The Best Makeup Looks To Pair With A White Dress

Whether dressing up for a party, a night out, a casual lunch, or hopefully not a wedding unless you're the bride, wearing a white dress is a beautiful and classic choice. Something delicate and ethereal about the staple piece gives off an angel goddess vibe that we love. Although the fashion police encourage you to reserve your white dress for the warmer months, many don't care if it's before or after Labor Day to rock a white ensemble – especially since that outdated rule is often viewed as "unconvincing" and "classist," according to Marie Claire.

Nevertheless, whether it's January or June, rocking a white dress is always in style, especially when paired with a gorgeous makeup look. If you're a fashionista beauty lover who enjoys coordinating your makeup looks with your wardrobe, you may wonder what looks pair best with a white dress. Considering the neutral color gives you never-ending freedom depending on your personal style and preference, there's no right or wrong answer! That said, we gathered some of the best makeup looks you can pair with your white dress to live your angel goddess dreams.

Red lips to channel your inner Marilyn Monroe

A timeless makeup choice to pair with your white dress is, of course, a bold and classic red lip. The red lip and white dress combo is the quintessential Marilyn Monroe look we all know and love today. Even though Red lipstick is always a good idea, it's best worn with neutral-colored outfits so that the red lip can be the focal point of the look without clashing too much with other colors in the ensemble. It gives just the right amount of pop while remaining chic, as seen in an Instagram photo by beauty blogger @sofyeu93. She paired the look with a neutral smokey eye to keep the focus on that bold lip.

Soft rosy glow

A soft glowy makeup look seems to go hand-in-hand with a white dress. Complete with rosy cheeks and a pretty pink pout to match, this look by @disharohatgi on Instagram is the perfect subtle yet structured makeup look to coordinate with a pearly white dress. She kept the eye makeup minimal, with a soft touch of eyeliner and mascara, giving a "your face but better" vibe. With this look, you'll want to focus mainly on the blush application, ensuring the apples of the cheeks are dusted with a pink shade. Complete the look with big bouncy curls to take that angelic look one step further.

Popping white liner to match

Match your white dress with your makeup, and reach for a blinding white eyeliner. Not only will it give a cohesive look, but white eyeliner in the waterline is a tried-and-true makeup artist trick for making the eyes pop and appear larger and brighter. You can even add some white shadow or highlighter to the inner corner for extra oomph, as @haileykolodychuk did in her gorgeous New Year's Eve Instagram post. Keep the rest of the look subtle with a neutral lip, or step outside the box and reach for a fun-colored lip for a pop of color.

Amp up your white dress with a sultry black smokey eye

If you want to add some va-va-voom to your white dress, look no further than an intense black smokey eye. For those who love a bit of drama and prefer to keep the look anything but natural, a classic black smokey eye is the perfect addition to a white dress, just like @maa.joa__ rocks in a snap shared on Instagram. Since a black smokey eye can be dramatic, depending on how much shadow and liner are applied, opt for a nude lip to keep the look balanced.

No-makeup makeup meets soft glam

Perhaps you want a no-makeup makeup look with a slight pop of color. Introducing: the no-makeup makeup soft glam look. This look by @sarahfleifel in her Instagram photo depicts it perfectly. Her makeup look is soft and subtle, but you can also tell she's wearing makeup, which is why it's the perfect no-makeup makeup soft glam hybrid. When paired with a white dress, the overall look screams angel from above. A coat of mascara, glossy pink lips, and a glowy, full-coverage complexion is a winning combination

Full glam queen

One of the best makeup looks to pair with a white dress is a full glam look, complete with snatched contour, bold smokey eyes, falsies, and a glossy lip. Since white dresses are practically a blank slate, you have the freedom to go all the way with your makeup. Why not? Take it as far as you can go, like @roxaneee_b, who finished the alluring look with sleek-straight hair. Now, getting your white dress on your body without it touching your painted face is a whole different topic. Best of luck!