The Return Of The Cargo Skirt Proves Fashion's '90s Obsession Isn't Going Anywhere

In 2022, models like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid were spotted rocking cargo skirts on multiple occasions. While the resurgence of the '90s trend started last year, experts predict it will be one of the skirt trends to embrace in 2023. According to Daily Times, online searches for "cargo skirt" in the U.S. in January 2023 increased by 123% over the previous month.

You might think that cargo skirts are all the same, but in reality, there is so much variety within this trend. Not only do they come in different lengths and colors, but cargo skirts can also be made from a variety of materials, all of which end up giving the style an entirely different vibe. A cargo skirt can easily be dressed down or dressed up, and if you think that cargo skirts are not for you, give us a chance to convince you that they are for everyone.

Black cargo maxi skirt

A black cargo maxi skirt is not only very comfortable but also super versatile. Since it falls into the neutral colors category, it works with any kind of top, but rocking it in a monochromatic way is an easy way to look chic and edgy at the same time. Black boots, sunnies, and a bag combined with a boxy leather jacket will always work.

Green cargo miniskirt

Military green is a color that you can wear all year 'round. Combining a green cargo miniskirt with a dainty off-the-shoulder white top for the warmer months is a great way to mix feminine style with a military-looking piece. You can swap the top for a black sweater for the colder months. Just don't forget some warm fleece-lined tights underneath the skirt.

Satin cargo maxi skirt

When we think of cargo skirts, we most commonly think of them being made in fabrics like khaki, denim, or twill. However, cargo skirts can be made in any material, and silk or satin ones also exist. Apart from feeling heavenly on the skin, a silk or satin cargo skirt tends to hug the curves a bit more so it doesn't sit so boxy on the body.

Ivory cargo midi skirt

There are plenty of cargo skirt options in darker colors, but since spring is all about leaving the dark shades behind, a light ivory cargo midi skirt is a safe choice. It looks great with any skin tone, and it can be rocked with pieces of similar or contrasting shades.

Brown cargo maxi skirt

A brown cargo skirt is a must for those who prefer earthy shades. It looks casual yet put together and works incredibly well when combined with other earthy tones, such as green or beige. And while all materials are fair game, brown cargo skirts look exceptionally stylish in a twill or pleather fabric.

Gray cargo miniskirt

Denim and khaki cargo skirts look amazing when combined with pleather pieces. Try pairing your cargo miniskirt with knee-high pleather boots and an oversized pleather button-up blazer or jacket. Since pleather keeps you warm, this outfit is perfect for those slightly colder days.

Green cargo maxi skirt

When styling cargo skirts, try to give pieces you wouldn't necessarily combine with them a chance. After all, fashion is supposed to be fun and unexpected, so try choosing different textures and complementary colors when styling an outfit. And layering statement pieces is allowed — like this leather and sherpa vest combined with the military green cargo maxi skirt.

Dark gray cargo midi skirt

If you are trying to style a cargo skirt for the first time and you have absolutely no clue where to start, the easiest and safest option is to combine it with a top of the same color and accessories of a different one. For example, choose a dark gray cargo midi skirt worn with a long-sleeved dark gray top and accessorize them with black boots and sunglasses. The look is easy to pull off and so on-trend.

Zip-up cargo maxi skirt

Even though cargo skirts are anything but boring on their own, if you're looking for one that is a bit more eye-catching, consider a zip-up cargo skirt. While these exist as miniskirts too, it is the midi and maxi skirts that look exceptionally stylish. The best part is that you can zip them up fully or create a slit that ends as high as you want.

Patchwork cargo miniskirt

Patchwork denim has been a massive trend in the past couple of years, and you've guessed it, patchwork cargo skirts are also popular. Most often, the pockets — a crucial part of the cargo look — are in a different fabric and color, giving the skirt a unique two-toned look.

Denim cargo maxi skirt

Denim is one of the biggest 2023 fashion trends, and we've seen dresses, skirts, and head-to-toe denim looks all over the fashion runways lately. So if you're looking for a cargo skirt to add to your closet this spring, consider getting a denim one, as that is probably the most trendy option you can get your hands on right now.

Black cargo miniskirt

Black cargo miniskirts are the perfect choice for those who like versatile clothing. You can rock it with a t-shirt and sneakers during the day or dress it up with a sparkly top and some heels for a night out. Since it's black, it will work with any clothing item you already have in your closet.

Dark gray cargo maxi skirt

Black, military green, and beige cargo skirts are the most common, but dark gray is the best choice if you want a shade that not everyone has. Not only is the color less common, but it's super easy to combine with other hues. And even though light colors like ivory and white are also stunning, dark gray is much more practical as stains (which inevitably happen) are a lot less visible.

Black cargo midi skirt

A lot of the examples we used to showcase how to style cargo skirts are with muted or neutral colors, but don't let us fool you, this trendy clothing item looks incredible with funky and colorful tops, too! In fact, consider it like a blank canvas to which you can not only add a bold top but also statement accessories.

Pleather cargo maxi skirt

If patchwork patterns or silk and satin aren't your cup of tea, but you still want a cargo skirt that is a bit more unique than the classic one, look for a pleather one. It looks great in any length and color, but our favorite is a black maxi pleather cargo skirt, obviously. It's the chicest option!

Greige cargo maxi skirt

Greige is precisely what it sounds like — a combo of gray and beige. It is an excellent choice for anyone who loves the idea of beige and tan but prefers a slightly more cool-toned version. However, be aware that rocking a full-on greige look can be difficult, as the different shades of greige usually clash (and finding the same ones tends to be difficult). Instead, combine the greige skirt with a vibrant or neutral-colored top and accessories for contrast.

Beige cargo miniskirt

Even though a black cargo miniskirt is a safe choice, a beige one is perfect for anyone who prefers a more flirty and bohemian style. Beige is a color that can work with black or brown accessories, which makes it the ideal choice for those who have plenty of shoes and bags in both of those colors.

Tan cargo maxi skirt

Greige is great, but it can be too cool-toned for many. If you look better when wearing warm tones, a tan cargo skirt is the better option for you. And if you need help determining which color tones look better on you, take a look at your veins. If they are green, you are warm-toned, and if they are blue, you are cool-toned. It is also possible to see an equal mix of both, in which case you're neutral and can rock both warm and cool tones (via Good Housekeeping).

Denim cargo midi skirt

Even within the category of cargo skirts, there is quite a bit of variety, not just in fabric or length but also in style. Some cargo skirts have only two visible pockets, but some designs go all out with four or six pockets. Of course, the longer the skirt, the more space there is for pockets, and if you like that look, you should explore midi and maxi cargo skirt options.

Beige cargo maxi skirt

A monochromatic look is always stylish, but fashion maximalism is slowly finding its way back. This look is a perfect example of how to style a cargo maxi skirt with pieces of different colors and textures. A denim corset adds some shape, while the mesh sleeves are the perfect way to add balance to the top part of the outfit.

Green cargo midi skirt

Those who want to rock a skirt in winter will find that cargo is a great choice. Because it's sporty and quirky, it works well with sherpa and faux fur. Furry boots may not be everyone's cup of tea, but there's no denying that anyone who can rock them with a cargo skirt looks like someone who would be cool to hang out with!

Camo print cargo maxi skirt

Since cargo clothing was initially designed for outdoor activities and is often associated with military uniforms, we absolutely had to include a camo print cargo skirt. Since the skirt looks a bit busier as it has a pattern, it's best combined with a simple top and only one or two statement accessories.

Greige cargo miniskirt

Cargo miniskirts with oversized pockets tend to create the illusion of more curves. If that is the look you're looking for, it's best to combine them with a skin-tight top to accentuate your waist. To enhance the illusion even more, opt for the same or similar colors to make the whole look more streamlined.