of skiing.

Wear something with a wild side

If you want to make sure that your look stands out on the slopes and that you remain visible to others, a great way to do that would be with a less traditional pattern. To illustrate our point, we have pictured this look that features a very bold geometric all-over print.

Think pink on the slopes

If you're someone who loves pink above anything else, we can assure you that skiing doesn't mean that you have to give up your favorite color. Just take this light pink look as an example of that. The snowsuit is also giving us some serious Barbiecore vibes with the holographic element to the fabric, giving it an on-trend edge for this season.

Blend in with the snow

Depending on the conditions in which you're skiing, blending in with your surroundings may not be advisable. If it is safe for you to do so, though, another fashionable option is to go for a totally monochromatic look and dress in all white, as is the case for the skier we've pictured here.

Add some contrast in black

On the opposite side of the spectrum (and equally as classy as going for an all-white look), you could opt for an all-black ensemble for your ski trip. Like the skier shown here, you can rest assured that your outfit won't clash with anyone or anything while you're enjoying yourself on the slopes.

Shine bright with a metallic

You'll definitely want to wear your ski goggles for this last look, but there's no doubt that you'll be an eye-catching sight in a totally metallic outfit while out on the ski slopes. The individual we've pictured here is ready for snowboarding in a silver metallic suit, but whichever sport you do, you know you'll be rocking it in style.