The Benefits Of A Chic Oval Layer Haircut

There's no denying that layered haircuts are already taking over 2023. After all, look at the trendy new cobra haircut. "The cobra cut is long hair with layers starting about two inches below the chin and [extending] all around the head," Nunzio Saviano, a hairstylist and the founder of a salon, told POPSUGAR. A cobra cut is a popular option for people with long hair who want to add some layers. There's also the octopus haircut, which features bold, shaggy layers all over the head (via TikTok). This octopus-inspired cut is a fun option for people who want a more intense layered look; thus, 2023 is all about layers.


Everyone should give layers a chance, as they can do wonders for your tresses. "Layering hair not only removes weight but can also help to create shape, give volume, movement, and texture," Ryan Forsythe, the senior director of Trevor Sorbie's Covent Garden salon, told Glamour UK. We know that animal-inspired haircuts like the cobra or octopus might sound intimidating, but we know another layered look with a lot going for it: the oval layer cut.

It frames your face

The oval layer haircut is a chic, trendy spin on face-framing layers. "Instead, it's a sharp, one length at the back. ... This particular trend is styled with the layering blow-dried underneath [rather than flicked outwards], so the hair points towards the face in oval shapes," Stephen Buller, the director of Buller and Rice Salon, told Refinery29. Is your hair currently stuck in a lifeless blunt cut? Have you been dying for a change but don't want to mess with the super shaggy layered looks? The oval layered haircut might be perfect for you.


This haircut is an excellent choice for anyone interested in layers who wants a sleek new change but doesn't want something too severe. The haircut will keep your locks blunt in the back, but add flattering layers in the front that frame your facial features to mimic an oval shape, hence its "oval" name. To give you an oval layer cut, your hairstylist may first trim the back of your hair so the length is blunt in the back, then cut the layered lengths in the front of your hair and use a sectioning technique, per YouTube. The results will likely appear shorter and somewhat sculpted around your face in the front with a longer blunt back, adding more dimension to your appearance.

As TikTok shows, it works with a variety of hair types and styles

Nowadays, no haircut, hair color, or hairstyle is truly trendy if people aren't talking about it on TikTok. So, of course, people are getting excited about the oval layer cut on TikTok, proving that this haircut trend isn't going away anytime soon. For instance, @latasia_salon posted a video of a client flaunting her bouncy, shiny dark tresses with oval layers, tempting viewers to try this haircut, too. Another TikTok user, username @rzfany_, posted a video of herself rocking oval layers and curtain bangs, and her hair looks smooth and voluminous, beautifully flattering her facial features.


The oval haircut doesn't only look good on straight and wavy hair; it looks great with curls, too. For example, @mcnamaradesigns posted a video of someone with long, curly tresses getting a shaggier spin on the oval layer cut, and the results were fun, bouncy, and beautiful. The results were so stunning that impressed viewers commented, "I need my hair done by you!!" And "Beautiful work!" Thus, people with straight, wavy, and curly hair should all consider rocking the oval layer cut for a trendy new look.

The layers can make your locks seem less heavy

Think about this: Hair is heavy, and that heaviness is why many women get haircuts for fresh starts after life-changing events such as breakups, moves, or starting new jobs. Getting a drastic chop or trending layered look is an exciting way to mark the start of a new chapter of your life to feel lighter without being weighed down by too much hair. If you don't want full-on short hair or overly intense layers, the oval layer cut is a convenient option for you to try lighter-feeling layers without having to change the back of your hair. "The face-framing layers will remove weight from the front area," Stephen Buller told Refinery29. Therefore, an oval layer cut is likely your best bet if you want your hair to feel a bit lighter without a complete transformation.


There are already over 1,400 posts dedicated to #ovalhaircut on Instagram at the time of writing, as the look is truly trending. People are flaunting many spins on the haircut on social media, incorporating bangs, balayage, and contrasting bold hair colors into the look. Whether you opt for the specific oval layer cut or another variation, it's super fun to explore.