The Sweater-Tucking Hack That Will Give You A Polished Look

Taking your outfit from passable to polished is only one shirt tuck away, which is especially true if you're wearing a sweater. Don't get us wrong — there's nothing sinful about rocking a baggy and loose sweater. In fact, your favorite oversized sweater is a staple piece that can be chic when styled correctly. But sometimes, you just need to give that sweater a tuck to elevate the ensemble. You can try to shove the ends of your chunky sweater into your pants, but that may give an undesired bulky look. Plus, what if you want to pair your sweater with a thin dress or skirt?

That's where a wardrobe-saving sweater-tucking hack comes in. With this hack, which is having a major fashion moment all over social media, as seen in a TikTok video by @stylehard, achieving the sweater-tucked look is simple (and so genius). All you have to do is secure a belt on top of your sweater and around your waist where you want the tuck to be. Then, simply pull at the sweater above the belt enough to cover it, giving that perfectly polished tuck look. Think of all the trendy outfits you can put together! We've got you covered with some ideas — here are five stylish ways to use the sweater tucking hack to elevate your look.

Tuck your sweater over a flowy sundress

Get the most out of your sundresses by wearing them not only when the sun is out, but during the chillier months as well. And this sweater-tucking hack is heroic when it comes to nailing a sweater over-a-dress look, since there's no possible way to tuck a sweater into a dress. You can place the belt on top of the sweater to achieve the tucked look, or put the belt directly on the dress and fold it upward like lifestyle vlogger @thebalancedmama did in a TikTok video. A sweater and sundress pairing is a major go-to ensemble for those breezy yet sunny days.

Layered look with jeans

This hack is perfect for the casual fashionistas who love to rock a sweater and jeans. You could leave the sweater as-is for a super relaxed vibe or follow in the footsteps of fashion blogger @rach.bristow, who in an Instagram post showcased a tucked sweater with a white long-sleeve underneath for that in-style layered look. She even used the sweater-tucking hack, as noted in her caption, which reads in part, "Hacks like that help you change up your pieces you have without having to purchase new ones for slightly different looks." Preach, Rach.

Mix and match prints for a fashion-forward vibe

Mixing prints is a fun way to bring a lively and stylish vibe to your look. Not only that, but it's so trendy and chic! If doing so stresses you out, take a peek at this Instagram snap shared by fashionista @bresheppard, who played with neutral colors and simple mixed patterns to achieve a cohesive look. Her cheetah print sweater dress is tucked in, which elevates the look even more. If you're a pattern-mixing novice, try sticking to pieces with the same shade range, and keep at least one pattern simple to avoid overwhelming yourself.

Refine that loose sweater dress

If you own a long, baggy, and ill-fitting sweater dress that gives you no shape, resist the urge to toss or donate it. This sweater-tucking hack is perfect for giving shape and dimension to the ensemble. You can even use a string instead of a belt, like content creator @laurenlovelessss did in a TikTok video. She uses the belt-tucking idea with a string around her waist to cinch that dress for a defined look. Complete the outfit with knee-high boots and an oversized jacket.

Super cropped and casual

Take this hack one step further and secure the belt high up on the waist for a super cropped look, like @oliviabynature in an Instagram post. This look is perfect for thin sweaters that already have a slight crop to them. When paired with casual jeans and tennis shoes, the overall vibe is relaxed yet thoughtfully put together, proving to us all that the sweater-tucking hack is the ultimate fashionista trick to taking your outfit to the next level.