The Zodiac Signs That Are Always Attentively Listening

Being a great listener is one of the best skills anyone can have. Some benefits of good listening skills are learning new information, typically being well-liked, and sometimes even receiving opportunities (via Success Consciousness). So, it pays off to listen well to others, whether a friend calls you to talk at night, you're at a meeting at work, or you're in a big group at a party. Plus, it's always enjoyable to spend time with good listeners. For instance, having a friend with good listening skills means that you'll always have someone to talk to, and they will genuinely be listening to what you're saying rather than just nodding along without paying attention. Moreover, being in a romantic relationship with a good listener is excellent, too. There's nothing more relaxing and soothing than coming home to a partner who will listen to you vent about your stressful day.

While someone's zodiac sign isn't an automatic determiner of whether or not they have good listening skills, some signs tend to be naturally attentive listeners.

Caring Cancer

Born between June 21 and July 22, Cancers typically have impressive listening skills and genuinely enjoy listening to others. "This nurturing water sign has the willingness to help because it would be against their nature if they did not give their time and emotional support to those they care about. They're always listening intently to what others need," Linda Berry, a spiritual coach/astrologer, told Bustle.

According to Co-Star, people belonging to the Cancer sign often help others with their issues and are natural caretakers, so you can expect a Cancer to listen to you when you talk about your problems for hours on end — then they'll probably give you a warm hug after. However, people shouldn't take advantage of this sweet sign. While it may be tempting to dump all your trauma on a Cancer because of their attentive listening, you shouldn't forget that they have a lot of feelings too, and it isn't fair to constantly vent to them without doing anything nice for them in return. At the end of the day, Cancer will typically always be there for you when you need them, so you should make an effort to be there for them, too, even if they aren't asking you for anything.

Thoughtful Scorpio

While Scorpios might seem mysterious and intense at first sight, people belonging to this sign tend to be excellent listeners and very helpful, per Astrofame. Scorpios have birthdays between October 23 and November 21 and will likely be willing to help you no matter what time it is without complaining. Furthermore, you can expect them to lift your spirits and snap you out of your mopey mood if you seem in a funk.

"A highly spiritual Scorpio can see other people's shortcomings, psychological weaknesses, and lower programs of their subconscious ... If you start heeding Scorpions' words, you have a great opportunity to become better, combat your lower principles, and get rid of the burden of your past," Alice Alta, an astrologer, told BestLife. Therefore, not only will a Scorpio listen to you, but they'll probably analyze what you're saying to the point where they dissect the conversation enough to help you through advice. Such a thoughtful sign will devote significant energy to their conversions, and they will likely find listening more enjoyable than talking unless they have something meaningful to say.

Social Gemini

We know you're probably shocked to see chatty Geminis on this list. However, Geminis have many excellent qualities that frequently get overlooked because of all the stigma surrounding the sign. Geminis are famously outgoing people, so of course, they typically love to talk; however, they often like listening just as much as talking — or at least almost as much (via Pinkvilla). Since you can expect pretty much anyone belonging to the Gemini sign to be such a people person, they'll likely enjoy every aspect of a conversation, whether talking or listening. Thus, as long as they're involved in the discussion, they'll probably be happy.

Born between May 21 and June 20, people belonging to this air sign tend to be curious people who hate feeling lonely and bored, per Zodiacsign. That ultra-curious mindset will make Geminis naturally good listeners, as they don't even have to try to listen to be nice but because they're genuinely interested in the conversation. And because of that despise of boredom and loneliness, we can't imagine any Gemini who would turn down the chance to listen to anyone and give some advice.

Helpful Libras

With birthdays between September 23 and October 22, Libras are often outgoing people who crave happiness and harmony. "Being an air sign and ruled by the planet Venus, they can be very intent listeners and also creative in the ways they assist in helping others. Their idealistic personality lends to wanting to listen and serve in any way they can, especially when it concerns relationships close to them," Linda Berry told Bustle.

According to Astrofame, people belonging to the Libra sign typically want everyone around them to be happy, so Libras will gladly listen to everyone and do whatever it takes to see their loved ones smile. So, if you call a Libra bestie after a rough day, that Libra probably won't hang up the phone until you're in a significantly better mood. Or, if you have a hilarious story from your last night out and want to share it, your Libra roommate will probably enjoy hearing every detail and laugh with you throughout the story. Furthermore, a Libra partner will likely listen to you attentively and give you advice whenever you want or need it.

Empathetic Pisces

Last but not least, Pisces are super caring people who enjoy taking on the listener role. "Pisces are known for being born psychologists, so they like to listen to other people's problems. Plus, Fish are very compassionate, so if you open your heart to them, they will be happy to help you," Alice Alta told BestLife. That empathetic attitude and deep thinking make Pisces the perfect listeners in any scenario. Therefore, they won't criticize you for what you tell them during any conversation; they'll likely listen carefully and try to help.

Born between February 19 and March 20, Pisces are some of the most warmhearted people you will ever meet, so you can count on any Pisces in your life to genuinely listen to everything you say during a conversation. Many times, you won't even have to ask them to be a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on — they pick up on when you want that extra support, and they'll be there for you, per Pinkvilla. And since this zodiac sign can get emotional, you won't have to hide your tears or pretend to be tough in front of them because they'll likely relate to your various feelings.