What To Know About The Viral Lucky Girl Syndrome Trend And How To Make It Work For You

In today's world, it seems like there's a new TikTok trend every day. For instance, the mewing TikTok trend focuses on carefully positioning your tongue in your mouth to transform your jawline without surgery. Then there's the super relatable 'Dating Wrapped' trend on TikTok, where many people shared their — often unpleasant — dating statistics and stories from 2022, such as date activities and dating apps, and why those dates didn't lead to anything more long-term. And we can't forget about TikTok's frazzled English woman trend, which is surprisingly just mainly about dressing in quirky, cool-weather outfits.

Seeing so many trends pop up on social media every five minutes might seem overwhelming and can make them all seem to run together, taking the appeal away from discovering new TikTok trends. But we were naturally intrigued by the Lucky Girl Syndrome; how could we resist learning more about how to be luckier?

Primarily, it's about believing that you're lucky

The Lucky Girl Syndrome is probably significantly less complicated than you'd expect. You don't have to do anything different with your tongue, make presentations about your dating life, or even wear specific clothes; this trend is more about your mindset than anything else.

In a viral video with over 700,000 likes by TikTok user @skzzolno, two girls explained how they suddenly became luckier when they started genuinely believing that everything would work out for them in college after feeling inspired by a TikTok about affirmations. One of the girls said, "in our new apartment, we both wanted the bottom bedrooms because there were two bedrooms on the bottom, two on the top... but we were like, 'we want our new roommates to also have what they want,' so we were like, 'everything just works out for us.'" After consistently saying that affirmation, the new roommates offered to give those girls the bottom bedrooms they initially wanted. The girls continued to keep up that happy-go-lucky — or more like lucky-go-lucky — attitude, and life has been going well for them ever since.

Meanwhile, a @hothighpriestess, a TikToker who makes many videos about manifestation, posted a TikTok explaining that all you have to do to be super lucky is believe that you're already lucky, as this follows the law of assumption — how something you genuinely think will happen eventually will come true.

Consistently believe in yourself

So, what do people outside TikTok think of the Lucky Girl Syndrome? "It's important to clarify that there is no scientific evidence that affirmations change reality. [But] what we know from Cognitive Behavioral research is that when you change how you think about something, it changes how you feel ... If affirmations help you feel better, it is likely they are helping you interpret your reality in a more positive light (rather than causing good things to happen)," Amanda Cassil, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, founder of STEM Psychological Services, and author, told Elite Daily. So, no, the Lucky Girl Syndrome isn't magic. However, using this trend to think about life more positively can help you feel luckier, leading to a happier and more enjoyable life.

Furthermore, you shouldn't expect to feel any effects from the Lucky Girl Syndrome in an instant. Getting frustrated when everything doesn't immediately go well for you right away can defeat the purpose of this positivity-based trend, so try to be patient. According to YourTango, you should keep up the attitude for around a month before looking for results and continue believing in yourself and looking at life with an optimistic mindset if you want this to work.