5 Ways To Style Your Favorite Oversized Sweaters Through The Chilliest Months

It's officially oversized sweater season! If you're anything like us, once the first leaf falls, you're in the attic digging out all of your favorite sweaters. Comfort is key in this era, and nothing says comfort quite like a sweater that is 10x too large. Plus, oversized sweaters are currently considered much more trendy and fashion-forward than traditional sweatshirts.

Slouchy doesn't mean sloppy and unfashionable. Though they may seem simple, the basic silhouette of the oversized sweater can be styled in a variety of ways creating a high-fashion look. From Balenciaga to the local Goodwill, oversized sweaters are easy to find in almost any color, pattern, or material. The oversized sweater is a staple in our wardrobes that will truly never go out of style, though this year– anything baggy seems to be extra trendy.

Celebrities like Hailey Bieber have been known for killer oversized sweater looks, and there's nothing stopping you from joining them! Here are five easy ways to style your favorite oversized sweaters on those chilly fall days.

1. Over a collared button-down

If you are going for a preppy look this fall, consider styling your oversized sweater over a collared button-down (via Instagram). This is also a great way to make the oversized sweater trend more business casual. Not only is the look stylish, but it is also practical. If you are looking for a way to avoid carrying around a jacket in early fall, layering with a sweater is a great alternative that will still keep you warm.

2. With leggings

Perhaps the most common way to style oversized sweaters is with a basic pair of black leggings. Though you can make this look anything but basic, and you can even have fun with print leggings when wearing a solid sweater color. The slim fit of the leggings pairs great with the bagginess of the sweater, creating a balanced look (via MasterClass). To add extra elements to this look, consider adding lots of jewelry or even trying a pair of black leather leggings, like the trendy Spanx Faux Leather Leggings.

3. With a midi skirt

For a modest, business casual look, style your favorite oversized sweater with a fashionable midi skirt. If you are looking for a more shaping way to style your sweater with a midi skirt, half-tuck your oversized sweater into the midi skirt or upwards into your bra. This will help separate the pieces. On the other hand, if you are looking for an all-over baggy fit, leave the sweater untucked and allow it to drape down (via Instagram).

4. As a dress

Nothing screams fall like a sweater dress and boots. Channel your inner Ariana Grande by re-creating the look for yourself (via Instagram). Create your own sweater dress by wearing a belted oversized sweater with your favorite pair of thigh-high boots. This is a classic look that can be dressed up or down, so no matter if you're headed out for a girl's night or simply going on a Target run, this look will be both cozy and fashion-forward.

5. With a mini skirt

Oversized doesn't have to mean unflattering at all. Half-tuck an oversized sweater into a super short mini skirt for a flirty, collegiate fall look (via Instagram). Accessories can also add a new element to the oversized sweater look. We love a wide-brim hat, mini bag, and plaid scarf for a cute fall date look. If it's cold outside, style with tights and knee-high boots for extra warmth. This offers up the perfect look for the pumpkin patch!