All The Inspo You Need For Your Valentine's Day Hairstyle

Cottagecore had us dusting our flour-laden hands on apron dresses while Googling the best sourdough kneading techniques, the Dark Academia aesthetic found us thrifting for vintage spectacles and loafers as if we were about to hit the halls of Harvard in the 1900s, and regencycore inspired us to practice our best breathing techniques for dancing in corsets. But out of all the fashion themes we've seen in recent years, it seems to be rom-com core that keeps knocking at our doors time and time again. Rom-com core is inspired by fashions of the '90s and 2000s leading romantic comedy ladies — think Renée Zellweger's claw clips in "Bridget Jones's Diary," or Keira Knightley's newsboy cap in "Love Actually."

Since rom-com core is so closely related to all things love, there's arguably no better time to incorporate that old-school romance feeling than on Valentine's Day. Whether you're spending the day with your boo or you plan on having the ultimate Galentine's Day bash, channeling your inner 2000s main-character vibe can make this holiday 10 times more fun. And what better way to do this than with a soft and romantic hairstyle? We went and tracked down some of the best ideas for your upcoming Valentine's Day hair so you didn't have to, so go ahead and pop in an old "You've Got Mail" DVD, fire up some Norah Jones tracks, and don't be afraid to play around with your look this year.

Flirty bun

A bun will forever be sophisticated, elegant, and put-together. What we love about this particular style is that it lets just one piece hang down — a really fun and playful way to add more of a sexy touch to a traditional bun, which may be a little too tidy for the romantic look you're going for.

Romantic waves

The look of synchronizing waves is a style borrowed from '40s Hollywood glamour, and it's a hairdo that will truly never go out of style. You can opt to do this style just on its own, but we think the added pearl clips really give it that '90s look we know and love.

Braided hearts

While this is a hairstyle that you likely won't be able to achieve on your own, braided hearts will have almost everyone asking where you get your hair done and how they did it. This look is true artistry at its best, not to mention romantic and unique.

Vintage-inspired high ponytail

The 1960s' voluminous silhouettes made a massive comeback in the '90s, so it wasn't rare to see our favorite ladies in film with styles like this. Of course, with '90s fashions en vogue right now, high ponytails are trending just as much now as they did back then. You can choose to rock this pony with all the hair on top pulled back, or with a swooped bang like the stunning look above.

Soft ribbons

Ribbons can add just a touch of innocence anytime they're incorporated into a hairstyle, so if you're perhaps feeling like your dress or outfit is too sexy this holiday, colored ribbons can really tone things down and bring back some "cute" instead of all sophistication. Ribbons are pretty simple to work with; they move quite fluidly with the hair for an easy look anyone can master.

Heart bun

As difficult as this adorable heart bun looks to pull off, it actually couldn't be any easier! First, simply curl your hair with a wand. Then, pull the top half of your hair back, separating it down the middle into two equal sections, and tie each section with a mini elastic. Take one of the ponytails, twist it two or three times, and then wrap it into the shape of the top of the heart. Repeat those steps with the other half, and then bring both end sections together and tie them with another elastic.

Bedazzled touches

Is there any look more romantic and '90s than bedazzled hair? Probably not. If you remember the hair bedazzle tools you could find in the kid's aisle back in those days, you'll be excited to know that they have made their official comeback and couldn't be any more simple to find on Amazon.

Waved bob

A wavy bob is sexy, timeless, and flirty enough to make any Valentine of yours blush. TikTokker @Intisareleanor effortlessly slays this look, sharing that the unit is the Outre EveryWear Synthetic HD Lace Front Wig – EVERY 9 on Amazon. With the style already handled for you, all you have to do is throw on the unit and walk out the door — an immediate time saver.

Bouncy braids

There's something just so feminine and alluring about soft, bouncy, lush curls that are full of body. To add a playful touch to your curls, try incorporating a pulled-back braid to bring a hint of contrast and structure to the style. This is a look that can really go with any outfit, so it's perfect for all of your Valentine's Day plans.

Low-braided bun

Low buns are perhaps the easiest bun to create, all while adding a really soft and pleasant girl-next-door vibe. We love the low-cut back of the tank that pairs so beautifully with this braided bun because it allows some skin to take center stage, which really amplifies the sexiness even more.

Classic braided headband

A braided headband is a fantastic choice because of how easy it is to create, but we love the fact that it doesn't appear easy. After wanding your hair, simply take a piece of hair from underneath the side and braid it, and then secure it with a mini elastic. Repeat the same process on the other side, and bring both pieces up across your head, so the ends are on the opposite side. Secure the ends so they're hidden underneath your hair.

Faux blowout

The blowout was a major staple of the '90s and 2000s, but anyone who's ever tried to attempt one knows the pain your arm muscles have to endure during and afterward. According to Instagrammer @iluvsarahii, all she used in order to create this look was a curling iron, a paddle brush, and some volumizing texture spray. We'd say it looks just like a blowout — who knew?

Voluminous French braid

With a little bit of practice, anyone can master a French braid. After you've got it down, you can play around with the style by adding fun twists like this voluminous take on the look. Instead of tightly pulling the hair like you normally would, loosely braid it for a messier appearance. Then, take the end of a comb to lift the pieces of hair up for gravity-defying volume.

Candy heart clips

If you're not up for an all-out hairstyle this year, accessorizing with cute clips is a great way to remain festive but not have to spend too much time in the hair department. These candy heart clips add some color to any look, and you could even make them yourself with your own sayings if you're a DIYer.

Heart bling

For anyone who loves all things bling and sparkly, Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to stay shiny. These heart stickers are a dreamy finishing touch to a romantic style, and you can essentially use any stickers you'd like. If you're worried about putting stickers in your hair, note that most stickers are non-toxic and use very mild sticking agents. Simply use a clarifying shampoo after removing them to ensure any residue is removed.

Romantic claw clip

In the late '90s and early 2000s, just about every girl and woman owned a claw clip, it was simply the vibe of the time. We love how this version incorporates both a little bit of Barbiecore with a little bit osf romantic Valentine's Day — a combination you can't go wrong with this year.

Elegant bow

A hair bow can look stunning atop the center of any updo or half-up half-down do, and the options are limitless. You can reach for a head-turning rhinestone-encrusted option like this one, or play up classic Valentine's colors like pink and red. In fact, a black bow could even add a whole new level of sleek and chic.

Heart stamps

Some of us like to aim for really unique looks with our hair. If that sounds like you, this stamped look could be a great option for you this year. In order to achieve this look, Instagrammer Georgie Maisey shares that she used index cards to cut out heart shapes. Then, sandwiching the cards around a section of hair, she used a flat iron to then "stamp" the shapes into the hair.

Glitter hair stickers

Just like rhinestone hair stickers, glittery hearts are a fantastic and attention-grabbing look as well. You can really have fun and go all-out with this style, or you can keep it simple and just add a few stickers. Top the look off with a hat, bow, or any other accessories you think would look great.

Unique jewels

Daring and bold are just a couple of words to define this look. We absolutely love the red heart jewels, but really, you could do regular diamond shapes and colors, too. Either way, when purchasing the stickers you'll want to ensure that you select an assortment of sizes. This way, you can start with smaller ones near your face and work your way up to bigger ones as you move further back.

Easy waves with baby's breath

Incorporating real flowers into your hair is a surefire way to elevate the romance of a style to the next level. To create this look, wave your hair with a three-barrel waving tool. Then, tease the crown and pull the top section back. In the elastic, nestle some flowers like baby's breath, roses, or whatever your favorite is. You'll be feeling like a romantic heroine in no time.