How To Put An Updated Spin On The '60s, Sharp-Lined Makeup Trend

If you find yourself inspired by memorable looks from the past, then you're certainly not alone. For instance, consider the styles from the mod-motivated, hippy-filled, swinging '60s. Even professionals adore this particular fashion-loving period, with celebrity makeup artist Jo Baker telling The Zoe Report, "The era is an endless inspiration for me. The stark, bold, and playful shapes and tones always lure me in [as well as the] exaggerated femininity and almost cartoon-like artfulness."

That sentiment seems to be shared by celebrity makeup artist Ash K. Holm, who has worked with notably fashionable stars like Ariana Grande and Maude Apatow. Holm told The Zoe Report, "I have pulled inspiration from the '60s for as long as I can remember." That's because it's a period that boasted enviable style-savvy looks that you may want to capture, like cotton candy-colored blush and dramatic lashes. That's not to mention both eyeliner that hovers above expected places as well as sleek winged eyeliner. As Holm admitted, "Anything with a cut crease, bold lines, and interesting eyelashes has my attention."

If that's something that you can relate to, then you might be interested in ways to rock a chic contemporary look with a fabulously retro vibe. That might include figuring out how to put your own updated spin on the '60s sharp-lined makeup trend.

Nail negative space eyeliner

Take your '60s-inspired style up a notch by extending your liner. After creating a sharp wing that's as short or as long as you prefer — although, in this case, longer might be better — bring the line back in to swoop across the top of your lid either part of the way or fully extended to the inner corner of your eye. Beyond that, leave the area between the lines free from color or fill it with a shade that's different from the liner in order to enhance the negative space and create a chic contemporary look.

Opt for downturned retro eyeliner

A twist on the retro sharp eyeliner trend that can be as dramatic as you like, downturned wings can create a unique look that's truly striking. Using the same technique as a typical winged liner, all you need to do is turn the flick down at the edge of your eye instead of upward. Make the look even more extreme, and perhaps a little more suitable for a night look or a funky event, by adding a downturned flick at the inner corner of your eye, on the bottom line, or both.

Double-up your winged eyeliner

If you love winged eyeliner, then you might think that double-winged liner is twice as nice. While applying a typical cat-eye look, make sure that the flick isn't low on the outer corner of your eye. This will give you enough room to add another flick just underneath that extends out from the bottom of your eye. Make the lines as perfectly parallel as you can, and either make them the same width or make the bottom one slightly thinner. You can also play around with keeping the wings the same length or making one longer.

Boost it with bottom flicks

Give your look a boost with the help of liner flicks on the bottom of your eye. Mimicking the beyond-bold lashes that were popular in the '60s, you can opt for just one or two additional lines, or you can fill the entire area on your lower lash line. To achieve this effect, keep your first line a bit lower than you might normally before creating the same shape beneath it and leaving spaces in between each line. Put on a little mascara or opt for oversized fake lashes if you're feeling extravagant.

Create black-and-white cat-eye liner

Give your look a vintage-inspired modern-mod aesthetic with the help of black-and-white eye makeup. First, opt for a distinctively retro look that's also wonderfully trendy like a strong black cat-eye liner with fierce matching laches, then add a bold touch of white liner on your lower lash line. Accentuate the effect even further by placing the white shade on your water line and popping a black liner beneath it. This will have a stunning result while also offering you the added benefit of making your eyes look bigger.

Enhance with contemporary color

Although using colorful makeup to enhance a sharp-lined look wasn't unheard of back in the '60s and was, in fact, often a part of era-appropriate makeup routines, cosmetics have come a long way since then. Nowadays, you can choose from a seemingly endless range of soft shades or highly pigmented colors to craft the kind of look that you'd like. You can also apply added hues using your eyeshadow or lashes while opting for fresh methods like corner-eye highlighting or blended gradient effects. That's not to mention colors that glitter, shine, or are marvelously matte.

Accessorize your sharp eyeliner

If you nail your super-sleek eyeliner but feel like your look still needs something a little more to suit a party or special occasion, then you might want to try adding a few facial accessories for a fun modern spin on the style. From faux jewels and metallic pieces to sticker-like shapes and handcrafted beads, there is definitely a fair share of options available. Each one offers its own unique flair which might be the perfect finishing touch to the look that you've created on your eyes.