The Most Romantic Nail Art Ideas For Valentine's Day 2023

Whether you regularly do your nails at home, have a standing appointment with your local nail salon, or simply love to indulge in the occasional manicure, theme nails are always a fun way to celebrate any holiday. Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that lets you get fun, flirty, and romantic with your nail art but it also lets you get creative.

Valentine's Day manicures used to consist of a solid red or pink polish, but now nail artists are creating some incredible designs that will provide you with endless inspiration. And while red and pink are still the dominant colors of the holiday, there are lots of different options as well if you'd rather go for something a little bit different.

If you're sad to say goodbye to your New Year's nails, don't worry! We have compiled the most romantic nail art ideas for Valentine's Day 2023. The hardest part will be choosing which design you like the best.

Pink and red reverse French

This modern take on a classic French manicure by celebrity manicurist Betina Goldstein is simply stunning. Recreate this look at home or at the salon by giving your cherry red manicure a micro-French tip in pale pink polish, and painting the half-moons at your cuticle in the same pale pink. This is simple yet oh-so-sexy. 

Sacred heart

Who says an accent nail must be your ring finger? We love how Betina Goldstein hand-painted this sacred heart on the thumb, perfectly complimenting the otherwise clean, red manicure. Nail art can be subtle while still making a big impact. If your painting skills aren't at this level, try using a decal or a stamp to recreate this look. 

Classic red

Red is the star color of Valentine's Day, making this classic red manicure a showstopper. Recreate this French girl manicure that celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik created for actress Michelle Williams by applying your favorite red polish to short, naturally shaped nails. Finish with a gel or gloss topcoat for the ultimate shine. 

Pink French with heart accents

Go for a delicate and sweet look with this fun interpretation of a French manicure with accent nails. This manicure features bubblegum pink tips with two separate accent nails. We love how the pinky nail is painted the same color as the tips, while the ring finger sports a lone, tiny pink heart. 

Gems and hearts

Who doesn't want hearts and diamonds for Valentine's Day? A neutral base coat is accented with two hearts and two faux diamond gems on each nail. This is a look that could be created at home if you're comfortable using nail gems, decals, and stickers, or provide the perfect inspiration to bring to your nail salon. 

White swirls and red hearts

Swirl nails are one of this season's hottest looks so why not add some micro red hearts to create these gorgeous Valentine's Day nails? A nude base on long, square nails is the perfect backdrop for these white swirls. The red hearts add just the right amount of color to create a look that will still be stylish long after Love Day has passed. 

White heart accent nail

Nude nails will always be in style and are perfect for those who prefer a minimalist manicure. They also act as the perfect base for even the most subtle nail art. Show off your Valentine's spirit with a few tiny, white hearts painted on just one accent nail. The look is minimal and chic but still festive at the same time. 

French heart tips

These adorable French heart tips remind us of candy hearts! If you love a themed nail, this manicure is perfect for you. One hand features adorable heart tips in various shades of pink and purple, while the other hand showcases hearts, swirls, and glitter. Combine all the different styles or choose just one for your Valentine's Day manicure. 

French swirl

Pink tips aren't the only twist on this classic French manicure. Just a touch of glitter polish along the base of the tips adds a romantic feel to these nails, but it's the swirl accent nail that truly makes this manicure stand out. This is just enough glitz to be festive without feeling overwhelming, and we love it. 

Pastel hearts

Sure red and pink tend to dominate as polish colors during the month of February, which is why we love how unexpected these pastel hearts are. Go for something different with these nails that feature monochromatic tiny hearts painted on each nail. The best part is this look will also transition perfectly into the Easter season. 

Red and pink with polka dots

This is a great way to update a red and pink manicure. Adding one simple heart on one nail is pretty typical for a Valentine's Day manicure, but we love how this look gets elevated by the addition of the polka dot outline on the ring finger. This is an especially nice way to draw attention to this finger if you're expecting some new jewelry.

Purple ombré

We love the romantic and sexy vibes of an ombré manicure. This look, which opts for a non-traditional purple polish and features white hearts on one accent nail, looks so good on these long, square-shaped tips. The ombré effect really softens the look of this manicure, making it the perfect choice for Valentine's Day.

Tiny heart

We love the look of this classic micro-French nail. This manicure is super-hot right now and is perfect for any occasion or time of the year. The addition of one tiny red heart on the accent nail is the perfect homage to Valentine's Day without overwhelming the look of the manicure.

Pink hearts

Make a statement by adding these muted pink hearts to your nude manicure. Choose the shade of pink you love for this nail art, but we recommend this mauvy-nude shade because it's subtle enough to blend in but cute enough to be festive! Long nails with rounded square tips give you enough room to place these hearts just below the tips.

Chocolate and hearts

Chocolate is a must-have on Valentine's Day, and the tasty treat definitely inspired this manicure. Substitute the traditional red and pink nail colors for this rich, sparkling chocolate hue. A creamy nude accent nail and a hint of gold glitter make for a sophisticated and stunning manicure. This look will also transition beautifully after the holiday is over.

Heart vibes

If you love Valentine's Day then this is the nail art for you. This is a cute twist on the French manicure, with red, pink, and white hearts painted near the tip of the nail. While this design would look adorable on any length of nails, we love how this short, rounded shape showcases the hearts so sweetly.

Pink French tip with hearts

The French manicure works so well for themed nails because it's so versatile. Although a Barbie-pink tip would look super cute on its own, this Valentine's Day manicure added red hearts and silver gems to take this look over the top. The long, stiletto shape allows enough space to really play up the theme of the holiday.

Classic red with hearts

You don't have to sacrifice a design just because you like to keep your nails short and naturally shaped. This candy apple red polish would look amazing by itself, but we love the addition of two tiny hearts with accent polka dots on two fingers to add just a touch of whimsy to this manicure.

Love messages

These nails are like the grown-up version of those paper Valentine's you'd give to your friends when you were in grade school. Nude nails are painted with a combination of red hearts and classic messages of love. Painting "be mine" on your ring finger is a great way to send a message to someone special.

French with hearts

We love how this nail artist combined French tips with white heart nail art and tear drop-shaped gems to create this romantic look. These long, square-shaped nails feature two fingers with the French tip while the others are painted with a lone, white heart. The gems give off just the right amount of sparkle to let this subtle design shine.

Pale pink and white French

When minimalism meets Valentine's Day! This classic short French manicure with micro tips is stunning on its own, but it's the single white heart on the ring finger that is a sweet and romantic nod to the holiday. The beauty of this design is that it's understated enough to be worn after the holiday without looking out of place.

Go glitter or go home

It's not just the addition of the glitter nail polish that makes us love the look of these nails so much, it's how the deeper shades of red, pink, and burgundy work so well together to give off romantic vibes. The gradient glitter effect on one nail, the full glitter nail, and the heart accent nail all work together to create a truly stunning manicure.

Pink and red hearts

If you just love love and want to let everyone know that you're living in a love bubble, these nails are for you! Long square nails are the perfect canvas for this pink and red French manicure with red hearts painted at the cuticle. The addition of the monogram letter is a romantic touch, especially if you add your sweetheart's initial.

Sweet and subtle

Sometimes the sweetest and most subtle designs make the greatest impact. This short manicure with pale pink tips is simple and gorgeous. Add some tiny heart decals for a quick and easy (not to mention temporary) Valentine's Day manicure or have the hearts painted on for a more permanent look.

Pink chrome and nail art

Chrome nails continue to be one of this year's most coveted nail art trends. This pink chrome manicure is soft and feminine and would be a very festive manicure on its own, but we love how this nail artist added the pink chrome heart on the solid white accent nail to really nail the theme. 

Something blue

Pink and red polish colors may rule the traditional Valentine's Day manicure, but blue is the perfect, unexpected, and romantic polish color to create a design just a bit different. These micro blue tips with one tiny blue heart are perfect for those who like something a little less traditional.

Queen of Hearts

These nails are giving us total Queen of Hearts vibes! It almost feels like we're looking at a deck of cards. The deep red hearts are the perfect accent on this classic French manicure. Medium-length, square tips give the nail artist enough room to really get creative while keeping this look understated.

Black glitter French

It's not hard to tell that the French manicure has had a huge resurgence over the last year or so and nail artists are showing true creativity when experimenting with this style. These black glitter micro tips are an un-traditional Valentine's Day look that exudes Parisian, romantic vibes that you can wear at any time of year. 

Purple hearts

If you love the idea of a themed nail but want something a little less predictable, this purple heart manicure may be just what you're looking for. We love how this nail artist combined a few different styles to create this adorable look and used two different shades of purple to create the heart accents.

Pink and black

Barbiecore pink and jet black combined create a bold yet romantic manicure design. These medium-length almond shape nails showcase this nail art beautifully, and we love how the black accent nails have subtle leopard print designs behind the pink hearts. The combination of these two colors is ideal for anyone who wants to make a statement with their manicure.

Long square French

These nails are stunning! The combination of nude and shimmery white polish always gives off a minimalist, chic vibe but the addition of the heart and dot nail art on the ring finger really ups the romance factor. The long, square shape is perfect to showcase these French tips and accent nails.

Matte pink

Celebrity nail artist Chaun Legend created this gorgeous manicure using complimentary shades of pink polish with a matte finish on long, coffin-shaped nails. Why choose just one shade when there are so many to love? This finish gives "more of the Valentine sugar candy look," Legend told Nylon

Shades of love

You're going to want to bring this picture to your nail artist stat! Have you ever seen anything as lovely as these heart-embossed nails in various shades of pink, red, and white? Adding the embossed hearts to this manicure creates an interesting and 3-dimensional element to an otherwise traditional design.

Sweetheart pastels

Don't these pastel nails remind you of Sweetart candies? These nails prove that pastel polishes aren't just for Easter anymore. If you've been looking for something unique and unexpected for Valentine's Day and are hoping to stay away from the traditional red and white polishes, these almond-shaped nails in a rainbow of pastel colors with 3D nail charms are super sweet.

Hearts and swirls

One of the reasons why abstract swirl manicures are such a popular trend is because there are really no rules when it comes to creating the design and each nail is unique. This nail artist incorporated pink and white swirls with hearts of the same color to create this cute and very on-trend manicure.

Red with a twist

Everyone loves a red manicure for Valentine's Day, but if you've been looking to elevate this classic color with something a bit more festive, look no further. We love how this nail artist used the popular swirl trend to give their own update on this traditional manicure. Swirls and hearts take this look from basic to beautiful.

Pink and white hearts

This manicure leans more on traditional elements of a Valentine's Day manicure but still manages to give us a modern feel. This nail artist opted for a darker shade of pink to contrast with the bright white polish, which gives this manicure a more sophisticated feel than bubblegum or Barbiecore pink.

Pastel swirls

What do you get when you combine a rainbow of pastel polish, trendy swirl designs, and tiny heart nail art? The most adorable Valentine's Day theme nails you could imagine! This is a dreamy, unicorn-inspired, and romantic look that works not only on February 14 but at any time of year.

Negative space hearts

The negative space nail trend has been quietly growing in popularity over the last few years. This concept works so well with this theme nail because instead of painting intricate nail art, this nail artist simply left negative space on one nail in the shape of a heart for a very cool effect.

Sparkle and shine

If you have a special night out planned this Valentine's Day, you'll want your nails to be special too. A stunning white glitter polish is used to create this manicure that is red-carpet ready. Glitter gems accent the nails with the French tip finish that is alternated between the nails with a full coat of polish.

Almond-shaped iridescent hearts

For some people, there's a fine line between just the right amount of sparkle and shine and too much when it comes to their manicures. If you love a little sparkle but still want to keep a minimalist look, try this manicure. The scattering of iridescent sparkles on just the middle finger is a nice addition to this traditional French manicure.

All the hearts

Test out one of the latest nail trends with this gorgeous mani. This trend is called encapsulated nails, which means the tiny iridescent heart decals in various colors are encapsulated under a coat of clear acrylic. For those who live by the mantra that "more is better," this is the nail inspo that you need.

Purple ombre tips

There is a lot going on with this manicure, but we love it all! The ombre purple and pink polish on just half of the tips gives this otherwise neutral manicure the pop of color you want, while the fine white polish outlines and artwork add interest that reflects the Valentine's Day vibe.


Embrace your inner Gossip Girl with these adorable XOXO nails. Valentine's Day is all about love, and that's the message this nail art is sending. You could always use nail stickers to create this look if you're not confident in your artistic capabilities or use a fine line polish to create this look freehand.

Polka-dot perfection

Is there anything more adorable than this mani? The pale pink base and tiny white polka dots would be cute all by themselves, but the addition of glitter hearts is everything! Romantic and feminine, this look has it all. This manicure is perfect for someone who wants to be understated yet extra at the same time.