Easy Tips For Transitioning The Coquette Aesthetic To Winter

If you're a fan of the coquette fashion trend, you might be a little concerned about whether or not you can retain your cutesy, ultra-feminine style now that winter has moved in across the northern hemisphere. Can a look that relies so heavily upon skirts, dresses, and delicate lace survive several months of snow, slush, ice, and frigid temperatures? If TikTok is any indication, the answer is a resounding yes. Users like @Elliesclosetx have posted get-ready-with-me guide videos focused specifically on tweaking the aesthetic for winter.

A few small swaps are all you need to keep rocking the girlish coquette look all winter long. You don't even have to ditch your dresses. Here is a list of the simple winter staples you may want to consider adding to your shopping list if your goal is to make it to spring without sacrificing your favorite style or ending up with frostbite. 

Fuzzy earmuffs

Earmuffs are already considered a staple by many a coquette girl. Now, they can serve a functional purpose as well. Stick to pairs that are white, pastel, or pink to nail the aesthetic. Pairs that feature faux fur, bows, or ribbons will offer bonus points towards achieving your dream look. 

Pastel coats

There comes a point every winter when wearing a coat outside is no longer optional. When you reach that point in your area, there's no reason to worry that outwear has to ruin your look. Embrace a classic feminine pea coat in a delicate pastel shade to get you through the cold. 

Soft corduroy

If lace isn't quite cutting it this chilly and windy winter, consider embracing corduroy for the rest of the colder season. While this material is thick and structured, it still offers a soft, fuzzy feeling to the touch. It's also available in all sorts of colors and patterns for your matching pleasure. 

Warm fur

Fur is quite literally the warmest material ever discovered by mankind (via Marc Kaufman Furs). Whether you utilize it as a boot, hat, or coat option, fur is soft, light, delicate looking, and extremely warm. There is no better option for staying warm while representing coquette fashion. If you're opposed to wearing fur, of course, there are many synthetic substitutions available. 

Leg warmers

Leg warmers are no longer relegated to 1980s workout videos. These cozy little accessories can now warm up your legs while matching your sweater. When you're not outside, fold them down over your boots or shoes to create a cute rouging effect, then pull them back up when you get chilly again. 

Fleece-lined tights

Fleece-lined tights and leggings are a godsend for the coquette trend and similar aesthetics that covet dresses and skirts. These genius inventions allow you to leave your ideal outfit largely unchanged while you secretly enjoy the fact that your tights are insulated and warm as can be. For the ultimate in quality and function, try a pair of figure skating tights. 

Cozy hats

While earmuffs seem to get most of the attention in the world of coquette fashion, there is room on the scene for hats as well. While a white or pastel cable knit stocking cap with a puffball would certainly fit the bill, consider other options as well. Branching out with a fun fuzzy bucket hat might be all you need to shake up your style. 

Cute boots

There's nothing worse than walking around with snow melting inside your shoe. When the white powder starts to accumulate on the ground, it's time to trade in your mary janes for boots. To stay true to the coquette style, skip the heels and go with a soft boot with fur, bows, or ribbon detailing. 

Sweater dresses

Sweaters are a staple of the coquette aesthetic and a staple of basic winter fashion. Why not skip the step of matching one with the perfect skirt, and go with a one-piece solution? Combine your dainty sweater dress with leg warmers, earmuffs, cozy boots, warm tights, and a fur coat, and you're ready to rock the winter coquette style.