The Cardigan Styling Hack That Couldn't Be Easier To Pull Off

You might think that once the cold weather goes away, so do your cardigans. However, that doesn't have to be the case. Cardigans are an ideal layering piece for fall and winter, but you can definitely still use them for spring and summer with a few upgrades. Cardigans are versatile and available in various thicknesses, lengths, colors, and patterns, and your favorite cardigan can appear as often as you want throughout the year.

There are different ways to style a cardigan, such as throwing it over your shoulders for a preppy look or wearing it buttoned all the way over a T-shirt for an extra layer of warmth. Cardigans make a stunning brunch outfit and night outfit. If you want your cardigan to be the center of attention but need help making it look attractive, celebrities like Rihanna and Gigi Hadid have created the trendiest look. It's effortless and can be paired with any clothing item. Here's how to master the one-button hack!

Pair it with a maxi skirt

The hack involves buttoning one button only; just one button can transform and elevate your outfit. Sometimes, this hack can be adapted to two or three buttons being done up, but the effect is the same.

Maia Mitchel hopped on the cardigan trend with her vibrant green cardigan that she paired with a chic pink maxi skirt. The ruched detailing along the neckline and inside of the cardigan draws attention to the top. Just a couple of buttons being done up exposes a small part of her midriff, showing us you don't have to wear your cardigan as a layering piece. Instead, make the look your own with your favorite maxi skirt and cardigan. You can change the look and wear a loose-fitted cardigan for a cozy vibe.

Create a casual outfit

If you're not a fan of maxi skirts, opt for a pair of trousers with your cardigan. Cierra Ramirez's pinstriped pants and brown cardigan are perfect for a stroll around the city on the days where there's still a slight breeze. Pair it with loafers or Dr. Martens and some black sunglasses for an edgy look. It's also the best time to show off any belly button piercings you might have.

Switch it up with a front-tie cardigan

Even though this cardigan hack involves buttons, you can still achieve the same look with a front-tie cardigan. This periwinkle blue cardigan with denim jeans is comfortable and chic, and it's ideal for a coffee or matcha run. Elevate your look with some jewelry, such as earrings or a dainty necklace. 

Go bright and bold

Another excellent way to style your cardigan is with different hues of vibrant colors. If you prefer a more colorful aesthetic, this outfit with a lime green turtle neck layered under the pink patterned cardigan creates a gorgeous look. The pink beret and purse enhance the outfit, while the lower half of the outfit is all-white jeans and boots. The pink accents contrast the white and stand out. In addition, the cardigan executes a cozy look you can replicate in the spring.

Layer your cardigan over a button-up

You can never go wrong with layering a shorter-length cardigan over a striped button-up shirt for a more relaxed outfit. If you have a few pieces you've wanted to wear together, make sure they're in the same color group, so they don't clash. For example, this outfit with a white T-shirt, striped button-up, and gray cardigan complement each other. In addition, the shirt being buttoned halfway down with the one-buttoned cardigan allows you to see more of what's underneath. Finally, the jeans turn the classic look into something more casual.

A black outfit never disappoints

Nothing is classier than an all-black outfit; the black satin maxi shirt and the black cardigan are the perfect date night look. The outfit is elegant with the slicked-back bun, chunky gold hoops, and gold necklace. However, having the one-button done reveals some skin that adds a touch of mischievousness to the outfit. If you prefer something casual, switch the big hoops for smaller ones, wear some black trousers, and add a tank top layer under the cardigan for a night out with friends.

Cardigans and leather pants

Leather pants have made their way into the fashion trends, so why not pair your go-to cardigan with them? Use the one-button hack to wear with leather pants for a spicy outfit. While spring and summer are all about bright and pastel colors, find a cardigan that has a pop of pink or yellow to make a statement. This vintage cardigan has pink accents along the sleeves and outline, and there are hints of them knitted in throughout. Plus, the different fabrics from the cardigan and pants contrast one another, giving the perfect Parisian style.