How To Use A Bobby Pin To Simply Apply Eyeliner

If your go-to eye makeup look includes a fabulous touch of eyeliner, then you might be interested in finding an eyeliner hack that makes the application as easy as possible. Fortunately, there are quite a few handy-dandy options on TikTok that you can choose from depending on the exact kind of result you're hoping to achieve and what products or tools you have available to you.

For instance, you could try to use a beauty sponge along with a liquid liner which will leave a relatively faint impression that can be a guide for creating the perfect wing. You can also opt for a technique that uses powder and eyeshadow along with eyeliner, or a method that will see you switching up the order that you pop on both your liner and your lashes to craft a sharp cat-eye effect.

While each one of these ideas might help you improve your makeup application as well as cut down on the time you spend doing your eyes, we happen to have another tip for simply applying eyeliner with something that you very likely have or can easily grab from a local store. We're referring to a bobby pin. That's right: a bobby pin that might end up being your new favorite tool in your makeup kit.

This bobby pin eyeliner hack is quick and easy

Online makeup lovers might have spotted a particularly popular video from Nafia Khan, or @docnafiakhan as she's known on TikTok, who offered a tutorial showing her followers how to use a bobby pin to apply eyeliner. The technique is not only incredibly straightforward and only takes a few seconds to complete, but it also makes things easier by giving you a sturdy tool to use thanks to the fact that the bobby pin won't bend like the softer liquid liner tip.

First, you'll need to take a bobby pin and open it up so that it's no longer fully bent and pinched together. Now, take the flat end and apply a little liquid liner to the small bulb that sits at the tip of the bobby pin. Gently place this on the inner corner of your eye near your tear duct. Once you have it in place, pull it out slightly while drawing a line. Quickly lift it when you reach the end to hopefully leave you with a fine point. Next, add more liner to your bobby pin — potentially adding product to the bar of the pin as well if needed — and do the same on the outer corner of your eye.

If that doesn't quite work for you, then don't give up yet! There are two other ways to use a bobby pin to put on eyeliner that you will surely want to try.

Use the bobby pin other ways to apply eyeliner

If the first bobby pin hack didn't work for you, then you might want to try out another version instead. One option comes again from Nafia Khan. Just like you did before, grab a bobby pin and open it so that it's now extended. This time around, don't open it quite so wide and instead leave a curve in the bent end. Now, apply a liquid or gel liner to the curve and use this section to draw on your wings or cat-eye flicks. Although the lines that were created may not be as sharp as they were when the previous bobby pin method was used, you could perhaps apply a little more product to the pin before applying or go over the line a few times until it's darker, thicker, and more prominent.

Finally, TikTok user Maliayosuf has a third way of using a bobby pin for eyeliner that doesn't involve unbending it. All you need to do is apply liner to the V part of the pin and then press that against the outer corner of your eye. After that, fill in the space between the two lines to create a cat-eye look.

Whatever method you end up using, we have no doubt that this bobby pin eyeliner hack is worth a shot and might be your new favorite way to quickly and easily apply your makeup.