Hair Crimping Is Back. Here's How To Modernize The Look

The celebrities and it-girls of today have something special in common with those from the '90s and early aughts. No, it's not their on-fire fashion choices or bold and playful makeup (although that's true too). It's the hair. Yes, most hairstyles from then have made their way back on the heads of fashion models, Hollywood actresses, pop icons, and influencers of today, but one hairstyle in specific is back and better than ever: crimped hair. Seen on Gigi Hadid, Katy Perry, Shay Mitchell, and Ariana Grande, the crimping hairstyle has returned with a "chic and modern twist," according to More.

While the fashion icons of the '90s and Y2K would probably scratch their gorgeous heads at the concept of hashtags and TikTok, the fact that #HairCrimping on the powerhouse video-sharing app has gathered over 9 million views shows that you don't have to be a Hollywood starlet to recreate the iconic look. Although, you could get away with copying and pasting the exact crimped looks of the past, since most quintessential hairstyles from the early aughts spiky buns to Baby Spice pigtails are in full swing today, there are modern twists to the crimped style that we'd love to share. Grab your crimper, and let's go!

Wild and free with the bangs slicked down

A polished twist on the fluffy crimped hairstyle demands the bangs to be slicked down and, of course, in a middle part. The style brings a contemporary edge to the nostalgic 'do that's perfect for those who love to let loose with their hair down. This look was shared by Australian-based beauty salon @totallookhairandbeauty, and we're obsessed.

Classic half-up hairdo

When two beloved hairstyles come together in holy matrimony, we get the crimped half-up hairdo. The perfect love affair between two iconic styles, the crimped half-up hairstyle takes a chic twist to an otherwise simple look. Leave the bangs down, as seen in an Instagram post by @bluxury_store, or secure the entire hair up in the pony for a sleek look.

Fun and playful space buns

A hairstyle for all lengths, space buns have been a fan favorite for people of any age. From elementary school to adulthood, we can't help but love the look. And when crimps are added? Even better. Check out the look by content creator @woothatgirl on Instagram, who shows off a half-up space bun style with fun and playful crimped ends.

Side-swept mane

Take that crimped hairstyle all the way, and rock it in all its wild glory. While styling the crimped hair in different 'dos adds a fun touch, wearing it all down is a surefire way to give a voluminous look. For even more lift, style the hair in a side-swept fashion, like health and beauty creator @glambyannieaan, as seen in a gorgeous and glowy Instagram photo.

Two half-up French braids

We've already established our adoration for the crimped half-up hairstyle, but this modern twist involves sleek French braids that never go out of style, so of course, it made the list. The braids add dimension to the hairstyle, giving the eye a lot to look at (in the best way!). Feast your eyes on @bevelsalon201's Instagram post depicting the half-up French braid crimped style.

Mini braids scattered throughout crimped locks

While we're on the topic of braids, this crimped look with mini braids scattered throughout, shared by @byceliarose on Instagram, is everything with a capital E. It's giving Christina Aguilera in her Y2K era, and it's definitely what a girl wants. Ideal for those who prefer to wear their hair down with a fun pop, the mini braids add depth and liveliness to the look 

Tousled for a sultry bedhead vibe

There's nothing spicier (and trendier) than an undone bedhead vibe with the hair all down and tousled, and lifestyle blogger @missoliviak serves with this look posted on Instagram. The crimps are loose and oversized, adding to that va-va-voom effect. For a classy finish, part the hair down the middle. Pro tip: If you want to recreate this look, avoid the small crimps and opt for a bigger-barreled crimper.

Sleek yet wild low pony

Nailing a sleek ponytail is a chic and sophisticated choice, but that doesn't mean the ends of the ponytail have to be boring. In fact, liven up the hairdo with wild and crazy crimps. Canada-based hair salon @beardandbardot posted a photo on Instagram showcasing this sleek yet untamed look. The best part of this hairdo is you can customize the amount of teasing you apply to the pony to fit your style, whether "the bigger the better" is your motto or you prefer a toned-down version.

Voluminous half-up single bun

To give your crimped locks even more volume, throw the hair up in a half-up bun, making sure you pull at the bun and top of your hair for extra oomph. Lifestyle blogger @bresheppard shared a snap of her long bob in a half-up crimped bun hairstyle, flashing a toothy grin at the camera. And honestly, we can't help but smile while looking at this 'do too, or any of the crimped styles we collected, for that matter. Britney and Christina would be so proud.