The Zodiac Signs That Are Always Neat And Organized

Some of us were born with a knack for order and cleanliness, while others may thrive on organized chaos. If you're familiar with the zodiac, you know that the time and place of your birth are thought to shape much of your personality, habits, and preferences along your life path. This could be why some of us can't even fathom the idea of working at a messy desk space or going to bed when there are dirty dishes hanging out in the sink. While earth signs, the more pragmatic of the bunch, tend to organize their lives with ease and joy, sturdily tethered to the ground (via The Cut), they aren't the only zodiac signs who have a penchant for keeping an impressive daily planner or tidy closet.


"There are many reasons that we may strive for organization," Stephanie Gailing, astrologer and author of "The Complete Guide to Living by the Moon," told Bustle. "Certain signs have innate gifts and personal needs that may motivate them to be more organized." Keep in mind that while the sun sign is most commonly used in horoscopes, we can also glean a lot from our moon and rising signs. So, always be sure to check in on those placements too when it comes to all things cosmic.

Detail-oriented Virgo

Most likely not a surprise in the slightest, Virgo probably wears the crown when it comes to the zodiac signs that are always neat and organized. Detail-oriented and highly motivated by a job well done, nothing makes a Virgo's heart soar more than proper grammar and an alphabetized pantry. These earthy helpers are pros when it comes to rearranging furniture for the most logical flow in any living space and can always find room for improvement -– which may come across as judgmental, but they truly just want things to function as seamlessly as possible (via Pure Wow).


"This sign doesn't like when things are out of order, and they actually enjoy the process of putting things in their place," Gailing told Bustle. "They find it inspiring to classify — whether files, the spices in their pantry, books by subject, size, or color, or the like — and create methods." So the next time you need a guiding light to get your life in order, ask your Virgo friend, and remember that their suggestions are all in favor of order.

Productive Capricorn

Capricorns are known as the dutiful father figures of the zodiac and their pragmatism certainly spills over into all matters concerned with a neat, tidy life. These earthy sea goats are machines when it comes to productivity and you'll often find them in high positions of leadership which require a highly organized schedule and mind. Anything that doesn't serve their greatest productivity levels, goes.


"For example, they may not necessarily hold on to something for sentimental value unless it offers practicality and enhances productivity," Gailing told Bustle. "Speaking of the latter, since being productive and achieving are of key importance to them, they may find themselves 'allergic' to anything that gets in the way of this [productivity] — including clutter and disarray."

You won't find unread emails in a Capricorn's inbox or clutter in any corner of their home. Alphabetized filing systems, colorful label makers, and orderly workspaces best serve driven Capricorn, according to HGTV.

Harmonious Libra

Arguably the most aesthetically inclined sign of the zodiac, harmonious and steady-eddy Libra strives for a balanced life of personal time, self-care, and social connection. This requires a neat and tidy weekly planner for all to flow smoothly and for them to make all events and appearances looking their best. "Libra also often have a seemingly innate knack to know when something is out of alignment and re-arrangement is called for, so that a sense of peace can be re-established," Gailing told Bustle.


These air signs may differ from their fellow highly organized signs in that they will typically choose fashion over function -– which isn't to say they won't opt for the most organized option, but you can bet it'll be the most beautiful and chic filing system you've ever seen. According to HGTV, Libras should consider investing their organization skills first and foremost in their closets in order to be their most aligned selves. Nothing makes a Libra glow like shelves full of neatly folded clothes.

Intuitive Pisces

Watery, intuitive, and sensitive Pisces might not be the first sign that pops into your mind when you think neat and organized. But, Pisces have a special gift when it comes to sensing that something is out of place and how to bring it back into alignment. This could be a room, a drawer, or a cabinet, but it could also pertain to energy, the aura, a relationship, or another's pain.


Pisces tend to struggle with healthy boundaries and absorb whoever and whatever is around them, so they (possibly more than any other sign) need organization and structured design as to not lose themselves to their environments (via Pure Wow). Keeping small corners and baskets organized with grounding elements, read: essential oil spray, crystals, herbal supplements, oracle cards, cozy socks, and other comforts, will greatly help Pisces (via HGTV). If their surroundings are cluttered and out of balance, so will be their inner landscape.