The Zodiac Signs That Will Be There For You No Matter What

The best friendships are written in the stars. If you feel like you have an opening in your life for a die-hard friend who'll stand by your side through thick, thin, and scandalous, turn your attention to the zodiac (via The Everygirl). When it comes to the capacity for true loyal friendship that just won't quit, certain sun signs measure up more favorably than others. Spoiler alert: some of them may not be the ones you'd expect.


Opening your mind to astrology can act as the catalyst for kindling some of the most solid friendships of your lifetime. Get to know your own sun sign or dive into your natal chart with an astrologer or a site like Cafe Astrology to get a good grasp on which signs you're most compatible with. Then, take a peek at which of them are on this list. Here are the sun signs to keep an eye out for when you're looking for your new ride-or-die best friend 'til the end. 

Capricorn companions

Capricorn is represented by the mountain goat. These majestic creatures climb impossibly rocky and dangerously vertical cliffs and don't stop until they reach the top, no matter how long it takes. People born under this sign are hard nuts to crack and tend to present themselves as lone wolves, as detailed by Explore Astrology. However, if you can manage to crack a Capricorn open and get them to let you in, you'll gain a fiercely loyal companion for life.


If you decide to befriend a Capricorn, be prepared for a bit of sarcasm and some stubborn tendencies. You can also plan on a friend who will give it to you straight. You'll never have to wonder if they're being honest with you. While their delivery might be a little on the blunt side now and then, you can rest assured that they'll always have your best interest at heart and they will show up for you every single time (via Tarot). 

Leo loyalty

Leo, the loud and proud lion, might not be the first sign that comes to mind when you imagine your ideal partner in crime. Surprisingly, the adoration of a Leo can extend past themselves and reach others that they find worthy. This isn't to say that flattery won't get you anywhere; it certainly will, as detailed by ZodiacFire. You'll still have to bring your own loyalty to the table, however, and expect a Leo to occasionally test it.


It will take a little work to be one of the few who makes it past surface level with the lion. These egocentric characters have a tendency to collect friends as a status symbol, but those who make it beyond this point will be considered comrades for the long haul (via Horoscope). If you want to make an impression, consider that you're dealing with fire. Be bold, reach out, and be rewarded by forever having that fiery force on your side. 

Aries allegiances

Aries, the bull-headed ram, is another surprising contender for a dedicated confidante. This ball of fire on wheels might subject you to an occasional angry outburst, but there's also a good chance it will be directed at someone else on your behalf (via PureWow). Their passion will always be contagious and their advice will always be loud and honest. Best of all, an Aries' allegiance will be unbreakable.


This is the person in your life who shows up to cheer you on, even if they don't have any idea what it is you're actually doing. Afterward, they'll drag you out and introduce you to a whole new friend group. According to Your Tango, as long as you're friends with an Aries, you'll be encouraged to get out, interact, and remain passionate about your hobbies and interests. If you're someone who needs a little extra motivation to show up in life on top of undying loyalty, Aries is the best friend for you. 

Secretive Scorpio

Scorpio, the dark and mysterious scorpion, might be the last sign you'd expect to see mentioned alongside companionship. You wouldn't be completely off base, as Scorpios tend to be extremely private, secretive, independent loners. They are serious, intense, and theatrical, and value their own company above all else. If you can manage to catch their eye with your quick wit or your intellect, however, you just might be able to snag a rare invitation into their inner world.


Once a Scorpio has brought you into their den, they will be as protective of you and your secrets as they are of their own. They might even get a little jealous of your time spent with other friends. You'll never have to worry about the scorpion betraying your trust. Be careful never to betray theirs, however. These arachnids are as vindictive as they come and will not rest until they have personally seen to it that you've paid for what you've done (via Our Mindful Life). 

Toasty Taurus

Taurus is the type of solid, loyal sign that everyone should get to experience as a trusted companion at some point in their lifetime. Though represented by the bull, Taurus lacks the fiery, ramrod nature of Aries. Instead, they exhibit the strong, steady, grounded characteristics of a large land mammal. This is the solid, supportive, faithful best friend of your dreams. A Taurean is always down to help when they're needed, even if it means canceling their own plans (via Co-Star).


Ruled by Venus, Taurus boasts a higher emotional capacity than the other Earth signs in the zodiac, according to The Times of India. This allows them to skip the coldness that can sometimes plague a Capricorn or a Virgo and jump right into a warm and toasty friendship. If anything, the bull might end up a little on the clingy side once they feel like they've formed a real bond with you. If you like your friendships close-knit and permanent, proceed.