The Midi Skirt Trend Is Getting An Edgy Update

Thanks to designer Christian Dior, midi skirts became immensely popular in the 1940s and 1950s. As the name implies, a midi skirt falls between the lengths of the mini and the maxi, with its hem usually hitting about mid-calf, even though it can be slightly shorter or longer.

This year, midi skirts are expected to have a huge revival, as grunge '90s and denim Y2K styles are having a huge comeback. This means that the new midi skirt is anything but boring. Instead, it has bold thigh-high cuts, is asymmetrical, or is made in materials such as denim, pleather, latex, or mesh.

The best part about this trend's renaissance is that midi skirts are the most comfortable length for many people. The mini makes us fear accidental mooning, while the maxi can be annoying to walk in and often gets a dirty hemline after just one wear. So if you're on a hunt for a new midi, or you're unsure just how to style the one you already have, we're here to show you that anyone can rock midis, whether you like simple, minimalistic fashion or super busy and bold looks!

Vintage leather midi skirt

Since midi skirts have been popular for decades, the thrift store is the best spot for finding them. Not only will thrifted midi skirts be super affordable, but you can also find unique styles that just aren't made anymore. And if you love the vintage leather look, try combining a leather midi skirt with a knitted vest, some heeled Mary Janes, and white socks!

Sequin midi skirt

A sparkly sequin midi skirt is definitely a bold choice. And even though it might seem like a clothing piece that is difficult to style, the truth is that it works with a plethora of different options. You can dress it down with a comfy sweater and boots or dress it up with a blouse and some sky-high heels.

Layered white midi skirt

Midi skirts are perfect for those who love combining feminine and edgy pieces. A layered, ruffly midi skirt in white looks very innocent and chic, but combining it with an oversized graphic tee adds a bit of edginess to the whole look. The best part about an outfit like this is that even though it's very stylish, it's still incredibly comfortable.

Cargo midi skirt

This year in fashion, we're seeing the return of the cargo skirt, one of the biggest trends from the '90s. And for a good reason; they are durable, comfortable, and look flattering on anybody. A high-waisted military green midi cargo skirt looks great with a short denim jacket, a pair of brown booties, and a coordinating bag.

Classic denim midi skirt with a slit

Denim is another huge trend this year, and a great way to explore it is by rocking a denim skirt. While any length is trendy, midi skirts, in particular, offer the most versatility. Since denim skirts give off that retro '90s vibe, combining them with a tube top is always a safe choice. From there, you can either dress the look down with flats or sneakers or add a bit of glamour by picking high heels.

A-line midi skirt

Midi skirts come in all shapes, but one that looks particularly good on any body shape is an a-line midi skirt. Even though most would think that a-line skirts always look soft and sophisticated, they can be styled in many different ways. Picking a beige or light green a-line skirt allows you to combine it with cargo pieces, chunky belts, and edgy boots for a very utilitarian look.

Corduroy midi skirt

Corduroy is an excellent material for anyone who is looking for comfort in their clothing. A corduroy midi skirt definitely has that '70s vibe, especially if it's in a jewel-toned color. However, if you want to avoid going that route, you can modernize the look by wearing a corduroy midi skirt with an oversized t-shirt and skinny belt.

Satin ivory midi skirt

Any silk or satin clothing item immediately adds sensuality to your outfit. The most obvious way to wear a satin midi skirt is to pair it with a dainty top and some heels for a night out. But satin skirts can also be worn every day. Dress the skirt down with a chunky knit sweater, some comfy booties, and a matching bag.

Zebra print midi skirt

Animal prints will always be trendy, and if you dare to rock them on a bigger scale, opt for an edgy midi skirt with a large pattern, such as zebra stripes. If you're unsure how to style it, the safest way is to keep the rest of your outfit muted and simple, making the midi skirt the focal point of your look. However, those who dare to mix patterns can definitely wear an animal print midi skirt with a patterned top.

Vibrant purple midi skirt

Nothing says "look at me" more than wearing something in a vibrant color — especially if it's a large clothing item. This purple a-line midi skirt is the perfect example of how a bold color can instantly make a simple outfit more interesting. The best part about a skirt like this is that it allows you to wear comfy items like a hoodie and combat boots without looking like you just rolled out of bed.

Floral midi skirt with a thigh-high slit

Florals are always a safe pattern choice for a skirt, but if you want your floral midi skirt to be a tad bit edgier, opt for one with an ultra-high slit. The slit immediately makes the whole outfit more bouncy and extravagant, and even though you're technically only showing a tiny bit of your thigh, you are 100% giving off that French sexy-chic vibe.

Plaid midi skirt

A plaid skirt makes most of us think of traditional Scottish tartan kilted skirts, but if styled appropriately it can look contemporary and cool. In fact, it's the perfect option for sightseeing or running errands — just pair it with a puffer jacket, combat boots, a Joe Goldberg-like hat, and your favorite pair of sunglasses!

Pleather midi skirt

While vintage leather skirts are something you can easily thrift, finding a pleather midi skirt should be much easier regardless of where you like to shop. The best part about a skirt like this is that while it's still in a neutral color and can be combined with anything, it definitely adds a hint of edginess on its own because of its eye-catching material.

Metallic midi skirt

Metallic midi skirts are perfect for those who love combining ultra-dramatic statement pieces with everyday clothing. After all, life is too short not to wear funky clothes more regularly, and a silver midi skirt is a perfect place to start. It looks great on a night out, but it can also be worn on an everyday basis with boots, a gray sweater, and a short coat.

Light wash denim midi skirt

Even though a classic blue denim skirt is always on trend, a light wash denim midi skirt is the perfect choice for spring and summer. There are numerous ways to style it, but our favorite is with a bright turtleneck sweater and a pair of cowboy boots. The boots are white in this inspo picture, but any color absolutely works with this look!

Pink midi skirt

Thanks to Greta Gerwig's upcoming "Barbie" movie, there is no doubt that the color pink will have a massive comeback this year. A pink midi skirt looks fun and feminine while keeping you comfortable. Because it's already a statement on its own, you can pair it with casual clothing pieces like a tank top, sweater, and sneakers.

Pleated midi skirt

The classic choice of midi skirt — and one you can never go wrong with — is to pick a pleated one. A skirt like this instantly adds a classic chicness to your outfit, but if you want to give it a modern twist, combine it with oversized sneakers and a funky statement bag!

Patchwork midi skirt

Patchwork clothing items will always make any outfit more unique and exciting, and midi skirts are no different. While there are different patchwork styles, we particularly love this one with vertical stripes that help visually elongate you. Apart from that, the fact that the different stripes are within the same color family makes this skirt much easier to combine with other clothing items.

Casual beige midi skirt

A beige midi skirt is an excellent choice for the warmer months, but it can also be worn when the weather is still unpredictable. Even though beige is an easy color to combine with any shade, sometimes sticking to a monochromatic look lets the individual clothing pieces stand out even more.

Crochet midi skirt

Crochet fashion might not be everyone's cup of tea, but there's no doubt anyone rocking it won't go unnoticed. A crochet midi skirt is a great way to accentuate your unique and maximalist style — and if you just so happen to love crocheting in your free time, what are you waiting for? A skirt like this looks great on its own or combined with other eye-catching statement pieces.

Leopard print midi skirt

Another animal print that people love is leopard. Even though it can look overwhelming — especially if it covers a large amount of fabric — leopard is an animal print that tends to look incredibly stylish when combined with the right pieces. If you opt for a leopard print midi skirt, pair it with a simple graphic tee and some cool booties, making sure you don't go overboard with the accessories.

Tropical print midi skirt

Nothing says summer and warm weather like a tropical print — and a midi skirt with leaves and flowers is bound to brighten up your day (and the day of anyone who encounters you). Pair the skirt with a simple top or a button-up that you can casually tie up in the front for that effortless summer vibe.

Asymmetrical midi skirt

Nothing screams edginess more than asymmetrical clothing — especially pieces that look like they have been made up from two different clothing items. While this midi skirt could technically also fall into the mini category, we still decided to include it. And with a piece like this, the rest of your outfit should remain simple, leaving the star of the show enough space to shine.

Lace midi skirt

A lace skirt is excellent for adding texture to any outfit, and it's perfect for those who love styling a bohemian outfit. While midi lace skirts look great in any color, we suggest going for a white or ivory one since black tends to be somewhat predictable these days. To contrast that white lace skirt, pair it with black booties and a chunky black belt!

Tie-dye midi skirt

Even though most of us think of bright colors when someone mentions tie-dye clothing, black and white tie-dye is an option perfect for anyone who prefers more muted tones. In fact, black and white tie-dye almost gives off a marble effect, which gives off a totally different look. Surprisingly, a tie-dye midi skirt is a very versatile clothing item to have in your closet, as it can be easily dressed up or dressed down based on your needs.

Mesh midi skirt

Mesh is a fun fabric to explore during warmer months, as it adds layers without necessarily adding heat to your body. While there are mesh midi skirts with a built-in miniskirt underneath, we'd recommend picking one without anything under it — that way you can put it over skirts, dresses, and shorts you already own. With a mesh skirt, the combinations are endless!

Knitted midi skirt

Knitted skirts add a hint of texture without being too overwhelming, making them the perfect choice if you are constantly torn between minimalist and maximalist fashion. A muted purple midi skirt like the one above works incredibly well with both styles. You can wear it as a part of a simple monochromatic outfit or rock it with a bold top and lots of eye-catching accessories.

Latex midi skirt

Okay, hear us out. Yes, latex is an intimidating material, but if styled correctly, latex pieces can be worn on an everyday basis without looking overly dramatic. Combine a latex midi skirt in any shade with a fun pair of boots and a simple sweater, and voilà, you have yourself a simple yet eye-catching outfit that can be rocked day or night.

Tulle midi skirt

Technically speaking, tulle is very similar to mesh, but a mesh skirt doesn't have nearly as much volume as a tulle one. Since the tulle is pleated, it adds a lot of dimension to the skirt, allowing your inner ballerina to shine through. And yes, you can probably already hear it coming, but we have to say it: rock your tulle midi skirt with a bun because that's the ballerina way to do it!

Classic black midi skirt

If you are looking for an edgy skirt but want it to be a classic that will last you for years to come, a black midi skirt is always the right choice. Since it's black, it immediately adds some of that rocker-chic vibe to your outfit, and because it's in a neutral color and without much texture, it is truly a blank canvas you can explore countless combinations with!