Pantyhose Nails Give Your Basic Black Polish A Sophisticated Twist

If you like to indulge in regular nail care, then you might have tried out everything from chic minimalist nails to a refined "rich girl" manicure. In that case, you might want to try out another trend that can be as simple or as intricate as you want and happens to be called pantyhose nails. This nail technique name was created by nail artist Betina R. Goldstein, who shared a look of a pantyhose nail manicure online that left everyone speechless.

A technique that doesn't actually use pantyhose for a clever application hack, it instead aims to mimic the look. Goldstein's original design uses a relatively sheer base of black polish that is light enough to allow the nail to be seen beneath it. She then added lines to give off the look of the stitching you might find on pantyhose and topped it off with a glossy finish that might remind you of the sheen on the classic leg coverings. Both stylish and sophisticated, it's a look that would suit a day in the office, a night out with friends, or even an upscale event depending on how you craft your pantyhose nails. Indeed, as this artistic idea has caught the eye of nail art lovers, they've been putting their own twists on this fabulous trend. Now, you can take inspiration from their creations in order to achieve your own pantyhose nails.

Simple and sleek pantyhose nails

As sleek as it is straightforward, the pantyhose nail design by Betina R. Goldstein could be everything you've ever wanted from a chic and contemporary manicure. Opting for an incredibly light and nearly transparent layer of black polish as the base which covers the entire nail, you end up with an almost smoky effect. However, that's finished off with a sharp line of black on the tip of each nail that truly takes the style up a notch. While this version is stunningly shiny, you could also do this in a fabulous matte polish.

Fishnet pantyhose nails

Pantyhose nails may be able to give you a sophisticated look; however, you can definitely mix things up with a few quick changes. For instance, why not try out fishnet pantyhose nails? Use the same method as you would for a typical pantyhose manicure, but add some diagonally crisscrossed lines on top of the sheer section. You might also want to create a thicker line at the end of your nail to give it a little more drama not to mention some glittery nail accessories if you're feeling extra snazzy.

Pink and nude pantyhose nails

While the pantyhose nail trend may tend to rely on black polish, that doesn't mean that you have to be limited by that one shade. Using a different color may suit your own personal style better or perhaps even the outfit that you're wearing for the day. Either way, you could choose a rather unexpected color combination or go with something that stays in line with the pantyhose idea, such as this pale pink and nude design that uses hints of black to create the fishnet effect and added flair.

Diamond and dot pantyhose nails

Opting for pantyhose nails doesn't mean that you can't also embrace funky patterns or delightful doodles. In fact, thanks to the rather sheer base which can act as a blank slate, you can pop on whatever details your heart desires. Why not choose to add a collection of polka-dots, which are certainly easy to apply? Or maybe you want to use a handful of lines in specific spots to create a diamond. You could also extend the line at the tip around the entire nail for an effect that fully frames your design.

Stamped pantyhose nails

While you may want to boast intricate designs on your nails, not everyone has the artistic ability to freehand fancy swoops, perfect swirls, and delicate touches. If that sounds like you, then you can put stamps to good use. Available in different shapes, sizes, and materials while taking advantage of a range of application methods, you can create a normal pantyhose nail base and then use a stamp to add an intricate design. Thanks to the fact that there are so many stamps out there, there are seemingly endless ways to customize your pantyhose manicure.

Stiletto pantyhose nails

Show off two fabulous looks at once by combining pantyhose nails with a stiletto manicure. If you're unaware, stiletto nails are just like the shoes that they're named for meaning they're long, pointy, and oh-so eye-catching. Honestly, they may remind you of cat claws, which just makes them that much more fierce. Layering a pantyhose design on your stiletto nails may be using two other items of your outfit as inspiration; however, there's definitely no denying that they work just as well together as actual pantyhose and stilettos.