7 Ways To Easily Add Edge To Your Winter Outfits With Combat Boots

There's no doubt that boots are an obvious and sensible choice when it comes to what to wear in the winter to keep your feet warm and dry. However, what may not be as clear is what type of boot would best suit your particular style. Of course, if you want to stick with savvy boot trends, then you can go ahead and get yourself a sturdy and fashionable pair of combat boots.

While discussing the military beginnings of combat boots, fashion blogger Kelsey Barnes explained to Byrdie, "The laces, thick sole, and higher shaft all have practical origins for protecting soldiers' feet. Now they're consistently seen on runways and in street style but still retain those hallmarks from their original usage." That's why you may have spotted others wearing them, specifically in the colder winter weather, with Barnes offering a suggestion, saying, "Combat boots can be worn in the snow, but look for a pair that has a warm lining and is waterproof before doing so."

Granted, even when you've nabbed a fabulous pair of combat boots, you might not know how to style them. Fortunately, we can show you a few easy ways to add edge to your enviable combat boot-boasting winter outfits.

Casual beanie and combat boots

Wearing boots in the winter may be a given, and the same can surely be said about a nice, cozy knitted hat. Of course, if you want to keep your head protected while also ensuring that your chilly-weather ensemble remains stylish, then you may want to pop on a chic wool beanie. Keeping your outfit on the casual side, you can continue the look with a baggy shirt, a comfy coat, and form-fitting leggings that can be lined with fuzzy fleece if you need a little extra warmth above your lace-up combat boots.

Slouchy sweater and fitted denim

Your combat boots may give your winter outfit a hint of a hardcore nature, however, you can also keep things lovely and loose with the help of a slouchy sweater. Depending on how cold it is, you can either use your top to stay fully covered or allow it to drape off of your shoulder in a slightly sassy way. From there, pull out your fitted pants — perhaps slim-fit denim — and tuck them into your boots. Finally, you can choose white combat boots to add an unexpected light element to your eye-catching ensemble.

Pretty plaid and buckled boots

The winter months are a great time to give your plaid items of clothing some love and you can certainly give them a seasonably appropriate vibe by wearing them with combat boots. While the simple yet sweet pattern here may be rather preppy as is the matching solid-color ribbed shirt, the boots have relatively thick soles, metal eyelets, and a sizable buckle around the top to help keep things a touch edgy. When you want to head outside, you could pull on a black coat to tie in with the boots.

Bright colors and animal print

Although there's a lot to love about this outfit that's full of flair, you have to admit that the combat boots are the perfect anchor for this wintertime outfit. While the black boots reach midway up the calf, pantyhose in the same shade extend the color all the way up to the bold zebra print skirt that features the same wonderfully wild pattern as the bag. A fleece-lined vest adds warmth, while the bright shirt and lipstick offer the outfit another spark that makes the outfit sizzle despite the cold weather.

Trendy oversized trenchcoat

Adding a classic trenchcoat to your outfit can often offer you a touch of somewhat formal elegance. However, when you opt for a purposefully oversized trench, then you get a look that's cool, contemporary, and ideal for winter. Perfect the style by pairing your coat with combat boots that are either the same color or a complementary shade. While the trench and combat boot combo would certainly work with denim pants, you could also go for something a little more professional.

Combat boots with alternating layers

Due to the cold temperatures, winter is also the ideal time of year to embrace a look that relies on layering items. Along with your combat boots and a coordinated bag, your outer layer can include a lengthy coat while you wear a shorter cardigan, jacket, or blazer underneath. Beyond that, a turtleneck will give your shirt a better chance of standing out as will choosing layers in alternating colors. If things are really chilly, then you can add a hat, scarf, and gloves to your outfit.

Short skirt and big boots

Grab a pair of combat boots that go above mid-calf or even higher to pair along with a skirt that's on the shorter side. You'll definitely need to wear pantyhose or tights to keep your legs protected in the winter, however, a sheer pair can still give off a bare effect. Make your outfit even edgier by sliding on a skirt in a material that matches your boots — such as faux leather — and keep it going with a bag and other accessories in the same striking material.