For Perfect, Natural-Looking Makeup, Look No Further Than Your Concealer Brush

Makeup plays a huge role within the beauty and fashion industry, with many of us looking to celebrities to keep track of the latest trends and the hottest products. It's these trends that ultimately influence our purchasing decisions. However, now more than ever, the online world of the internet has helped to drive makeup trends to the masses. Over recent years, we have seen several styles come and go, such as glossy lips, bold eye-shadows, and faux freckles. While online beauty moguls once made colorful and heavier makeup looks all the rage, a more natural trend has now taken the spotlight. Say hello to the "no-makeup" makeup look.


This popular trend usually consists of using minimal makeup products, to give the appearance of wearing no makeup. The trend is popular among many celebrities, including Kendall Jenner, Jennifer Aniston, and Billie Eilish, who are often complimented for their natural beauty. However, did you know that this look is easily achievable right from the comfort of your home? All you need is the right concealer brush, and you're ready to create the perfect "natural" style.

Synthetic brushes work well with concealer

As it turns out, there are actually specific makeup brushes that work better with concealer than others. While this may be surprising to some, there is a good reason behind what makes certain brushes better than others. The first thing to consider is the hair type of the brush. So, should you choose real or synthetic hair for a perfect, natural application?


Surprisingly, the best hair type for a concealer brush is actually synthetic hair due to the fact that there is no hair shaft on each bristle. As there is no hair shaft, synthetic brushes don't soak up products such as foundation or concealer in the same way that a real hair brush would (via L'Oréal Paris). Consequently, more product stays on the brush, giving you much better application and coverage. However, the brush's shape should also be considered when it comes to applying products.

A flat concealer brush is best for liquid or creamy products

Brush shapes come in various shapes and sizes, and while it may not seem important, there are specific brushes for specific purposes. Perhaps you've grabbed any old brush in the past and gotten to work on your face. Maybe you applied your concealer with a foundation or a blending brush. However, this actually isn't the correct method.


Instead, you should use a "small, flat" brush for applying concealer, explains celebrity makeup artist Erin Ayanian Monroe (via Brydie). It may also have a "rounded" head. Paired with synthetic hair, this brush is an excellent choice, while tightly packed bristles provide maximum control and coverage. Using a small brush will also help you to be more precise, allowing you to target any pesky pimples and other areas with key precision. While you can use larger concealer brushes for larger surface areas, you'll want to use a small one for creating a natural makeup look. This is because you will use less concealer and cover very precise areas. 

How to use your concealer brush

Now you have your concealer brush primed and ready, it should be very easy to create a natural and minimal makeup look. To create a "natural" look, apply your concealer to small, targeted areas, such as blemishes or dark circles under your eyes, leaving the rest of your skin makeup-free. However, before you begin using your brush, ensure that it is clean and your skin has been primed. Forgetting this is one of the most common mistakes people make when using concealer, so it's something to keep in mind.       


So, what is the correct brush technique to use when applying liquid products such as concealer? Thankfully, it's incredibly simple. First, take your brush and use a gentle dabbing motion to blend your concealer into your skin using the tip. The dabbing motion should help to keep the product in place and achieve the levels of coverage that you're looking for.  You should start with a light amount of product, and slowly build up if necessary. Take care not to start dragging the product around your face, as you could end up will less, and uneven coverage.   

While it may be tempting to cover more areas of your face with concealer, a minimalistic touch is key for creating a natural look. If you want to create a more defined look, there are ways to create subtle contouring with concealer. This way, people may not even notice that you're wearing any makeup at all!