How To Pull Off Ethereal Blue Highlighter

If you've noticed some unusual and surprising highlighter colors gracing the cheekbones of makeup influencers lately, then you truly have your thumb on the pulse of one of the hottest recent makeup trends. The unsuspected greens, blues, and purples you see in place of the more standard opalescent, neutral, or pink highlighter tones are taking the beauty realm by storm. Colored highlighters may not initially appeal to those who prefer a more classic look, but for the adventurous, cosmic beauty lovers, this is the real deal (via Allure).

With the bright eyeliner and mascara color trends we've seen lately, it seems only natural that bold cheeks and décolletage would be next. It may be daunting to hop aboard this wave, but with a few tips and pointers from the pros, you can pull off this ethereal look and it won't feel anything like a costume on Halloween night (via L'Oréal Paris).

Opt for the subtle

If you haven't experimented much with your daily makeup look, blue highlighter may feel intimidating. But if you choose to let your highlight be the actual highlight of your makeup, you'll likely find it to be a perfect balance of gentle and eye-catching. 

An iridescent blue highlighter on dewy, clean skin is a complete dream. This otherworldly presentation will surely make heads turn, so go super natural and subtle when it comes to the rest of your face so as to not overwhelm with the ethereal blue highlight.

Add color in unsuspecting places

Part of the beauty of using nontraditional highlighter colors is the freedom to get creative. A dab of color on the bridge of the nose or the corner of the eye is also a great route to take if you're just slowly warming up to the use of some of these wild colors. The ethereal, goddess energy is something we are very much here for.

Choose a quality highlighter

Sparkling, mystical, and otherworldly, the iridescent light of Milani Lollapa-Blue-Za Ludicrous Lights Duo Chrome Highlighter is the ideal shade of blue. Perfectly translucent and fit for a mermaid, this highlighter comes with rave reviews at an affordable price. Try pairing it with a deep plum blush for an extra moody vibe.

Coordinate with all things blue

If you're the adventurous type when it comes to makeup artistry, you've likely experimented with wild highlighter colors before. So, how to take it to the next level? Coordinate your blue highlighter with blue hair, a blue eyeliner, or a blue lipstick. Clearly this is a striking style, but it can actually be mellowed out a bit when rocking a full-on monochromatic palette.

Go bold

Pair your blue highlighter with a blue brow for a truly cosmic vibe that is sure to stun. This combo speaks volumes when it comes to creativity and going for the bold. A gentle stream of sparkling blue glitter underneath the eye is just the melancholic, ethereal energy we love.

Keep it natural

If you've hopped aboard the clean beauty trend in recent years, don't be too quick to assume that colored highlighter won't work for you. A face of natural-looking makeup is a lovely canvas for a subtle streak of iridescent blue, and this look is surprisingly versatile and can work for almost any occasion.

Go for elegance

If you're interested in a more classic take on blue colored highlighter, try doing a simple filled-in brow with a clean, black mascara and no liner. Don't forget to add some highlighter above the brow too. This brings attention to the simple iridescence of the look, and the elegance is truly unmatched.