What's The Difference Between Partial And Full Highlights?

There is nothing quite as refreshing as getting a new hairstyle, cut, or color. Although it's a small alteration to your original look, a new highlight or hair style can make all the difference in your confidence and self-esteem. When deciding on your new look, it can be very difficult to choose exactly what you want before you sit down in your stylist's chair.


The good news is there are many options and trends out there. Your stylist will probably ask you some questions in order to find out what look interests you the most. When you and your stylist discuss your options, you'll want to be educated on the choices you have.

When it comes to highlights, there are so many varieties to choose from. They may ask you if you'd like chunky lights, strandlighting, partial highlights, or full highlights. Since full and partial highlights are the most popular choices people make, knowing the difference can help you leave the hairdresser's shop with exactly what you want. 

The difference between full and partial highlights

As with most categories of beauty, haircare comes with such specific terminology that it can be hard to keep up. Partial highlights only focus on particular areas of your hair, like the face-framing section or the bottom layer of hair (via Hair Adviser). Those who want a more subtle or natural-looking color change should opt for partial highlights rather than full highlights. 


Full highlights, on the other hand, are applied to the whole head. They can simply brighten your hair in a more consistent way or they can bring about a more intense change depending on what shades you choose and their variation from your natural color. Full highlights are ideal for people seeking a fresh, new look no matter how they style their hair. Hairstylists will suggest a full highlight for those who want to make a more dramatic change to their hair than is achieved with partial highlights.

The pros and cons of both

Because there are so many options available in the way of highlights, it is beneficial to learn the pros and cons of each to find out which look suits you best. If you are considering a partial highlight, the benefits are great. Partial highlights add texture and depth to the hairstyle and there is less chance of damaging the hair through excessive bleach. Naturally, partial highlights tend to cost less than full highlights because they simply require less product. This also means less time spent at the salon for application and maintenance. 


If you are wanting a more dramatic change, though, and a more consistent color throughout your entire head, a full highlight is a great option. Bangstyle explains that those wanting full highlights without the upkeep can alternate between the two types of highlights every other appointment.

No matter what you choose, both types of highlighting can make enough of a difference to make you feel refreshed and renewed after you leave the salon.